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How soon can we expect an update to fix the bug in the audio player? I just need a time frame to work with.

The fix is posted on our Help Center:

Edit the “style.css” file on line 770 where you will see:
.jp-controls a span { text-indent:-9999px; }

It should be updated to:

.jp-controls a span { text-indent:-9999px; display: block; }

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Hi, we are interested in this theme. But can we add related photos below the main photo of the portfolio? Thanks.

The content area of a portfolio item can have any content you like. It has a standard WP editor field that lets you add the content. If you wanted this to be different, such as immediately below the image and before the title or text it would require editing one of the template files.

How well does this theme integrate with WooCommerce?

I’m told it works very well. I have not tested it but according to customer feedback you can get it customized and really well integrated in about an hour.

hi, nice theme,

support RTL?


Yes, it has support for RTL text.

Hi Parallelus,

Very nice theme so I think I want to buy this one for my customer. Although I have some pre-purchase questions before I do.

1. Is there a client login available as seen in your other themes such as Mingle or Salutation? 2. I see there is a full-width slideshow for the homepage but now I see only pictures that are not full-width just a full-width color background. Is the full-width slideshow on the homepage really full-width? :) I mean, if I place a picture with enough resolution, for example 2500 pixels wide. will it show really full width or is it still framed? Maybe there is an example somewhere but now I don’t see it in the demo. Thing is, my customer wants to show pictures that covers the page in width and scales down when resizing the browser. Height is not important.

Looking forward to you reply. Jeff

1. We don’t have the login popup in this theme, but we use the same lightbox so I could give you a couple snippets of code that will let you add that feature. It might be posted to our Help Center already because I know another customer asked about this. It’s no more than a 5 minute job if you decide you want to add it.

2. It’s really full width. :) Here’s another slide show example that uses a more obvious background image:

Thanks for the quick reply. I will present this theme to my client. The theme looks very good by the way. A little heavy for my iPad/iPhone but it’s doable.

I got an error message saying my php was not up to date. I updated it to 5.3.26, but the theme still is not working. Any idea what’s going on?

I tried signing up for your support forum but I was unable to find my purchase ID.

In the “Downloads” area of your account, click the “Download” button for Moxie and select the option for your License. That will have the Purchase ID.

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Hi guys, I have a very weird problem on the portfolio item page. The slider appears over the portfolio item itself (a gallery in this case, see picture here: and it contains a blog post (?) that is not even published. I can’t get rid of it. Any idea? Thanks.

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This is beautiful.



I have to know, before offer my client:

1. Is it support / allow more than one menu on a page?

Thanks in advance for nice theme.

Kawsar Saifullah

Like having a menu in the sidebar? Yes, that can be done.


How can I see the list of shortcodes like alert messages, progress bars, lists….in demo site?


The Visual Composer plugin creates these features. The description on the item details links to that plugin details page.

Hi, i need to make the logo bigger, where exactly in CSS i can do this?


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I just installed this theme for a new website I’m working and I’m completely blown away by all the features and how everything is set up so nicely. I am still playing around but everything is working well so far and I’m moving along rather quickly since I’m familiar with your other themes. Truly innovative stuff you put out man and your support has been top notch since day one.

Thanks Rob! I appreciate the feedback as always.

Moxie is the first theme released using our new Runway framework. It represents a new direction for Parallelus. Runway is a theme building framework we’ve spent close to 2 years developing. It speeds up development by using admin interfaces to do a lot of the theme setup, like making theme options, custom post types and WP admin menus. We’re releasing open source so now everyone can build themes just like us. :)

Runway is currently being tested by some of our customers, but it’s open for anyone to download or give us feedback:

Hi people, nice theme! Have a dark skin? Thanks!

We don’t have a dark skin included, but it’s pretty easy to make custom skins.

Do you know if the theme works well with Gravity Forms or did you build it with Gravity Forms compatibility in mind?

One more, is it possible to have standard drop down menus?


I believe it works very well with Gravity Forms. I’m still not aware of any plugin conflicts with Moxie so if it works with the WP default theme it works with Moxie. :)

Yes, standard drop-down menus are another feature of the UberMenu. You can have a mix of both mega and standard drop-downs in the same menu, something I should have demonstrated.


Hello, Thanks for the theme. I have uploaded a logo into the theme thats 342×70px and its showing up at around 240xx60. Is there a limit to the logo size? Thanks

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May I connect DisQus as review sistem to this theme and can Pages show commends if needed.


Yes you can have comments on pages.

I have not tested DisQus, but we don’t have any reported plugin conflicts. The post pages, styles and comment functionality is all built off the default WP theme TwentyTwelve. If you can do it with that theme you should have no problem doing it with Moxie.

I would like to thank the staff who developed this theme. Really perfect, complete and full of features. I also found it very practical and easy installation and configuration. I hope you keep it updated and implement new features, especially in the Portfolio section. Greetings.

Thank you very much for this comment. It means so much to us that our customers are happy. Our number one goal is to develop products that make your job easier. Thank you again.

Now that I see this I am a little upset that I purchased salutation – which isn’t responsive like this.

I just noticed t hat this theme does not make specific reference to Buddypress and bbPress. Does this mean that this theme is not designed to work with them like Salutation and Razor? If not, could this theme be made to work with them – I just can’t get over how good it looks and how well it functions.

Moxie is the first theme built on our new Runway framework. We’ve been developing this for about 18 months and it is extremely powerful and stable. So far we are not aware of any plugin conflicts with Moxie (or Runway) and with the number of users working with it currently that’s something we’re very proud to say. If the plugin works on TwentyTwelve, it works on Moxie.

Moxie is not BuddyPress “ready” (or bbPress). These plugins have both been updated to be theme independent so the only reason to do any work with them for a theme is specifically to style the content of those plugin created areas. Because of the horrible experience we’ve had with BuddyPress, it’s unlikely we will ever develop another theme that targets BuddyPress. It is more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe if the themes for BuddyPress were priced at $200 each we would consider it again, but it’s far to prone to issues and conflicts and monopolizes our support time.

Parallelus is the just about only company on the face of the Earth that offers truly incredible themes that natively support Buddypress. In terms of the products you have had on the marketplace for any reasonable amount of time: Your worst selling Buddypress theme has outsold all of your conventional WP themes put together – by thousands. Although another developers product DynamiX tops the TF Buddypress market for sales, just two of your themes (placed 2nd and 3rd) outsell ALL other BP themes in the marketplace combined. But you know all of this. You guys at Parallelus are some smart chaps. It’s most likely unlikely we will ever develop another theme that targets BuddyPress” was a comment not very well considered.

Hello, quick question, can i update the plug-ins? Or should i wait a theme update?


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Is there any problem to make this theme multilanguage? What plugin do you recommend?

WPML should work just fine. :)