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Not getting an answer with items shown per page. I wrote about the problem above time 2. It is the theme because it shows on your other customer sites. For example, the PuntoGee wrote in and he has a problem too. Look:


So again, the problem is:

2. The pagination: on the last row, it always shows only one item. You can be on page 2 of 10 and the last row only shows 1 instead of 3. I can see other peoples’s site with the same problem and I have not changed any core file. Can you fix? ( I see the problem on other client’s sites )

Can you please address the problem or tell us where it is to fix?

replied on email

Hi, my website has three languages. I installed carefully all the files. Uploaded SQL patch and now I get WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again. Only header appears, page is White and links to cart or login don’t work. Any help please ?

Please visit profile page and give me you website link and admin details.


Visit profile page and send details in Email please.

I wonder if I can change content of the footer? Like in WP templates? Move around elements?

Thank you !

Hi Zencart doesn’t work like WP does. Although you can change content easily using our template, moving around structural blockd requires some coding skill.

Very good. I can do it. Some minimal help will be appreciated.

Yes, and I wonder if I can move search bar to the top nav bar? In the place of phone number?


yes you can with some instruction from us.

Thank you. It would be great.

Thank you for the template design, which we and our customers are enjoying immensely.

However, we are having one particular issue that I haven’t been able to correct: during the checkout process, when the customer needs to enter their CC information, the boxes are so mis-aligned that we’ve had numerous customers call to complain that they enter their data and the transaction gets declined… which seems to be tied directly to the boxes not aligning with the requested information.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our website: http://oxyinfo.com/zen

If you register as a customer, add an item to the cart, then proceed to Checkout—then, once you arrive at the page that accepts your CC information, you will see what I mean about the “fluid” layout not working when the browser is resized to various sizes, such as 1280px, 1920px, cell phone size, etc.

You do NOT need to proceed with CC data entry to see the problem, of course.

Please advise!

Screenshot: http://oxyinfo.com/zen/screen/display_issue_mozen_template_2013-07-16.png

Ratings can’t be given directly in Themeforest. You have to go to your Profile->downloads and there you will see Mozen in listing and in the same row you will be able to see stars. By clicking on Stars you can give rating. I hope TF can do something about this though :)

Thank you, dasinfomedia! 5-stars, of course!

Problem: The Right Sidebar overlaps the products if you don’t run full screen or near full screen.

Shown here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63670996/screenshot.pdf

Under Configuration > Images: I increased ALL the product images to: Image – Width 280 Image – Height 210

Looks great EXCEPT, the home page where the NEW products display.


In only seems to be on the HOME page, which is the NEW products. Can you make the home page is responsive like the rest of the site?

Because the site is live, I temporarily reduced the new product image size to:

Image – New Products Width 220 Image – New Products Height 120

But the problem occurred at:

Image – New Products Width 280 Image – New Products Height 210

that caused the overlap. Again, it is only the HOME page with the NEW products.


Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks Karen

Hi Karen, Template is designed with Fluid/responsive layout and that is why the things has been lined up according to that. Most of the time you can set things by changing CSS.

>> You have two choice for display product list in home page.

1) Remove right columns and display product list with desired image width.

2) Set Image width in content area to make sure it doesn’t run over the right column.

Hi, i have a problem with italian version of zencart 1.5.1. The installation are ok, but in the homepage, after the home button i have a message error: WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

Why? how can I fix it? I noticed in some forums that many people have my problem with the Italian version, how can I correct the error?

Sorry fot the bad english, tnks for you replies…

Visit profile page and send us FTP & admin details.

I have send my details with the module that are in the profile page. tnks

replied on email please check.

Hello, I need your help please asap. I bet it is easy. Installation is not working. It is not clear in the installation guide in what folder to place When you write: “Copy the Mozen Template folder contents to your installation directory.” What do you mean by “installation directory.” It is obvious is not “template” folder in includes>templates. Correct?

If not, then where?

Also I get err message when updating SQL_Patch What can help me to fix it?

Thank you so much! Hope to use your template very soon.

Visit profile page and Just email us your FTP and admin details on

Ok. I’ve go it. It works! Download in the main directory. I installed patch couple of times. Thank you. All looks good.

It seems that your server is down. Forum is not accessible. Will it be up soon?

Thank you!

Should be ok now.

Hi there!

I’m having trouble getting the Checkout page to load after installing and setting up the Ceon URI Mapping Plugin for URL Rewriting. The Checkout page comes up with a rewritten URL just fine, but all the HTML beneath the header area does not get loaded. It’s essentially just a blank template page for the Checkout page as a result.

Can you please provide some direction as to what will resolve this issue? Any assistance at all would be fantastic.

Thank you.


We have not tested it for Third party plugins like Ceon URI mappping plugin. WE will surely facilitate SEF feature in our next release.

Would it be possible to get help to install template on local wampstack?

It should be easy right? Specific questions:

- What folder to install “zencart-mozen”? - Or I just place “zc_install”? - Do I need to create database prior to it?

Thank you.

Hi, Sorry but we do not provide wampstack installation services. - If you are doing fresh installation you should be using Quick start->zencart-mozen

Thank you!

Great job on this theme, I really like it. Maybe you can help with this:

1. On the category pages where multiple products are listed there are occasional gaps. It doesn’t seem to want to align with the product above itself. It seems to work fine on the main home page so I was wondering what I could do to make the other pages work the same.

2. The ‘Brands’ dropdown is not working properly. There are dozens of manufacturers listed in ZenCart, yet zero in the dropdown. Is there something else that needs to be set in ZC (sideboxes, etc?) to get this working?


1) >> Can you add following css in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\css\mj-template.css’ file.

.product_name { min-height: 75px !important;}

.product_image {margin-bottom: 0 !important;min-height: 190px !important;}

2) >> You have removed manufacturers item for brands. Can you add items in Admin >> Catelog >> Manufacturers then after it should display brands and manufacturers item.

1 Worked like a charm. thank you.

2 It looks like if I add a manufacturer it will show up under Brands. Can there be nothing done with the 86 manufacturers I have already added in a previous template?

Hello I’ve purchased this nice theme today, but i cannot update the SQL Patch!! it’s keep saying: “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.” and it doesn’t really show correctly on Internet Explorer, Please help, what to do?

ok, just re-installed everything, still same error message, IE and tablets cannot read the website properly -All messed up, but on all other browsers seemed ok? PLease help!

Visit profile page and send FTP and admin details

ok, thank you, i just sent the info to dasinfomedia


Thank you for the template. My radio buttons don’t line up with the text, I have only found them so far on the login (create an account http://tancredi.com.au/TancrediOnline/index.php?main_page=login) and checkout pages (payments don’t line up). Any help would be appreciated.

Also do you know how I can keep the tabs open on the create account form so the customer doesn’t have to open every”+” to enter their details.

Thanks again Ben

>>> Can you add css in ’/includes/templates/mozen_temp/css/mj-template.css’ file.

input[type=”radio”], input[type=”checkbox”] { float: left; }

Hi, Am I replacing instances of input[type=”radio”] with the new line? Or does it needed to be added in a particular spot. Thanks

Worked it out. Thanks input[type=”radio”], input[type=”checkbox”] { float: left; cursor: pointer; line-height: normal; margin: 6px 0;

Is there a way to show the “Sort By” feature that has Sorts by
  • Product Name
  • Price: High to Lo
  • Price: Low to High
  • etc.
on all the pages instead of just the “All Products” page as shown here? https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwrolo89mj5exw2/sortBy.jpg and on your site. http://www.mojoomla.com/demo/zencart/mozen/index.php?main_page=products_all&zenid=EMgywLmqOUduGUKk3POL90

Most people go to a Category or Manufactueur, therefore it would be quite useful to have this same Sort By, under the Categories, Brands, New Products, Featured and so on…...........

Thanks Karen

Hi Karen, I can understand what you mean but the template will alway give priority to what zencart provides and that’s what we have done by providing default features. What you need can be achieved with some custom code or module.

Thank you, I will look for the code and see if I can do that myself, if not, can I get a quote or ball park cost for what I describe above?

yes. sure

Just bought this theme and it looks very good.

I’m having problems adding items to the Information menu with the define_pages. I have created new pages but they do not show up in the ‘Information’ drop-down menu.

What do I need to do to get it showing?

Please visit profile page and email your site ftp, cpanel and admin details.

Also, how do we add categories to the main navigation menu, much like http://www.pyjamas.com.au?

That customization was done by client.

I am having some unexpected problems on the server. (6:37:18pm)Matthew V.:Ok, here is what I am getting: Fri Aug 16 20:35:03 2013 [client] Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader – it was built with configuration 2.2.0, whereas running engine is API220090626,NTS Fri Aug 16 20:35:03 2013 [client] Zend Optimizer requires Zend Engine API version 220060519. Fri Aug 16 20:35:03 2013 [client] The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer. Fri Aug 16 20:35:03 2013 [client] Contact Zend Technologies at http://www.zend.com/ for a later version of Zend Optimizer.

What can it be?

You have Ioncube php loader pllugin for pho installed on your server. Which is not compatible with your Current zend API version. You should either upgrade ioncube loader to latest version or downgrade Zend version.

FYI: The template doesn’t need Ioncube loader.

I can not open admin page. I get server error.

And your server is down seems to be too.

Your server is down a lot. I really need help.

We are upgrading our server so please wait for some time.

Upgrade completed.

This is what I found out. this template can not be tun on regular account on Host Gator. Is it true? Thank you.

Not really. Just check with your host if they are having latest version of PHP, MYSQL