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Hi here is my setup: zen cart 1.51, mods installed: FEC 1.10.0, add customers from admin, css-js loader, google merchant 1.13, ceon manual card sitemap xml 3.2.6, antiseptic template. ceon uric mapping 4.4.1 can your add-on work with this & cause things to go screwy?


BW ps: if you want to see our site let me know… i’ll pm it over to you. thanks ;-)

replied you on email

thanks for the reply, sorry seems a rather insecure way of passing on sensitive information, can i not email you directly? thanks

When you message me from profile page it reached in email only.

Hi, after I removed the sample products from the template and add some of my products to it, the slideshow stoped working. It was working before with the sample product but now even it doesnt come up. Could you check my website please: www.ukeshopper.com

Hi, I sent my admin and ftp details to your email two days ago and still no reply and the slideshow still doesnt work . Could you please reply to me asap.

issue resolved and emailed you.

Thank You

The template is very nice, I only have one issue. In the admin (mozen.php) where we can change the slider show I am unable to select any product under Slider Customization, so it is not letting me change anything. Any suggestions?

Please visit our profile page and email us your site ftp, admin and database details. We can check your site.

Hi there, great template I love it so much, I just have a number of issues.

1. how do i remove the features and brand buttons on the menu and also “our brands” below

2. how to i change the name of page2,page 3, page 4 etc under more information

3. How to I add info to about us (I edited though the define pages editor but it remains blank

4. How do i add those 3 “new” “specials “features” buttons above the products shown in the demo

5. I cant seem to change the sliders because when I click on ‘select product’ it doesnt show anything so I cant update to my own products.

6. finally, how do i remove “money back 30 day guarantee” and how do i add things to store finder/news letter

Thanks heaps for your help!


replied on email.

hi, i’ve some problems with this template (fantastic) and the plugin Ultimate SEO. When i enable it, the front site lost design.

can someone help me ? Any suggestions ? regards


I installed the template I just do not charge anything and gives me this error:

“WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

I state that I use the Italian version of zencart.

Can you please help as I need to put the site online as soon as possible.

Thank you.

>>> Yes is this possible You can use Italian language module in mozen template.

I’m sorry but I did not understand. Can you kindly explain in more detail?

Please, you can help me to resolve this error: “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”

Hello When trying to Translate HEADER_TITLE_INFORMATION in tpl_drop_menu.php some off the Drop menus works fine but after editing other, page will randomly display only the logo and nothing else. What im doing wrong ?


Visit profile page and email FTP and admin details.

Please, you can help me to resolve this error: “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”


Please share site link

growerline .com /nuovocentro

WE have checked the site but we will need to check further. Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.

Hello, please, what’s the meaning of: “You have used language_id in query. but language_id field does not exists in ezpages table so generate errors. Can you first add language_id in ezpages table then after working query for display drop down menu.” ?

What I must to do exactly?

Since I have sent all the data you can do it for me?


Please explain how can I disable cloud zoom on the product page and can use basic popup (opencart’s) image zoom option ?

HI, Loving the template but could you tell me how to change the name of the Features tab and the brands tab. thanks

If you want to change features and brands text then make changes: ’\includes\languages\english\extra_definitions\mozen_temp\headermenu.php’ file.

Thank you for the quick reply that worked great ! How do I change the target url for them please ? And also where it say FREE SHIPPING On orders over £599 how do I change that writing please, Thank you again.

Hi.. – You want to change free shipping text to edit following code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file. <div id="mj-featured1"> <div class="mj-subcontainer"> <div class="mj-grid96"> <!--Free Shipping Text--> <div class="mj-grid16 mj-rspace mj-lspace">Free Shipping</div> <div class="mj-grid80 mj-rspace mj-lspace">On Orders Over <?php echo $currencies->format(599); ?>. This Offer is valid on all our Store Items.</div> </div> </div> </div> Thanks.

Hi how are you.

Just found a bug in admin panel file mozan.php on line 493 $qur = “SELECT * FROM products_description [cut]

Note that some people use prefixes in their DB.

I wanted to add a new slide to the mozan slideshow but couldn’t do this because my products weren’t displaying in the mozan admin panel at all. Well got it fixed now ;)


- I think problem is due to db prefix . Can you add ‘DB_PREFIX’ before table name in ‘admin/mozen.php’ file.

Example : SELECT * FROM ".DB_PREFIX."products_description

Hi, How can I increase the number of products show in the center from 6 to 9? Also how can I change center default from NEW to SPECIALS? Regards Rez


- You want to change display number of products in home page to go Admin > Configuration > Maximum values then after find "New Products Module", "Maximum Display of Specials Products - Main Page" and "Maximum Display of Featured Products - Main Page" edit you want to display number of item.
- I changed New to Specials default in home page.

Great, Thank you. could you tell me which file did you edit to change the defualt from New to special just in case if I need to change it again in the future.


- I changed "\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_index_default.php" file code and change css for display New to Specials default. You want to display feature default to change "\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_index_default.php" file code and change following css code in '\includes\templates\mozen_temp\css\mj-template.css' file. #moduleMenu-wrapper #specialsDefault, #moduleMenu-wrapper #featuredProducts { display: none; }

I’ve tried updating my site to latest Mozen template and I’m getting “WARNING: An Error occurred” message when applying SQL Patch. P.ease help!

Visit profile page and Email US FTP and admin details.

Great template but have one problem. On mobile devices, iOS and Android, the template does not scale like it should. 1/4 of the screen is not covered. Here is a screenshot. Any Suggestions? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p0wv6613nc29qr/Screenshot_2013-10-17-23-23-10.png

We will check it.

Issue resolved. I uploaded a fresh copy of bootstrap-responsive to the server and fixed the issues.

That’s great.

Great Template, Can’t seem to get any drop menu items under “features” which are ezpages to work (when they have internal or external url links associated). The work if they have html listed in the ezpage only. pgid=??pg=features does not seem to find the listed alt_url.

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

Not a big issue, I may just use javascript on those pages to accomplish the internal or external link (once I figure out the syntax) or not include those particular links in the header (they all work fine from sideboxes) Using 1.39 if this is a factor (as we need to use “file upload required” plugin)

PPEC split login is causing “security error on login”. Returning customer only (sign in). Sign up is fine after new customer created and the Paypal express button is fine. (only happens on sign IN)

FIXED (copied content from normal login (“sign in” section only) over top of the PPEC split==true area (“sign in” area only. All done in tpl_login_default.php

Hi dasinfomedia,

I’ve just installed this theme on my zencart store and i think i have done all correctly but footer. As you can see here http://www.papelmoneda.es/ footer is not correct. I uploaded files twice but nothing solved. Any idea?

Sorry. Another question: You can see my store in spanish and english. Can i translate the sliders text for both languages?


Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.

Hi, For the browser chrome on the sign up member page, all the white letters are not shown on the red rows. (I hv chosen red as the template colour.) Works fine on IE. Please help to resolve this. cheers, gene

- Can you explain in details what’s a problem ?

- Possible to give screen shot and your site url.

how do i send u the screenshot ?

got the screenshots

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”> <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8” /> <title>Add more buttons on the top menu</title> </head>

Hello, I’ve purchased thise theme few month ago, and it is pretty, but now i have a problem – How to add menu buttons between “HOME” and “FEATURES” on the top horizontal menu and link each of the button to different product categories . I’ve tried renaming headermenu.php ( it just renames, but functioning the same, extra line won’t add anything), I’ve played with drop_menu.php and can’t find anything that i can easily fix. I don’t know php and wouldn’t want to messing up anything, but this simple seemed to be thing, that must be controlled from actuall EZ-page settings, becoming a big issue for me. on EZ- pages everything adds to the featured instead of actual menu! How to Fix, Anyone can help? thank you!!


- If you want to add new button in top horizontal menu then add code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_drop_menu.php’ file.

you can add your new button code: 
<li id="home" class="<?php if($this_is_home_page){ echo " tab_active="">" ><a href="<?php echo zen_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT.">"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG; ?></a>


Thanks, but it doesn’t work! it does adds text next to the button “Home”, not a button looking, and even if i change the name on the code to the one i desire to be, it’s still showing home text,and i need to add three different buttons, Any suggestions?, thank you

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.