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Congratulations Very nice work dude!

Template is not respnsive! Reviews of movies is a tablet reading!

I will look into adding that if requested.

I like the concept =) I had my own review site a few years ago and would loved to have one of these pre-made themes back then ^^

That was the original plan but I don’t have enough time to run my own website right now.

Is it translatable?

Some of the terms and titles are set in the theme options. But off the bat its probably not that simple. I can help if that is required.

Nice very nice job!

Amazing. This is some never-before-seen stuff. Bravo!

Any plans to make it responsive or perhaps offer some front-end user-submitted ratings? That’d be epic. Strongly considering a purchase for a new site I’m working on. Keep up the great work!

If you send me some details with what you want I’ll see if I can include such things in the template.

Sure thing. I assume the ‘responsiveness’ part speaks for itself. That’d be killer. It’d also be great to have the ability to let users rate movies down in the comments area. Check out how Flavor theme does it ( for an idea of what I mean. Doesn’t have to be that detailed but I thought it might be a great way to make it more useful to others (and boost your sales too I’d assume!)

I’ll look into it. I don’t own any tablets for testing purposes so it always slips my mind.

I couldn’t wait. This theme is too awesome. Purchased!

I would like to purchase this theme but can it be customized. For example i would like to change some of the text. Is it possible?

Let me know which text and I can say where you can change it.

Can I pay you to integrate an imdb plugin into this theme? Also, when can we expect a mobile responsive version?

What is the IMDB plugin you are after?

Never saw that you responded to this. The IMDB plugin I want integrated is on codecanyon. I want it to pull movie data and reviews and utilize this theme’s plotting/graphing functions.

If you are still interested let me know and I will look into it.


I dont find the Sql file in theme folder, Please send me a sample sql file.


I need to translate it into Portuguese. Is it possible? If yes, I can purchase it.

There are not many hardcoded words used for display. I can help if needed but there are no translation files.

I’d like to buy this but I’d love it if users could leave a rating in the review too.

They could sign in and then leave a review out of 100?

Any chance this could be made?

This would require some kind of plugin.

Could users who register add/modify content or only the admin? Would you help to translate the usability (show me which lines/files I should translate into my native language)?

Yes, this score 1-100 is good, but if one could add a movie to favourites it would be fine as well…

What would adding to favourites do? Simply like a thumb up/thumb down type of thing?

yes, or could be a heart; such a movie you’d like to watch again

is it possible to receive movie’s info from TheMovieDB in a different language than english? The TheMovieDB API seems to allow it but it isn’t clear if your theme has this option. Thanks!

Anything that is received from TheMovieDB is restricted by the api itself. If it allows other languages this should be possible.

Is development completely dead? I never received a reply. I’d like to have some information about a few feature missing, like:

- 3rd level menus - “plot” and “pie” shortcode for “tags” and “genre” and not only for actor and directors - cross-field search (look for movies of that year with a specific tag) - being able to set a tag as parent/child to another - a few more…

If development is stopped, please just give me some advise about how to achive those things, just a few tips: I can try to do something by my own but help would be very appreciated!

Looking forward for an answer

If you are still interested let me know.

It seems that the author completely ignores customers – no replies, no contact…

Sorry, I had other commitments and have been mostly offline for the last 6 months.

Is possible integration with WooCommerce ToolKit for WP ?

I am not familiar with this plugin, sorry.

Is possible integration with eStore Plugin for WP ?

I am not familiar with this plugin, sorry.