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Hi, I tried to find support for template at http://www.mojoomla.com/ and could not. After login in to my account – nothing for Mozen. I sit true that Mozen needs IonCube to be install on the server? Can’t run without it?

Thank you.

Mozen do not need ioncube loader. It is entirely issue at host. I suggest you can ask them to disable Ioncube loader if you are sure you are not using it.

Hi. I love your template so much that I’ve bought it twice now! But, I have a problem with my second site: http://www.strawberrythief.co.uk. For mobiles or smaller screens, the area within the mj-header DIV doesn’t render well, with the search box, currency selector, logo and text all overlapping. You can see it now if you take a look at the site, and reduce the size of the browser width.

Can you advise what I need to do, to get this working properly?

Thanks very much.

>>> Can you find following css and change css code in ”\includes\templates\mozen_temp\css\mj-mobile.css” file.

#mj-logo { float: right; height: 65px; width: 82% !important; }

and also find:

mj-logo {

float: right; height: 80px; width: 69% !important; }

to replace code :

mj-logo {

float: right; height: auto; width: 82% !important; }

I’ll take a look – thanks for your help.

Hi. I am getting this error – “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

Checked log file – It implies “mozen” table does not exist but it’s already there. Please let me know what to do to resolve this asap.

Missed to mention link http://gowholesalesolar.com.au/

Hey. I sorted issue out. Thanks for nice stuff.

I have trouble with SQL_Patch update.

Can you help? I need help urgently.

Thank you.

Visit our profile page and email us FTP and database details.

I get SQL_Patch update err message

1146 Table ’..’ doesn’t exist in: [SELECT * FROM mozen] for …

Is it something in DB connect issue?

Thank you.

Visit our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/dasinfomedia and email us FTP and database details.

which files changed in this modification? 07.08.2013 FIXES:

-Fixed issue with Add to cart button appearing twice. -Add css to display checkout radio button issue. – Add css to display product list.

replied on your email.

thanks, i will test

I’ve got this message from you, from do-not-reply@themeforest.net: “Visit profile page and Just email us your FTP and admin details on”

What is your email address?

Visit our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/dasinfomedia and email us FTP and database details.

I got the error – “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

I wasn’t sure what was gong on and decided to reinstall… x3 times later. Finally, I looked through the SQL patch and noticed it had stalled so I went into the DB back-end and executed it in bits once I fond where it had stopped. Every thing was going good till I got to the last statement;

INSERT INTO `admin_pages` (`page_key` ,`language_key` ,`main_page` ,`page_params` ,`menu_key` ,`display_on_menu` ,`sort_order`)VALUES ('configZenLightbox', 'BOX_CONFIGURATION_ZEN_LIGHTBOX', 'FILENAME_CONFIGURATION', CONCAT('gID=',@cgi), 'configuration', 'Y', @cgi);

Result; SQL query:

INSERT INTO `admin_pages` ( `page_key` , `language_key` , `main_page` , `page_params` , `menu_key` , `display_on_menu` , `sort_order` ) VALUES (

‘configZenLightbox’, ‘BOX_CONFIGURATION_ZEN_LIGHTBOX’, ‘FILENAME_CONFIGURATION’, CONCAT , ‘configuration’, ‘Y’, @cgi ) MySQL said: Documentation

1048 – Column ‘page_params’ cannot be null

Can you help? Using mySQL 5.5


looking in to this. Can you please visit profile page and send cpanel details if possible.

Please can you advise if this Template can be used with zen cart 1.5.1 and the following modules – Easy Populate CSV and Ultimate SEO urls. We have a fresh install of all the above and would like to use this template and once confirmed Ill place an order, We would like to have this implemented this weekend.

Hi, is it possible to create admin page from where you can edit slider on index page?

When is going to be next mozen update? – you know, without this functionality slider is unusable.

The instruction covers how you can update slider content. The new release should be in next 15 days.

Thank you very much for info. Me and whole team are really looking forward to! Thanks for great template :-)

Hello, thanks very much for your previous support, but i have a question regarding size of the preview window, is there is any way to make item view window on the the product page larger at least double size? I’ve tried to modify zoom window to 200% on mj-template.css. Doesn’t work? Any suggestions, please?

>>> You can find and set following code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\css\mj-templates.css’ file.

.product_info_left { float: left; width: 60%; }

.product_info_right { float: right; margin-bottom: 15px; width: 40%; }

Hi, For the product info page, when I want to have the functionality of double clicking the thumb nail and then a large image appears in a new window, which is the basic functionality of zen cart, is that possible ?

Yes It’s a possible, you can use in ‘http://www.magictoolbox.com/magicthumb/ ’ site Magic Thumb code instruction to implement in your site.

Hi, okie. How do I turn off the Zoom functionality in the template ?

>>> You want to remove zoom functionality just replace attached ‘tpl_modules_main_product_image.php’ file in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_modules_main_product_image.php’ file.

Email us so we can send you the file.

Can we customize from administration the options for latest products, getting in touch, support, tweet, best sellers and review. I will not like them in my page. Is that possible? Thanks. Lilian

Yes it is possible but you have to do coding for that. Else you can wait for couple of weeks and we can release version with those options.

I have a problem with the image boxes skipping and leaving empty spaces. I tried resizing the images through Zen Cart admin but the problem still exists. Here is an example: http://megaonlinedeals.com/index.php?main_page=index&pg=store&cPath=1207&sort=20a&page=2

Can you please help?

Thanks…btw, I love the template. I should have said that first. :-)

Visit profile page send us FTP and admin details.

Ok, I just it. Thank for your help. :-)

sent It, sorry

Looking through the live demo, it appears that the popups, like the Shipping Estimate popup, have not been styled.

In addition the HTML email templates have not been styled either.

Before I purchase this template, I wanted to ask the developer if these two things are on their roadmap and also ask those that have bought the template if there are other areas that haven’t been styled and therefore would need additional work done.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, is there an update on this?

When can we expect a new version to be released?

Thanks, Kerrin

Those changes are already done and package is live here.

If you like our support, please rate our product

Hi Great Template. Just installed it on a fresh zen cart 1.5.1. Everything looks good with the exception that I have not got “Tools -> Mozen Settings” So I can’t change Mozen settings. Any Ideas ?


I should add that although the slider box is visible on home page there is nothing in this area. It is completely blank

Please visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

>>> Hi…

-   Can you replace following code for customization of slide show in 'your_admin_dir/mozen.php'.
-   find code:
<select name="products_name" id="products_main" onChange="this.form.submit()">
-    replace code:
<select name="products_name" id="products_main" onChange="this.form.submit()" <?php if(isset($_REQUEST['eid'])){ echo 'disabled="true"'; } ?> >
Thank you.

Hi, I installed Mozen template on zen cart 1.5.1 but there is some problems. First I can’t change the logo in Mozen setting when I choose the image and click submit it shows “No Image Selected”. I checked with different images but same result. second I checked the website on android mobile and tablet browsers but sometimes it doesn’t resize properly. My web address is: www.ukeshopper.com please let me know asap. thank you

>>> You can change header,slideshow or freeshipping content to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file.

>>> You can change top menu to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_drop_menu.php’ file.

>>> You want to change brand, stay in touch and footer content to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_footer.php’

>>> You can edit middle content to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_index_default.php’ file.

12.09.2013 ADDITIONS:

-Updated slideshow for ease in updating slides from mozen admin -Changed currency code format for display in featured block – Dynamic footer added

can you tell which files hare changed?? thanks

1) tpl_header.php – \includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\

2) tpl_footer.php – \includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\

Hello again, first thanks for your replay to my last comment, it was very helpful. Secondly I want to write some more informations before the the email field in contact us page but anything I write in define pages editor in my admin does not apear in contact us page seems it fixed on email field only.

>>> Hi…

- You can add more fields in contact us page to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_contact_us_default.php’ file.

- You want to change format of email to edit code in ’\email\email_template_contact_us.html’.


Thanks for helping me with my last issue. The images are working properly now.

Quick Question….Is it possible to make all the ez pages come up under something different than the “Features” header in the navigation bar? I would like an FAQ section in the main navigation bar but when I set up the ez page for it, it automatically goes under “Features.” :-( Thanks

I tried to figure it out on my own how to put the FAQ option in the navigation bar but it is obviously wrong because it is missing the vertical line on the right side and when you click on the FAQ menu, it will take you to the right page but the “Features” menu button is highlighted.

I also noticed that I too have the issue with the manufacturers not showing up under the “Brand” menu button. Only 2 show up but there is probably at least 50. I read all the posts and saw others with the issue but no answer on the board of how to fix it. :-(

Also, I noticed that the “Features” menu option just goes to the home page when you click it. Can it go to the “Features” landing page? Which is; http://megaonlinedeals.com/index.php?main_page=featured_products


Please visit profile page and send us more details.

Thanks for fixing the issues in my navigation bar and adding the extras. Your charges were very fair and you completed in great time so I appreciate that.