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I registered with Parallelus for support and I have been waiting for the confirmation email from Parallelus to access the instructions and support for the Moxie theme I just purchased yesterday. When can I expect to get the registration activation email so that I can access the support center for Moxie?? I also think support should be a portal established here through Theme Forest since we purchased it here.

You should have received it immediately. Please check your spam folders. If you are sure you entered your email address correctly, send us your username (on the Help Center) and email address used to register and we’ll manually activate the account. If you may have entered the address wrong, try and register again. You might have to use a different username.


I just purchased moxie, and the visual editor has an available update, are updates provided for that?


We’ll be putting a theme update out with the new version soon.

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When I install it on Wordpress it gets to 50% then drops and says that the “web page is not available”. While I thought this may be an issue with the internet connection I tried to upload a theme of the same size and it work fine. What is the issue? Thanks.

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Before I buy this theme, there is some questions

1) How easy it to upload the test data similar to the demo. As I bought previous theme and it took more than 5 days to do the settings for demo data and support was horrible.

2) Can we setup multiple colour in the theme as we have 4 color in the logo. Can you please explain the same.

3) Megamenu is free or do we need to purchase the same?

4) When menu over, it down the item, can it be easy to color the menu when over?

5) The colors which we can set in demo is available in all the pages and can we set different color on different pages?

6) Can i know if I can find help videos?


Can you please reply to this thread as I need to make some decision today. Thanks.

1. You can install the demo data in just minutes. It’s very easy.

2. I don’t understand the question. You can do whatever you like with the colors. I’m not sure if this question is specific to an area or feature of the theme maybe?

3. UberMenu Lite (basic mega menus, exactly as shown in the demo) is included free with the theme. If you want to add some of the pro features of the full UberMenu you can purchase it. None of the advanced/pro features are shown in the demo so whatever you see there you can do.

4. Yes, you can change the menu colors with the Skin CSS file or in the Custom CSS field of the admin. We can give you specific examples on our Help Center support site.

5. Using the Layouts Manager you can apply a custom skin to any area of the site, even single pages. Some of the colors can be set from admin options. These can also be controlled by the Layout Manager and if you find something that can’t it’s a simple addition to a custom skin and you can make it possible.

6. There are no videos for Moxie. We have not had any customers need a video to understand how to use the theme. It’s very easy to use and our Help Center is extremely active with our support team and other customers.

Thank you. Going to buy it today. Hope i get good support :):)

Do you have a timeline for the updated theme release, that includes the updates for visual composer?

I’m working on it currently. Should be available in a day or two. :)

Thank you, new version looks good; i saw that Visual Composer had an important update on 8/23 to fix some p & br removal issues, is there any way to get just that update? I can go through the support forum if needed?

We have another Moxie updated coming this week. It is a much bigger update with a change to the Layout Manager and Runway framework version upgrade as well. It will have the latest plugins.

Just a quite comment to complement you on your fantastic work! I have purchased a range of themes from themeforest in the past, but Moxie has been by far the best. A beautiful theme, highly configurable and rock solid!

I really look forward to the new update!


Thanks! I’m in fact working on that update presently.


This looks like a great theme! Just a quick question, is it possible to change the font of the top menu navigation? I am on the brink of purchasing this theme so I’d really appreciate your response.


Yes, you can change the menu font using theme options.

If you want to have even greater control of everything about the menus we have fields for custom CSS and on our Help Center forum the support team can assist you with those styles.

Thanks for prompt response. Purchased


Hello. I am just wondering where I can find shortcodes? Thanks.

I found this already thanks

Ok, if you need any other assistance try our Help Center. Thanks!

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Please check Theme Support for initial setup issue

Hi, you are saying you are not developing theme for buddypress, but in the description of the theme its apperas buddypress. Are budypress pages styled If I install this?


It’s compatible, not BuddyPress “ready” which includes custom styles. The theme has no problem running the plugin, it actually works great with it. There isn’t an option in ThemeForest for specifying the “ready” status, which is different than compatible, but if it were styled we would show that and make specific mention of it in the item description.

Hi, is it possible to keep the header and footer at 100% full width while keeping the homepage slider boxed? Thank you.

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The Demo says that the site is responsive…. Well it is amezingly ugly on an Ipad when you have more that 5 menu items!!!

I regret that i bought it

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When you say that this runs buddypress just fine, but isn’t “ready” could you be more specific? I wonder if this would work for my blog network. I am currently using salutation and I love it, but Moxie is more up to date and seems like it’s more future-ready.

The theme has no custom styles for BuddyPress. That is what is meant. BuddyPress should run on any theme now, unlike when it required custom template files. Now it doesn’t so any well built theme will run it and should be compatible. We test ours to be sure, but we have no custom styles for BP areas.

The UberMenu looks great the way you have it set up. I know that UberMenu comes with the purchase, but what about extensions? It looks like you are using the icons UberMenu extension in Moxie. Is this something we would have to purchase in addition to Moxie in order to replicate the look and feel that you have here?

On second look, those icons are the same ones as salutation so I am guessing they are part of the Moxie theme. You just added Moxie / Parallelus short-codes in a text-box-widget and added that to the UberMenu it looks like. Never mind what I asked above.

We only use the features of Ubermenu Lite, the free version included in the theme, for the demo. There is an “icon” field in Ubermenu Lite (and Pro) where you can add CSS classes for font icons. That’s what we’ve used for the icons in the menu.

How do I edit the top footer section with the menus and the light gray background – it seems to stack widgets vertically – I want to show them horizontally

Thanks in advance

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One other question. The theme does not load properly in chrome – cannot see slider. Is this due to be fixed in an update.

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I downloaded the demo content, but the ubermenu icons are not showing, nor the footer menu content.

Kindly assist.

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Where can I download v1.2.1? When I download from TF I’m getting 1.2 and there is demo content missing. Layout Manager is missing “Header” and “Footer” tabs, and there seems to be no default content in the Layout Manager. Is this correct?

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I’d love to update our site using this theme, but have one question.

Is there anyway we can feature a banner image above the main navigation.

I’d like to take the banner from here and have the navigation show up under it. Is that possible with this theme?



There isn’t a predefined area for that, like a widget area above the page, but it can be done very easily some some small edits.

Is there a pricing page included? I also noticed a lot of remarks that the theme doesn’t look good in some browsers, are all these errors fixed?

There isn’t a pricing table.

We don’t know of any issues in specific browsers. There might have been some when the theme was first released but shouldn’t be any now. You can test the demo with any browser to verify this.