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Something new, and looks awesome!


Nice, I have a questions about the header, If I make a header with the menu under the logo above the slider, will the menu still follow you down the page? Thanks

Yes, it will. Whatever is in that top section will scroll with the theme when you have the docked top banner option enabled.

Looks nice, good luck!

Any chance of woocommerce integration?

It’s very likely. One of our testers said they had the theme integrated with WooCommerce in less than an hour and it looked great. I will be looking into it.

That would be awesome. thanks!

Nice accent colors, best of luck (though you obvious don’t need it). :D


Really like that one — nice on desktop and on iPhone.

Think it’s number one on my short list.

One question: is making a child theme OK with Moxie?

Yes, you can use child themes with Moxie.

Looks amazing on my PC but on iPad 3 the top menu is missing in either view.

Try a direct link to the demo without the ThemeForest frame.

Do you have a non-wordpress version?

We only have the WordPress version, sorry.

Your loss, sorry. I’m sure you’d sell quite a few more if you did. :)

it would be great to be able to buy this template in html version! ;)

Thanks. We’re not planning an HTML version currently.

great theme once again. Your framework is legendary – easy to use and very very flexible. Good luck with sales!

That means a lot coming from you guys. I’ve seen your code and designs up close and know the standards I’m being held to. Much appreciated!

Hello I get an error when I try to install, I have post this in your help forum:

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect.

Thanks for posting the issue to our Help Center!

It’s an easy change to the open_basedir settings in your PHP configuration. You can ask your host to fix it if you’re not sure how it’s done. We will replicate this information on your post to the Help Center in greater detail for anyone having this issue.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums:

Nice work!

How easy is it to build different columns in the ubermenu?

How does the layout manager interact with the content builder? Does the layout manager give a main content section which allows the content builder to populate it in each individual page?

Using the layout manager and content builder what kind of issues would be faced if switching to another theme in future? Would it strip out the code and return it to normal content?

Do you have plans for a horizontal portfolio filter above the grid?

Can the sidebar width be made smaller?


UberMenu is incredibly easy. There is also a ton of awesome documentation from SevenSpark including video tutorials that show how everything works.

They work very nicely together, each serving a different purpose. The layout manager brings structure to your page and Visual Composer acts as a “content builder”. The first let’s you select headers, footers, skins, layout style (boxed or full width), columns and sidebars. Then with Visual Composer you can customize the content within the page.

Switching to another theme shouldn’t be a problem. If you wanted to retain all of the content from Visual Composer you could purchase the plugin and use it with your next them. The layouts are structural and have no impact on theme changing.

Maybe I’ll add a horizontal setting for portfolio filters. It can be achieved with a line or two of CSS so customizing it would be easy.

Yes, you can make the sidebars smaller. The Layout Manager columns can be sized by dragging them wider or narrower.

Very, very nice. A few questions please…

Are the plugins (ubermenu – revslider – visualcomposer) embedded or separate? (I ask as far as future updates. Not sure what impact WP 3.6 will have with next week’s release.)

Does the inclusion of Visual Composer work in concert with your previous theme’s layout builder?

Will the theme automatically add HiDPI images?

On the functionality side, are there filters that allow custom layouts to be assigned to individual categories? (like Razor)

Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are installed automatically as plugins in your WP plugins directory. UberMenu is a custom version designed for embedding in themes. It works with the Pro version of the plugin available on CodeCanyon so you can still install and use that plugin without any conflicts.

Visual Composer works with our Layout Manager. We’ve rebuilt the interface of the Layout Manager to be easier to use. This new version has drag-to-size columns. Instead of selecting a pre-defined column layout set you can click a button for “New column” and drag the divider to set it’s width. That can be done repeatedly to make custom width multi-column layouts. This is much easier to use and a cleaner interface as well.

You don’t have to do anything for HiDPI images to work. Just ensure the image uploaded is large enough and you’re set.

Using filters for custom layouts on specified template files is still possible. The categories are automatically added this way but you can add new layout selections if you need.


is there a possibility that when pressing portfolio item that it opens in a lightbox in stead of going to a portfolio page?

On the demosite i can’t find any screenshot or something else of the theme options, is there one available?

thanks grtz desch

That’s an easy addition and I’ll include in the first update.

I think there are a number of theme options shown in the Features Tour including Design Settings, Contact Form Builder, Post Format Options and the Layout Manager.

I never really think about posting screen shots of all the admin areas but I can always add some if it helps.

Can sidebars with aliases be created like in your other themes?

Yes, we’ve tried to keep all of the advanced features from previous themes.

We worked hard to simplify things in Moxie without losing functionality. Our goal was to make all the advanced features optional so users could work with it like a default WP theme or take advantage of just the advanced features they need.

Hello Like the theme a lot. One question before buying….the demo shows 5 links in the top nav. Is it possible to have more than that in the top nav position without customization? If so, how would that be done…plug-in, template options?

Regards Sheila

You can have as many menu items at the top as you like. It’s done with the default WP menu manager. Just drag and drop the links you want into the menu and save like any other WP theme.

Thanks for the quick reply. Great! I kinda thought that but just wanted to be sure.

Our top nav will be used to show categories and use about 8-9 slots.

I’m curious though. Will long titles i.e. top selling dog houses still be viewed OK on a mobile device? We have a site where currently, long titles look bad on mobile even though the theme is responsive.

It should be fine. The title will wrap if it’s too long.

Does it work with the latest version of BuddyPress which I think is supposed to work with ALL themes?

I have not tested it with BuddyPress.

BUG: The main navigation totally disappears on an ipad.

Also the slider displays really wonky on an ipad either not flying in the imagery or doing so in a distorted/jaggety way.

It’s ok, I got the information I needed from a friend last night. He sent me a screenshot and I see that the menu is “hiding” behind the color area. It was very confusing as I pictured what you were saying as the top section being cut off but there seems to be no change in the spacing at the top, just the banner is getting hidden behind the color area. I’m fixing it this evening and the update should be ready by tomorrow morning.

Thank you very much for the help. I’m glad to be getting this fixed.

Well you do good work, and I would have hated for this to be something holding up sales. Will look forward to the update!

This is fixed. I’ll upload the new version to ThemeForest later today, but you can see it corrected on the demo now. Thanks.

Do you also get the same skin options as you did in Razor? So if I want a dark skin I can select and if needed modify to my choosing?

It has the skinning feature, yes. There are two skins now and they differ in layout primarily with edits to the top banner area. We’ll post samples soon to demonstrate the other skin.

Very happy with being able to modify the top banner area.