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Hi, there. I just purchased this theme days ago. I am wondering if I can disable the responsive layout ot the theme. If so, where I can find it. Thanks for your great theme.

It’s not something you can switch on/off but it can mostly be disabled by setting a fixed width to the container.

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Sorry, but I am confused. The illustrated layout does not appear to be an automatic option after purchase or I am missing something. Granted I am new to wordpress but I have purchased some other themes and the illustrated layout option was always apart of the page layout option and then you could change it. I don’t even have that starting point from what I can see. So how do I make mine look like yours.

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Wonderfull design ! Can I change main menu font ?

thank you Denis

Thanks. Yes, fonts can be changed for the menu.

For the 3rd section under “Image The Possibilities”, Sample Pages. How is that menu populated? What visual composer function/shortcode/ubermenu does it use?


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the Visual Composer was update to 3.6. How can we update? We have to buy it?

Please help. Tks

The theme will be updated for new versions. Please see the notes on our Help Center regarding plugin updates for more details.

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I am using Accordion Sections on my site. Is there a way to show all the Accordion Sections closed upon visiting the page instead of having the top one open (dropped down)?

Thank you for any help on this matter.

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How’s the WooCommerce integration coming along?

We haven’t worked on it yet. It is still on the list for possible updates.

Pre Sales Question

Can i easily set the top menu ( which is shown on top right side ) to the left side and logo position to right with css ? Can you support this ?

Yes, it’s easy. It will require making one or two changes in the code (not CSS) and a few CSS edits also. My support team may not know exactly what needs changing but you can reference this comment to them and they’ll know to alert me to the request.

Hi, I’m itching to buy this theme, but I have 1 question. Could I pick the max width if I select the boxed option? So by default it is smaller (in width) than the theme example. Like can I set a max (or locked) width no matter how wide or how much resolution a screen is? Thanks

Changing the width is an easy thing to do. You can specify it with a single line of custom CSS in the admin. We can provide this to you on our Help Center.


1. are all v. composer elements of v.3.6.2 included and styled to match theme design ?

2. can we use your shortcodes easily in v. composer text element ?

3. are there any more skins included ?


1. All Visual Composer elements should be styled.

2. Yes!

3. There are just the two skins shown on the demo.

1. you wrote : “should be styled”... and you mean that you have already styled them in your theme, yes?


Yes. I was trying to imply that if anything wasn’t styled we would need to know about it so it could be fixed.

I am just about to purchase this theme for a client. Is it possible to set up the theme with all the demo content like with other themes? If so, what is your process?

Yes. There is a demo content file included with the theme.

Just purchased this theme and am thoroughly impressed. But I have a problem or a bug to report. After a completely fresh install, and after activating the theme and importing the moxie-demo-content.xml file, and following documentation… I click on one of the Portfolio items, and the header is using the blue BLOG header and not the black Portfolio header when viewing an individual Portfolio item (like your demo site). I’ve tried a lot of things, clean URLS, changed the layout manager, etc, etc, etc, nothing works. It thinks Portfolio content-type is a blog post no matter what. Even the breadcrumb says the portfolio item I am looking at is under the Blog > category. Is “Portfolio” even a content type? Any help would be appreciated…

Nevermind, looks like I fixed it.

What I did was add the code below to functions.php: $the_template = locate_template(‘single-portfolio.php’); register_context( ‘Single Portfolio’, ‘portfolio’, $the_template);

And then set the Layout Manager -> Registered Templates: “Single Portfolio” to use “Portfolio”.

UberMenu does not work properly for me. In the options ofubermenu does not show up layout. For this reason, in the menu options i also can’t use them.

I have uploaded themes files again – but still don’t work properly

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I think the Theme Forest should require authors of themes to respond here in the comments as we bought here and not the author’s website theme.

See the size the registration to have a simple support


I have purchased the theme but cannot seam to be able to install/use it because of the server’s php version. i.e. my version is 5.2.9 and cannot be updated for many reasons one is that some of the other live sites I’m hosting there will instantly be down.

Can you please help me to kick start your theme on current PHP version:5.2.9.


p.s. I have posted the topic on the help forum as well

Hi, I am getting this error while Installing WPBakery Visual Composer

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home3/standbys/public_html/new/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 84

Note sure , but i think this is related to PHP memory which i can not get increaed from host.

Is there is any alternate way to install this plugin.

I’ve also try to create account on your support website but it is asking for activation key where i entered purchased code which is not working , please let me know what am i suppose to do

Either your account is already activated, or it does not exist. There are no accounts pending activation with that username. Have you tried logging in? If you can’t login try and register again.

My guess is you already activated the account. That error message is consistant with clicking the link more than more than once since previously used activation codes are deleted from the system.

Making a rating based on a misscommunication seems unfair in my mind. Please reconsider the rating. We make quality products and work very hard tgo provide exceptional support. I think that’s not too much to ask.

I’ve just searched the active users and confirmed that your account is, and has been active. You should have no problem logging in.

You must have clicked the link more than once because there is no other way for the account to be activated unless I login and do it manually.

i am now able to join support forum , thanks Looking forward for the help and solution there


How I can to modify the footer with my own information?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Just one question before I purchase as I feel this theme is close to perfect. I am testing the responsiveness on an iPhone right now. If I want to search or input information into a field, it automatically zooms in which I do not want because then this throws off the responsiveness.

Someone who is not tech savvy would not know that they can just double tap to zoom back out. I would like the theme to stay in place and not zoom in. I have used themes that allowed this fixed position. Will I be able to make this tweak in this theme?


The other themes might have been “mobile” sites and not responsive. It is possible that you could set the max zoom using a meta option.

The default behavior of the phone browser is to zoom in on input fields so it would need to be specifically set to force the browser not to do this.

I got it to work. I have purchased the theme. Thanks! One more thing. How can I edit the general font size? Since I have fixed the zoom I would like to make the font just a little bit bigger.

My suggestion would be the Custom CSS field in the theme options. You can get details on our Help Center. Thanks!

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HI there,

There seems to be a bug in the audio player? The play button has the “play” text next to it. It is not like this in the demo. You can see what I mean by clicking on my link below.

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