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Hello, I paid for extended support about 5 days ago and although it says I have 6 months at themeforest envato, you support site still says expired and I am unable to access the support I’ve paid for. Please advise asap, thanks.

We have sent you two emails regarding this issue, yesterday and the day before. If you have not received them, please check your junk mail folder.

To save time, here is the email that we have sent to you twice….

Our records show that you originally purchased our Moxie theme two years ago (the support for which will have expired), and then you purchased an additional 6 months of support on Nov 15.

I’ve checked our database and the account for ‘karolsnewday2’ is activated so all you should need to do is login and rejoin the Moxie group. Please could you do that as soon as you receive this email and let us know what happens. Please make sure that you use the ‘karolsnewday2’ username when logging in to the Help Center.

Note that the error message you received (“The provided Envato Account information is already associated with the user karolsnewday2 on the Parallelus Help Center.”) suggests that you had logged in using a username other than ‘karolsnewday2’. This is why I am asking you to try again, making sure you use the ‘karolsnewday2’ username when logging in.

Please let us know how that goes.

I only have one login which is karolsnewday2, I was inside but now password not working. I’ve set a new password. Strange. I clicked allow from your site and it pushed me to themeforest where I purchased. Weird.

Anywazzz, now that I’ve found waldo in all the info given… the logo is in and after back and forth coding it’s now not covering any text on the slider. It’s fixed, sort of! Now I have to go adjust where the navigation is so it’s aligned with the logo. On to the next issue due to this logo crap!

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I don’t see any threads on how to move navigation down on header. Now that I have a larger logo, the navigation is not vertically centered on the header, it sits near the top. I’ll keep looking around, but do you know of any thread that helps adjust the navigation vertically, or the padding on it if any?

Pic of issue:

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Hi, could you tell me why my page 2 pagination doesn’t point to page two and just points to the same 1st page?