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I wonder how can I disable currency option?

Thank you.

I’ve got it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qU7WGkrg9g.

If there is another way, please tell.

Thank you.

That’s it.

I tried to log in to my account at http://www.mojoomla.com/ and it does not seem to work. Capcha is off and old log in password is not working. Thank you for your help.

Do not worry about that since we are providing support from here.


I installed its magnificent template zencart modules 1.5.1 but with ultimate seo url and uri mapping template Ceon not work well in the products, shipping link:


Please can help me because you need the url amigalbles for web seo.

Thank you very much for sparing some time.

Hi, We have not tested the template for third party plugins like ultimate SEO. But we will surely come up with SEO friendly version.

Download latest version it has SEO patch for Ultimate SEO plugin.

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

send a query to the creator of the ultimate seo contribution for zencart and this is the response he sent:

Thank you for supplying a link. The issues are caused by your template (and most of the issues are listed in the link in my previous post). Some of your options are:

If you purchased the "template", go back to the developer and ask them to "fix" the issues in their template. If they cannot or will not fix the problems with their "template"... You can always ask for a refund.
If they will not issue a refund... You can fix the issues with the "template" yourself. This may be a bit of a task (and you may need to pay someone else to fix the template). The two that stand out the most are: they incorrectly moved the "base" element (maybe not understanding what this HTML element does) - and - they failed to use the core Zen Cart function(s) for creating URLs. At the minimum these need to be fixed, but the other problems should be addressed as well.
Or you can just give up on fixing the "template" and choose to use a less problematic template. This may be the path of least resistance. I'd recommend trying any template before buying when possible. There are a few active members of this forum who create some very aesthetically pleasing (and well coded) templates for Zen Cart (most of them have even provided access to "free" templates). I'd start by taking a walk around the forums with an eye towards Zen Cart templates.

As this man says his staff is very good but has some flaws that should resolve as the SEO is very important for all the online stores.

Download latest version it has SEO patch for Ultimate SEO plugin.

Thank you very much Sir has been very kind

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Hi I purchased the template and just having trouble installing ultimate seo. It breaks the category and item pages.

still having problems on the light box with ultimate seo as well as responsive

Visit our profile page and send us FTP and admin details. We will check

Thanks for the help. I have sent the ftp details. let me know if you need anything else

Hi, Simple question.

With your template on the example website I see when viewing a product there is a “Description” and “Reviews” header under the product image however “Additional Information” header is missing has this simply been disabled on your demo site?

We need the “Additional Information section to display on our site and if you could help confirm this tab/header will display fine with your template that would be great.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve seen some other theme’s at times call it “Additional Information” (some have tabs some have dropdowns similar to your theme)..

It basically displays more information about the product such as: - Model: - Shipping Weight: - Manufactured by: - This product was added to our catalogue on:

Just wanted to check if these fields can be displayed somewhere it does not have to be under a new heading but wanted to know if they might have simply been turned off for your demo site and if they are turned on does the Theme display this data ok.

It is simply that we have not entered those data on all product. Those fields are readily available in our theme. So once you turn it on to display the data will be available.

Fantastic, thanks very much for the confirmation, we will put through an order early next week when we are back in the office. Have a good weekend.

Hi, is it possible to display full sized images in the header slider? We would like to be able to display those as well. Thank!

- Yes, It is possible to display full sized images in slider. you can change slider css for display full sized image in slider.

Have now uploaded the files 3 times but still the same error. will not let me send the sql patch and the template when chosen is just a blank page with Error on it. I noticed other people have had the same issue. Do I need to change any settings or permissions?

Last time we checked and FTP details was not working.

I have sent new ftp details for you

These FTP details are fine now and it worked.

We have solved mozen template problem in your site.

Where can I edit the settings for the facebook icon on bottom?

- You can edit facebook icon in bottom to edit code ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_footer.php’ file in line no 150.

Another question. Where can i change the store background color instead of white?

change body color to create css in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\css\mj-template.css’ file.

- For example body{ background-color:#FF0000; }

Trying to figure out why all my images are fine except when I use the search box. When the product is displayed after Ive done a search, the product image is short and wide. Ive tried to fix it through image settings but it isnt changing that particular function.

Can you email us your site details?

This is not a big deal but We’ve found on high resolution displays the theme can start to consume allot of CPU power and feel slow and slugish at times. It’s mainly due to the mouse over effects when placing your mouse over products and the animation is rendered (eg, shadow and scaling of the shopping icon being zoomed..etc)

Is there any way to make this animation consume less CPU or even disable to transition and have it instant (eg, shadow on or off with no transition..etc) This is mainly to keep the site feeling fast and helping keep CPU usage lower for customers especially with older/slower devices.


- You can change css for product view hover effects and transition in ’\includes\templates\getshop-temp\css\mj-template.css’ file.


Hi – same problem as richthomas1970 – on using the search, the images are not sized correctly. And i have looked at the original, live screen shot and also some other users who have posted their website address here, the problem is consistent. It seems you have one more space between the images and the text – therefore resulting in a compressed image. Please help to fix. I can send u screenshot if you need. Thanks.


- Can you find following css and and replace css in ’\includes\templates\getshop-temp\css\mj-template.css’ file.

Find css: #catTable .productListing-data .listingProductImage { height: 96px; } Replace css : #catTable .productListing-data .listingProductImage { height: auto; } - Remove space between product image and product name to add and set min-height following css in '\includes\templates\getshop-temp\css\mj-template.css' file. - Set min-height you want to need space product image and product text. #advSearchResultsDefault .product_image { margin-bottom: 0 !important; min-height: 127px !important; } Thanks.

Can I change the recent products in the footer to best sellers?


- You want to change footer content to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_footer.php’.


I’m sorry but I can’t get this to work. I guess tha code that must be changed are this (and the next two chapters)? Can you please let me know excatly how to change it?: <?php $productsInCategory = zen_get_categories_products_list( (($manufacturers_id > 0 && $_GET[‘filter_id’] > 0) ? zen_get_generated_category_path_rev($_GET[‘filter_id’]) : $cPath), false, true, 0, $display_limit); ?> <?php echo zen_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $last_products->fields[‘products_image’], $last_products->fields[‘products_name’], IMAGE_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_LISTING_WIDTH, IMAGE_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_LISTING_HEIGHT); ?> <?php echo $last_products->fields[‘products_name’]; ?>

<?php echo rtrim(substr(strip_tags($last_products->fields['products_description']),0,40))."...";?>

  • <?php


- You want to change specials products code, go to ”\includes\templates\mozen_temp\templates\tpl_modules_specials_default.php” file and ”\includes\modules\specials_index.php” file code in line no 78 to 83.


Hello I am writing because I finally managed to run the template, but it reports the following problems:

1) The title of the slide is not shown 2) On the homepage I want to show the products “special” instead of “new” and I want to know how to set and 9 instead of 6. 3) I used the Ultimate SEO url module but in the categories sidebox shows the link does not rewritten (although then redirects clicking on the ones rewritten) 4) in descriptions and pages not taken the bold. 5) I wish I had the double sidebar also in the product data sheets. 6) In special sidebox how do I set only 1 product instead of 2?

Thanks a lot for your attention.

- Visit profile page and email us your site ftp, admin and database details.

Hello, I would like to remove the currency drop down in the header and also remove the Stay in touch and store finder links on the home page.

Also, is there any way to remove the spinning price egg on the slider? I would just like the customer to click the item and go to the product info page to see the pricing.

- If you want to remove currency dropdown in header then remove code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file line no 96 to 125.

- You want to remove Stay in touch and store finder links to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_footer.php’ file line no 89 to 99.

- we do not understand second issue, Can you explain in details and possible to give screen shot for your issues.

Installed perfectly but now turning on the SSL i noticed the css in fine in http mode but then turns off when https?

Can you not just check the css links on the site through the browser dev tool? Otherwise whats your email?

An update for – Important Links – ezpages sidebox

There was no update to the file in the mozen template issued. Maybe this has been fixed since? The file controlling the ezpages in actually in the template default folder. Here is the code to replace the tpl_ezpages.php file. I sub in bestsellers to keep the format.

$content = ’’; $content .= ‘

. ’” class=”sideBoxContent”>’ . ”\n”; $content .= ‘ ’ . ”\n” . ‘

    ’ .

    ”\n”; for ($i=1, $n=sizeof($var_linksList); $i<=$n; $i++) {$content .= ‘

  • $i . ’”>’ . $var_linksList[$i]

    [‘name’] . ‘

  • ’ . ”\n” ;} // end FOR loop $content .= ‘
’ . ”\n”; $content .= ‘ ’ . ”\n”; $content .= ‘ ’; ?>

That didn’t work as well as planned.. replaced content with that from bestsellers and also change the id to bestsellersContent

Can you give me your site ftp, admin and database details, We will check your site.

I have a MAP pricing module that I can’t get to work. Is there a fix for this or has someone else found a way to make it work?

I have found the issue. it’s resolved now

We seem to have run into an issue as soon as we load any products into Zencart the footer goes out of alignment (all footer items get squashed to the left of the footer). It seems to be due to the “LATEST PRODUCTS”. If we then remove all products from Zencart the alignment is then fine again. Any idea what might be causing this? I also send an e-mail to you with some screenshots and URL a couple days ago if it helps… look forward to your reply.

Just noticed richthomas1970 above is having the same issue… (see comment above!)

Just send another e-mail directly to you requesting a status update on the footer issue/bug? Have not had any feedback, reply or update after providing FTP, Admin access details a couple days ago.. looking forward to an update…

can you communicate with profile using which you have purchased Mozen. And please do not spam the comment section.

I’m having the same exact problem with the footer as brentaxe. The footer suddenly runs vertical instead of horizontal.

Can you share your site url?

I removed the “latest products” section of the footer and it lined back up. vermontindustries.com is the url.


- Can you find and replate following code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_footer.php’ file.

Find code: rtrim(substr($last_products->fields[‘products_description’],0,40))


Replace To:


- Then after solved problem of display footer vertically.