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RZLD Purchased

Support on this product is severely lacking. I have emailed support 4 consecutive times without resolution on my issue with all content in the footer appearing on the left side of the template. Their responses have been nonsensical unrelated answers in broken English.

My apologies for the inconvenience, To provide the support you need to povide site access to us. Without requested details support will be ineffective.


tyankee Purchased

i agree.. support is slow and sometimes non-existent.. plus they do not describe things well and don’t understand English.

Sorry for the trouble. We are looking in to ways we can improve on support.

Are you able to provide me with the 1.5.1 version? Will it work on it?

Will any of those work with 1.5.1?

i’ve installed it locally and keep getting the message to refresh my page when I set it to the mozen theme. Please help. Maybe it’s a permissions thing?

Are you using quickstart or just theme for installation? We recommend you use quickstart for smooth installation process.

Alternatively give us current site link & your FTP details.

Do you know if this will work with COWOA module, for guest checkout?

But when you replace all file there is possibility to lost all default code from it.


audilia Purchased

hallo what file we must make edit to change the (free shipping over 599 euros ….....)thanks


audilia Purchased

thank you now something else , i have a problem with the zen cart 1.51 when purchase with italian – germany – english – france language everything is fine when customers use greek language going all well but not make record on orders the shipping infi nad the name address of customers make record only the products they buy


audilia Purchased

is perfect now we resolve the problem thank you all guys


audilia Purchased

for the friends have the same issue with zen cart – you uninstall the language and you install again of course you not forget to give the same text number


demfilz Purchased

having issues with your ajax add to cart, we have prices turned off till registered, but guests can still add to cart and view prices once the items are in the cart.


demfilz Purchased

try checking one of the category pages


demfilz Purchased

a response would be nice…

replied on email support

Please check the screenshot the additional images I have uploaded but it’s not working.

http://thecasadecor.com/lighting-c-65_83/hand-blown-mercury-glass-lily-lamp-silver-p-283.html The thumbnail navigation also not working , it’s showing missing images.

This is theme bug ? please help me it need to fix urgently

But my problem not solved send me your email i will send you admin login and FTP details

just reply to email we have sent on apetrails.dev@gmail.com

Hello I need to use COWOA module. This module overwrite some files of mozen. I try it and the layout of the site go break and I must load the backup. Can you give me the good file for this module?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry but We do not have files for this module.


leognxi Purchased

how to change the name of the Navigation,such as :features,store. I change it in \includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_drop_menu.php .but it is still the same


To change a text of navigation open page ” tpl_drop_menu.php “

File path : includes > templates > mozen_temp > common > tpl_drop_menu.php Search : " HEADER_TITLE_FEATURES "," HEADER_TITLE_CATEGORIES "," HEADER_TITLE_MANUFACTURER " remove this labels and put your text over there. Ex. : <?php echo "YOUR_TEXT" ; ?>

audilia Purchased

hallo what must do to fit well the slide images (not in the place must be ) going to left side

Please Give a snapshot of it and your current site link, we can check it.

Hi, I am installing this theme and I’m wondering why there is 7 different versions of jQuery? It’s loading all 7 versions which is a lot of file size. This really should only be using 1 version of jQuery and the old javascript should be either updated or removed. Can you please revise the code so it uses only the latest version of jQuery?

We have updated Mozen with latest version and also removed old version Jqueries which are not in use..Thanks.

unfortunately, some of the scripts are now broken because you have not updated the scripts to work with the latest jquery and by removing old versions of jquery these features no longer work

You really need to actually update all of the javascript files so they work with the latest jquery. Currently your file set has 3 versions of jquery which not only makes the page size a lot bigger but can cause conflicts between the versions. There should only be one, the latest, version of jquery. Simply removing some of the jquery files is not a fix for the issues, and has made it worse.

does this work with 1.5.5c? If so would purchase today!

yes we do have 1.5.5 version. Do you want to use for existing site?

no this is for a new site I am creating… should I just purchase and download this version? was hoping to get started on it now

yes.. please go ahead with purchase and we are here for any support you need.

in the New Products Page, some products are appearing with an incorrect price.

you fixed the prices, but Can Now add to cart to view unauthorized prices, for a unauthorized users.

replied on email support.

no response from my last email, the last file you supplied still has issues, check the default zen cart files as they work correctly for the the desired settings of prices hidden and add to cart not available unless authorized

Please update the files for the fix that demfilz brought up, the new products prices are showing the wrong prices.

How soon will this be available for 1.5.5e?

its available to download now.