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Thanks for a cool theme. I have just one problem so far and it’s driving me nuts.

On the actual Products Information page, no matter what you upload or choose for an image size, the photo gets squished, squashed and distorted. Can you please tell me what size image to use so it doesn’t get totally screwed up? This is the only place I find distorted photos and probably the most important place for a quality photo.

Example of a distorted photo: http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb145/matstone7/ProductInformationCapture2_zpsa1a8af2f.jpg

Thanks in advance

Go To includes -> templates -> mozen_temp -> templates -> tpl_modules_additional_images.php

line 78 find

var src_img_width = 800; var src_img_height = 1000; var ratio_width = 800; var ratio_height = 1000;

define height and width

Thanks!!!! That worked like a charm for me!

if you like our support please rate the product

Thanks, will try this tonight.

Hello I have tried that many of times to change the width of Zoom area(Product page) but cant find, how can i change and i am also wanted to change the default image height , width (product) now it is showing blur/ distorted image, i want to come this image with aspect ratio, but am unable to change this, admin panel wont help with image under configs, it cant work, Thanks

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.


Could you look at this screen-shot for me, from our website http://www.gbdriver.co.uk when viewed on a mobile device. You will see the selection fields are too narrow and customers cannot read the content – making it difficult to complete a sale on a mobile device.

Please can you help?

Image: http://www.gbdriver.co.uk/images/screen-paypal.PNG

Thank you in advance Dan

Thank you – it is already:

.ccinfo input[type=”text”], .ccinfo input[type=”password”], .ccinfo input[type=”email”], .ccinfo input[type=”url”], .ccinfo textarea, .ccinfo select { float: none; margin: 0; max-width: 250px; width: 100%; margin-bottom:15px; }

mj-template.css line 2847

there are two width class css in mj-template.css a) on line 2847 and b) on line 2827

so delete 2847 line width properties or apply width:100%;

Thank you ;-)

Hi, (again).

How can apply the same styling as used for categories etc to http://www.gbdriver.co.uk/index.php?main_page=specials ?

Thanks, Dan.

we apply same style in specials , new_products, all_products, feature_product. you can download our latest package and apply it

Hi i’m about to purchase your template but before that i want to make sure it does support another language package ( Spanish ) and if so, do you provide any info in how to put a widget language switcher with flags in the top header.



In our template we provided 14 languages. Spanish also included in it. Also Language switcher is default zencart feature. So you can surely use it.

Hi, I tried to install Cross sell but there is nothing change in admin panel after upload the module files. Can you help find any cross sell module works with this template? Another question: Is there any plugin can set register processing? I want remove the name,company,tel number options when customer sign up. appreciate if you can help.

Here is the link for cross sell module http://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1364 download and install it.

2) Go To admin -> configuration -> customer details

1) company—> false 2) fax number—> false

do some code modification for name and phone no in register file

Please help me…The ezpages keeps showing nothing after I reset everything(I do exactly as the first time how I install)...and this link show red “sideboxes/mozen-temp/ezpages_drop_menu.php” The ez-pages seems not going to show anymore…

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details

Hi there mojoomla/dasinfomedia!

Just a heads up…I emailed you this morning about modifiying the top-level category pages to not show subcategory images but change those to a list and display all the products associated with the subcategories on that page.

Thanks in advance!

Please visit profile page and Email us FTP and admin details.

I sent it, can you confirm that you received it? Thx

Hi – Since we have made our admin area secure (required for PayPal Pro) – we are unable to drag and drop the Mozen Banners to change their sort order. How can we do this now? If I disable SSL for admin area, we cannot take Credit Card Payments.

Thank you. Dan.

What you mean by Mozen banners? also there is no drag and drop feature. Can you please explain this with more details.

Hi – On the home page ( http://www.gbdriver.co.uk ) – slide show banners at the top of the home page … tools – mozen settings – slider customization. We used to be able to change the order of the banners by dragging each banner up or down. But now, this does not work as admin SSL.

I’m having a problem where the products in the flexslider are not centered. They are way over to the left where the description is.

I just sent ftp info as well.. Thanks again

I didn’t find the multi-language button on your live preview page, which can be found at the top of page from other template themes. could you please tell me how many languages portfolio can be supported by this theme before I buy it. thanks for you consideration.

It supports 11 languages which are mentioned in changelog.

I am receiving the same error: WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

During installation. I have emailed you my ftp/admin/website details. Can you please help.

Thank you.

Please visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

On the meau: “Brands”,I have 9 manufacturers,But the “Brands” only show 7 manufacturers.I have sent a email for you.Thank you for your time,have a great day!


i have this problems at first installation

-- <!-Display the EZ Pages link in Menu -> WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

see you at link:


thanks for your support!

1) For remove features and brands tabs from menu.

Go To includes -> templates -> mozen_temp -> common -> tpl_drop_menu.php line 62 and 167


  • AND
  • and remove or comment whole
  • tag

    2) Visit profile page and email us your admin and FTP details.

  • but i dont want remove this menu voice, i want to see the template about the screenshot to buy this…

    ok i sen you the file at email to modified , but i want to see featured and brands


    Love this template. I have looked through the comments, but I need to know how to remove the features and brands tabs?

    Thank you for your assistance.


    I may ask more questions later, but this theme is just perfect for what I want. You are very talented :)


    I started setting up this new template on a new installation and uploaded database from my live shop so I have data to work with. Once I am happy I will switch off my current site and use this.

    1. I am having problems with image size in product page. Picture looks squashed and not nice. Tried finding a solution in previous messages but did not work!

    2. Also, how do you get the slideshow to work? I am not seeing mine even thought I added products of my own.

    3. I have a lot of brands in my store and when listed on the top row, the whole list runs off-screen. Any ideas? or

    please help, thanks


    No customisation done sorry! Here’s what I did…I installed Zencart, restored my database and then installed your template!

    hi, no support email received and I shall be not using this template. It is not good for what I need. Do you have a refund policy please?

    For that you need to contact envato. We provide support for all the features we provided.

    Hi again,

    Can you please help. I want to edit the “About Us” page but I can not find it, searched and searched.

    Any help would ne greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Go To Admin -> Tools -> EZ-Pages—> about us

    change from admin side of your store

    Thank you so much….I was looking elsewhere…..you’re a champion :)

    Hi – We are using PayPal Pro – When a customer pays by credit card, and enters their card number on the website – If the card is declined, the customer is returned to the payment page with no notification that the card was declined. I think, there are some messages missing from the payment page that should say ‘Your card was declined, please enter a new Credit Card…’ or similar.

    Because the customer is not getting any message – they do not understand that their card has been declined.

    Please could you advise on this?

    Thank you – Dan.

    Visit profile page and email is your admin and ftp details.

    Thank you, have emailed you.

    How do i edit the Extra and support section in the footer. Also notice contact us page top section not visible. only shows the form part. http://fansonsale.com.au/ Bakasit

    For edit Extra and support section Go To includes -> templates -> mozen_temp -> common -> tpl_footer.php