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When you have selected a static page, exactly like your demo (front page-home page, post page-blog) and someone has more blog posts (you have only 2 in demo) you CAN’T select other page except first. So at the bottom of the blog post section you have something like « 1 2 3» but every time you click 2, 3 or » your home page just refresh and nothing is changed, you can’t see post from your 2 page, 3 page, etc.

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how to update fontawesome new icons?

Does this theme have a client login feature?

The only login is the WordPress login.

Unfortunately I am seeing responsive-related issues with this theme. It does not look right on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 device.

1. In Chrome the top color area (slider section) is not tall enough, and this cuts off the goldfish at the top. This happens when you scroll down, then back up. At that point the navigation bar expands, cutting off some of the colored area.

2. The icons that display vertically on the home page are being cut off on the right side.

3. Scrolling seems to be very slow on this device.

I will check to see if these issues get resolved in the future, but using the demo site this needs more work. These issues were seen without the top bar. I accessed the demo site directly.

Also, the theme crashes with my iPad 1. Both Safari and Chrome.

Hello, is there a way to relocate the blog post headlines to the body of the page instead of the blue bar underneath the logo?

Sometimes blog post titles are longer and it poses a usability problem if the title is constrained to the left column in that blue bar, with the breadcrumbs to the right of it. (especially problematic when resizing the browser)

Please let me know if there is an easy fix for this. I appreciate the help.

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Does woocommerce work with this theme?

Yes, the theme is compatible, but we did not add any custom styles or functionality specific to that plugin.

Your theme plus features look great (great combination of features)! I have some pre-buy-questions:

1) Does the theme work with the latest version 4.0 of slider revolution?
2) Can pro versions of UberMenu and Slider Revolution be integrated easily?
3) Does it come with Font Awesome Icons or do I have to integrate it on my own?

Thanks in advance!

1. Yes, we’re updating the files to include 4.x now and releasing it soon.

2. The pro version of Revolution Slider is included and yes the pro version of UberMenu is designed to integrate. SevenSpark, the creator of UberMenu did the code for our UberMenu Lite version and made updates to the pro version also to ensure when it is installed you have no conflicts.

3. Font Awesome is integrated already.

Our site is not showing up correctly on IE8 and our client cannot update versions. Is there a fix?

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Hi, I’ve purchased this theme and installed it. But themes doesn’t work because PHP version 5.x.x (old PHP version – your themes just support for PHP version 5.3.1 or later). Can you give refund?


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Hello, we’ve recently updated WordPress and the theme version. Has the WP version 3.8 broken this theme? All we get is a blank white page.

Help would be appreciated.

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This theme really seems to have every feature you need with unlimited possibilities – probably the best bundle here!

My questions are:

- Do you release regularly new moxie versions and offer support? The last theme update seems to be from August 14th 2013 which I think would not be enough with new releases of WP, the slider and UberMenu etc.

- Is it then fully WordPress 3.8/3.8.1 compatible?

- Can you somehow do parallax backgrounds for landing pages with the theme?

- Any chance to access a demo admin panel before i buy it?

Thanx for your help!

Thanks for the compliment! We do release updates as needed and for new versions of plugins. We have an update that is coming soon to address new versions of Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. We us a “light” version of UberMenu, not the full plugin, so that is rarely ever effected by plugin updates but we work directly with SevenSpark and he tells us each time he modifies the plugin and if theme changes will be required.

It is exceptionally rare for any of our themes to require an update because of a new version of WordPress. Themes that are coded properly should have no problem with new WP releases. As of now we have no issues with WP 3.8.x which makes it fully compatible.

We have added the parallax feature seen in our Incentive theme into Moxie also. It was never shown on the demo but the functionality is there and you could use it for a landing page.

We don’t give out access to log into the demo admin but there are a number of screen shots on the demo showing admin pages. If there is anything else I can answer please let me know. Once you purchase the theme you’ll have full access to our Help Center which has hundreds of topics for just about any problem you could encounter and already solved. If you do happen to run into a problem you can post directly to the forum and we’ll get back to you with a solution.


Hi, Is it ready for wpml and woocommerce?

WPML works just fine but it requires some integration for WooCommerce.

Dear, we can not see properly 768×1024 (iPad – Portrait) version on the following Web site developed with Moxie:

Please, may you help us on how can we solve it? Moxie hope to be “Super-ultra-mega responsive”.

Best Regards,

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Hi there,

Very impressive theme, however before purchasing I would like to make sure SUB sub menus can be created in the sidebar. e.g. in this link , under RESPONSIVE NAVIGATION, would I be able to add a child to that? e.g “RESPONSIVE MOBILE”, “RESPONSIVE TABLET” etc? If so, are there any options for an accordion effect when opening/closing these menu items?

Would I be able to replicate the same hierarchy in the top menu when I hover over the menu categories?


The menu will show all the same options in the responsive version as it does in the full version. I might not be understanding your question, if so I apologize. If that does not answer your question please describe it if you can in more detail and I’ll do my best to answer. Thanks!

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve included a mockup (see CHILD ITEM in left menu) of what I am talking about… so creating sub-sub-menus. Would that also be replicated in the top menu when you hover? I hope that makes sense??

Also, do you provide PSDs to mockup templates?


The feature you are referencing is not a menu. It is the navigation for the “Features Tour” element of the Visual Composer. There are no options for “sub features” in the tour.

Hi there: I love the look of your theme but I need something that will display banner and page ads. Does this theme layout include predefined ad blocks in the layout?


We try not to “pre-define” anything in our designs, especially not by making it specific to a single use. Instead we create areas of the site which you can include any content of your choosing, many of these use widgets or the content source can be defined by you using the Layout Manager. There are a number of places in the design where you can include advertisements including in the header, sidebars, footers or custom defined locations with the Layout Manager.

Hello Developer for Moxie! My web guy bought the template but was unable to furnish details on this so I’m enquiring here. My page is here at . I would like to enquire how I can have a description of my blogpost to appear on the home page, instead of just grabbing the first paragraph of the blogpost. It looks fine in your moxie live preview, but mine looks off.

Do let me know the soonest, thank you!

Okay, just found out the right term for it…excerpt. How do I reflect the post excerpt on the home page, instead of contents in my blog post? Thanks!

If you’re using the blog shortcodes it can be enabled from the shortcode parameters. You might need to check the WordPress settings and see if the “full content” or “excerpt” option is enabled.

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Figured this out by checking the ‘Excerpt’ option at the top right ‘Screen Options’.


Theme looks great, wondering, do you have an option to have a static image on the home page top and not use a slider? I am getting awfully tired of sliders and want to make sure I have an option to not include one…. :)

please let me know thanks kat

Absolutely. The content you assign to the different areas of you site is entirely up to you. Any page you see on the site can be your home page. The top area can have a static image, a slide show, text or whatever you need. This can be added to any page removed from any page, including the home page. It’s very configurable.

Hello, Beautiful theme, just a couple of questions… First, are there any limitations to the functionality of the UberMenu plugin integration? I noticed somewhere that you mentioned it was a “light” version…will I still be able to add images, custom sized icons, widgets, etc. in the menu? Secondly, (and I saw that someone else asked this in the comments, but they were directed to the support forums) is it simple to remove the meta fields “Date” “Client” etc from the portfolio pages? If removed, are we then left with a big blank sidebar area where they were supposed to go? Thank you for your lovely work and for your time answering these questions!

UberMenu Lite uses a limited set of features from UberMenu Pro (the plugin you buy on CodeCanyon). The main limitation is you don’t have the option to add images, forms, custom size icons (only Font Awesome supported in Lite version). You can upgrade to the pro version and it will work instantly with the theme.

It requires a small edit to the code to remove those fields, but you could just hide them with some CSS. If we helped you remove them we would also give you details of how to adjust the content area to fill the entire width.

Theme looks beautiful.

I would like to purchase, but am wondering how to incorporate event listings and past events. I don’t see any options for events…would that be difficult to incorporate on my end? Thanks.

I don’t think it would be a problem. If you have an event plugin it should work just fine with the theme.

Hi , there is a new update for “Drag and drop page builder for WordPress” why this is is not included in the update for moxie? I was thinking we paid for this already and now we cant update

The latest version of Visual Composer had a conflict with the theme. Something that was changed in the plugin related to adding custom options and templates that we had to test and update all of our themes to work with. We’ve just finished this and our first updated theme is being released tomorrow. We’ll be updating the others as well. Moxie is on the list to get the update soon. Thanks.

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Thank you so much for your swift and kind reply on this issue.

We did get the first theme successfully updated and how to get both Moxie and Incentive updated to Visual Composer v4 this week. It’s the first thing I’ll be working on personally Monday morning. :)

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Hello, do you have an update on when Moxie will be updated as described above? Thanks so much!!

I’m trying like crazy to get to it. I’m nearly there, thanks so much for your patience.

thanks. since you’re already working on an update i wanted to bring to attention two issues i’m seeing with this theme and current version of wordpress: 1) the lightbox is broken, does not load properly. looks visually broken and also the esc/X to close does not work, have to refresh the page. 2) the “author” field is not showing up on blog posts, if the author selected is not the original one posting the article (e.g. if i post it, then change the author to someone else & save, the author info area disappears).