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Nice Work, good luck with sales :)

Theme looks great.

Does it have a fixed width option – I see only a liquid option.

Thanks in advance.

Since this is responsive template, liquid layout is more appropriate. But you can easily set it as fixed by doing some CSS modification in body and #mj-container.


I’ve noticed that the native zen cart add to cart buttons and quantity boxes have been disabled in your template. This is a crucial part of my website because it saves my customers from having to go into each product page to add items to their cart. How can I get this functionality back? Another problem I’m having is if my title is long or image heights are different, the products don’t line up properly in the product listing page either. There will be 3 on one line then on on the next line then three on the next line, etc… This doesn’t look very good. Besides those minor problems I think you’ve done a good job on this template and I can’t wait to use it.


Amir Shawn

another tip which would be a plus for everyone is if you used numinix css/js loader on your templates. It’s a way of minifying and correctly loading the javascript files. It would make it much easier to integrate into other modules that are dependant on that.

Thanks for your reply. The reason for this is the different size of images. You can set the image height and width from the Admin Side under Configuration -> Images, what zencart does is, it calculates the size of image according to the actual image size and the parameter provided in the admin side. So when all the image size are same there won’t be any issue of improper lining up. Another option is to give the minimum height to the image div i.e , in our case it is set to 110px. You can set it to the height of image with maximum height. This way the problem will be solved but there will be lot of white space between the image with short height and the name of product. So the better way is to use the image with same height and width.

For the search result page we have changed the default layout of Zencart. But the structure is same as default has, all the product details i.e image, name and description, price come within

with same class i.e , we can’t even set min-height for anyone of them as it applies to all other. All you can do is fix the height or width of image for that page, if you have different size images. But if all image size are same there will be no problem at all.

glasspeace: Could you send me the php portion on resizing? I can’t find it.

with latest Mozen V2, you can resize images from zencart admin

Wow, I’m impressed! :)

Is it compatible with ImageHandler for Zen-cart? Or maybe it would be wrong to use it with a responsive template..?

We are implementing image zoom feature, so that should enhance image handling within the theme.

Hi, our customer bought your template at the beginning of January, the folder is called “Mozen Package 29-11-2012”. We installed it but it’s different from the one in your demo We have this http://www.mojoomla.com/demo/zencart/mozen/includes/templates/mozen%20temp/images/scr_template_default.png, like the screenshot in your demo.

What do we have to do for having all of the features you described? For example “Responsive slideshow with Price animation”, “Newsletter” and the triangle with the cart over the products in center boxes (featured, specials and new)?

This is not professional and realized by someone who doesn’t know Zen Cart! If you look at the source code there are so many scripts and css! It has for example reference to: two jscript_jquery_1-4-4.js, jscript_1.7.1_jquery.js, jscript_jquery-1.4.2.min.js, jquery/1.5.1/jquery.min.js, jquery/1.6.2/jquery.min.js … wow And most of the text is directly written in the files without using Zen language defines, so this template is ONLY for an U.S.A. (or mono) language Zen Cart. ... In addition there was an error while installing it: in the SQL Patch.txt you create the table like “MOZEN” and below the Insert into command uses “mozen” and it gave us an error. Then we tried to change the color from admin and we gave this error: “error: 1146:Table ‘mozen’ doesn’t exist :: UPDATE mozen SET color=’Gray’ WHERE id=1” because the table in the database is called “MOZEN” but if you change the table name in “mozen” then you have an error in the front end because in tpl_main_page.php you wrote “MOZEN”, in fact the code is ”$slideshow_query = “SELECT * FROM ” . DB_PREFIX.MOZEN;”

Can I suggest you to try the updated version which has the color and image issues fixed. The updated version has all necessary javascript.

Good Luck with the sales..

Hi, I have purchased this Mozen template and have installed it as well. Now I am not able to do a few small things. How to change title that shows up in browser tab? I have changed it in…..includes/languages/english/metatags But nothing happened. If you want to see the site it is www.realleather.com.au

If someone can help Thanks King

Thanks for your reply. I have few other issues. Since Mozen is 5 letters and my site name is 12 letters with a blank – the name goes into 2 lines. How do I tackle this so that the icon and the name remains together.

Please see this link http://realleather.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&pg=store&cPath=2_126_127#axzz2LuGIld12 This is a third level category. So the product info page as you see is narrow. I am not able to find the solution. Other pages comes out proper.

Just these two fro the time being.

By the way the Twitter side box dose not show the name/heading

Thanks Kingshuk

Hi King,

Let’s go step by step for your issues, starting from logo : 1) go to includes/templates/mozen_temp/css/mj-template.css 2) go to line 35 or find ”#mj-logo” in the file and remove “width:20%”. This will get your logo content in one line. 3) go to line 41 or find ”#mj-logo a” in the same file. Remove “padding-left: 72px;”. This will get the logo aligned properly.

Now for the products issue which is displayed narrow on the link you provided : 1) under the same css file as above, go to line 2048 or find ”#indexProductList > #productListing” 2) remove the “width:50%”, this will set the products in desired way.

For twitter issue as of now i can see in your template : 1) In the same css file, you need to copy and paste the following css anywhere you like in mj-template.css :

mj-right #twittersideboxContent .twtr-bd, #mj-right #twittersideboxContent .twtr-timeline, #mj-right #twittersideboxContent .twtr-tweets, #twittersideboxContent, #mj-left #twittersideboxContent .twtr-bd, #mj-left #twittersideboxContent .twtr-timeline, #mj-left #twittersideboxContent .twtr-tweets, #twittersideboxContent {

background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #E3E5E7; }

King if you like our product then rate it. Thanks in advance.

Hi, The template is awesome!. How can I install and show multiple images for single product. Do I need separate module for this?

Thank you for using our template. Please follow the instructions given below : In order for your additional images to show on the product page, they must be named correctly. For dress.jpg the additional images would be:

dress_01.jpg dress_02.jpg dress_03.jpg dress_04.jpg dress_05.jpg

Please note that the names are using an underscore _ and not a dash – . Use your FTP program to upload these additional images to the same directory as the main image. Or you can follow this instructions completely on the following link :


Komal, Please rate our awesome template

Thanks!! and rated the with 5 Stars.

Hi, I have purchased the Mozen template for my store, I have watched the video provided dozens of times and attempt to install the template twice now but being a newb, clearly I am getting it very wrong. Is there another video with sound or a detailed instruction for beginners on how to use the quick install from start to finish?

I would suggest you FTP the Theme folder and activate it. I would suggest you to Follow bottom part of our instruction guide and this link: http://www.kerrinhardy.com/2009/10/12/zen-cart-template-step-by-step-install-guide/

Ah, that helps :-) Do I rename the admin & zc_install file folders before or after FTP theme folders?

You can rename it and then FTP it.

Hi, I have purchased the Mozen template for my store, I have watched the video provided dozens of times and attempt to install the template twice now but being a newb, clearly I am getting it very wrong. Is there another video with sound or a detailed instruction for beginners on how to use the quick install from start to finish? Or even better still, do you have an installation guru that can do it for me?

If you give us godaddy access, we will be able to help you out

Yes, I believe so. I have only just installed Zencart a couple days ago, on GoDaddy hosting – not sure if that could be an issue or not.

I hope the issue you had has been resolved. Can you Please rate our template. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Yes, all good now – I ended up having someone install for me, much easier for me that way – having a ball customizing this template – I think I am in love :-)

I noticed on the demo that the product page appears full width. Is it possible for the product page to have left and/or right columns?

Yes it is possible to add two or more columns with some code modification.

Installing, but stuck on sql patch…

Browser says this “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

mydebug log says this”[18-Mar-2013 21:04:36] PHP Fatal error: 1146:Table ‘golfshoe_mozen.MOZEN’ doesn’t exist :: SELECT * FROM MOZEN in /home/golfshoe/public_html/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php on line 101”

Please advise

please email me from my website: http://bringtodesign.com/contact/

Thanks for solving that issue in my installation. It would be great to know how you did it.
Where do I edit module contents?

Regarding the Top menu, we have included all the pages that are created in the backend. 1) Store Menu : It contains the Categories that you create in backend for your store. 2) Brands Menu : It contains the manufacturers that have been created or entered in backend. 3) Features Menu : It contains the Ez-pages that have been created and status enabled in Header. 4) Information Menu : It contains the default Zencart Pages.

Other than these if you want extra menu, yes you will have to edit php file. i.e under includes/templates/mozen_temp/common/tpl_drop_menu.

Regarding the modules, zencart have the sideboxes that can be enabled and disabled for both left and right column. It can be found under Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller in admin area.

hello you post update 20.03.2013 FIXES:

Fixed admin option for color selection

where can i find the new files? have to download and install everything again?

If you download latest package, you will find the updated files in Quick start folder: 1) /includes/templates/mozen_temp/common/tpl_main_page 2) /admin/mozen.php

20.03.2013 FIXES: Fixed admin option for color selection update where can i find the new files? have to download and install everything again?

If you download latest package, you will find the updated files in Quick start folder: 1) /includes/templates/mozen_temp/common/tpl_main_page 2) /admin/mozen.php


something is wrong because i replaces the two files and gave error. Replaces DB_PREFIX.mozen by DB_PREFIX.MOZEN in tpl_main_page.php, but now works without css. why when you do an upgrade not mention the changed and new files in a txt file called upgradexxx.txt (for example) (xxx is the date or version)? is easier to follow

You change again the file tpl_main_page.php but with DB_PREFIX.mozen on line 11 dont work, works only if i change to DB_PREFIX.MOZEN. i´m update my Zen-Cart shop from v1.3.8a to v1.5.1 and i´m gointo to use your template, is very important everything goes ok. thanks for you understand

Dasinfomedia, the only thing i wanted, was that whenever you make a modification files(update), you put a text file to tell us which files you changed(update), so we only replaces those files on our template. Is it possible?

we already mentioned the changes earlier. Gave the file names to you as well. From now on we will surely implement your recommendation.

Tanks for everything

I’ve just noticed some weird template behavior when the viewport is resized to ANY width between 900px and 1000px. The elements get cut off on the left and some get misaligned. It’s not related to my installation – I just checked your demo and same thing happens. I’ve also tested with multiple browsers and it’s still the same. Can you provide a solution for this?

Thank you for purchasing the template. We have visited the link provided by you and it’s working fine. Still if you have any problems, Please do let us know

I didn’t provide ANY links and my problem is still not resolved and the template is NOT working fine. It seems that you found a solution for the problem since your demo no longer has that problem, although it did a few days ago. However, I just checked cybeopt’s site (from the message below) and he has the exact same problem. See screenshots: http://i46.tinypic.com/35k6553.jpg and http://i49.tinypic.com/2gwsvtj.jpg

Please provide us with a solution.

We are releasing the new package in which we have added few more media queries which will handle devices having 900px-1000px width.

I am receiving this error while attempting to install the sql patch:

WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

The same message also appears on the store main page:


Thank you for purchasing the template. We have visited the link provided by you and it’s working fine. Still if you have any problems further do let us know

Cyberopt, replace DB_PREFIX.mozen by DB_PREFIX.MOZEN in tpl_main_page.php, Sorry i flagg your comment as inappropriate by mistake

Thanks for helping out community member.