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Search results image sizes are not right, I’ve run into the same issue as genetan14 and richthomas1970 reported although there did not seem to a a reply to these reported issues as yet when I searched for an answer?

When you search using the Mozen Theme it would seem the image sizes are not correct as per our main website settings, the products description below the image is also different (main site shows 3 lines the search results seem to only show 2 lines..etc).

can you communicate with profile using which you have purchased Mozen

We have found the “OUR BRANDS” section of the website does not seem to adjust the image display size so all the company logo’s look different, we are currently manually cropping and re-sizing them as best as we can but is it possible to make them resize like all the product logo’s do as well?

I’ve also noticed there is no ‘Manufacturers’ listed in the drop down menue of our website, I will read through the documentation again tonight to make sure we have not missed any required setting/step but wanted to mention this as well.

can you communicate with profile using which you have purchased Mozen

SlideShow Product Title is not working, if we use the Slider Customization screen in Zencart Admin and enter a Product Title such as Testing123 and Product Description of Testing456… ONLY the description of Testing456 is shown on the home page and not the Title… It seems the product title is always loaded by default.

Also it would be nice if we could link customers to a group/category and not just a product as we could run a special that was say 20% off all xxx products and rather than load into 1 product it would display the category of products on sales.

One other issue we’ve run into is it would seem you always HAVE to have a discount which we don’t want to have at all times. we would like to promote products have featured advertising on the banner (homepage) but not show pricing, discounts..etc..) Is this possible and how so?

Thanks very much in advance.

Also is it possible to change the work “Special” at the top of the circle to something else or is this hard coded?

I’ve also noticed the price always displays cents so when we add a products that is over $1000 it’s too long and goes outside of the circle, can we not show cents if there is none? (eg, if we have a products for $1999 can it just show that but if we have a product for say $29.95 we would want to show the cents)... so basically what ever we enter will be shown.

can you communicate with profile using which you have purchased Mozen

If we would like to disable “Tweets” and/or “CATEGORIES” on the left side of the home page can this be done but but allowing more products to be shown? For example currently it’s 3 products wide if we disable the Tweets feed we would like it to become 4 products wide and if we remove Categories I suspect we could fit 5 products wide (across the page).

Also is it possible for the website to calculate how many products to display/fit across (for example if you are running a high resolution is it possible for the website to automatically add more products across the screen to fill in the additional space and allow customers to see more products at one time?

can you communicate with profile using which you have purchased Mozen

Hi DasInformedia, We have send you login details to our site (as requested), multiple e-mails and messages (via your profile). We have not had any feedback or fixes and would like to proceed with a credit, please help us process this request.

“We have send you login details to our site (as requested), via multiple e-mails and messages (your themeforest profile account)” This included FTP and Zencart Admin access.

I will re-send them again but as per our e-mail we have removed your theme due to the amount of time taken as we needed a solution/response a week ago and other than your initial e-mail we got no further reply and had time pressures against us so had to move on to another theme.

Hi Dasinformedia, Just a heads up, we have disabled the FTP and Zencart Admin account send to you at “[e-mail removed]” last week as your theme has been removed from our server and new theme has been installed as we need to keep moving to go live ASAP, we unfortunately could not wait any longer. Please reply to our e-mail sent to the address listed above when you can.

All the best!

We regret that we were not able to provide support on time.

Mozen template is not displaying our attribute image for one of our options on the product page.

NOTE: the filed name in the code for this field is attribImg

It does display I t when we switch back to our “old original layout” but mozen doesn’t display the image.

We have searched all day trying to figure it out but can’t. So finally we are posting a screen shot in order to get assistance.

The screen shot shows both the current mozen look and the previous look we had “before mozen.


Hi Dasinfomedia,

I have sent login details and ftp as requested. I listed 3 Issues however the first one I posted above about the attribute image not displaying is critical.

Thanks for the email will get back to you soon.

Thanks for trying to check my website. Sorry it gave you 503 when trying to access it. I had sent a followup email giving you an alternative website to login and test a few days ago.

Hi, just make clear i am new to zen cart. the template has uploaded fine, however, all of the links bar the one for the home page are dead, the search function returns Internal Server Error.

Have you installed sample data?

As far as i am aware the sample data has been installed, it is populated with products so assume so.

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details alongwith issue description.

is there a way to use a main page for a picture or two and some text?

You mean you do not want to display six products in tabbed area?

I would like to be able to put some pics and a little intro to the site right in the center below the sliders

- You want to add some pics and intro below the slider to create code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file.

Hi Dasinfomedia, I need you help ,please give me a reply about these question. 1. How do I add my facebook and twitter account 2. When the Call Us Number is longer than nine ,it will be displayed in two line .So how to let it in one line only

I found someone ask below questions before ,but I can not get the answer from the comments ,so please let me know too. 1. how do i remove the features and brand buttons on the menu and also “our brands” below 2. how to i change the name of page2,page 3, page 4 etc under more information 3. finally, how do i remove “money back 30 day guarantee” and how do i add things to store finder/news letter.

Thank you .

replied you in email

Yes,thanks for you help .

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Hello: Please where is the h1 and h2 label tags in home page for seo.

Thank you very much for your help.

You want to edit label tag for “new”,”featured” and “specials” content to edit follwing file

- For new content to "\includes\modules\new_products.php" file line no 93 and 95.

- For featured content to ”\includes\modules\featured_products.php” file line no 127 and 129.

- For specials content to ”\includes\modules\specials_index.php” file line no 92.

You can add h1/h2 tags for this.

I used godaddy with zen cart 1.51 installed. I copied mozen template folder contents to includes/templates/ and replaced the admin folder name. But I can’t see mozen template when I select template from tool. I don’t know how to install the database. Can you please help with it?

Emailed you and resolved

Yes, well worked. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Merry XMAS

pabiz PURCHASED 5 months ago Flag Hello, I need your help please asap. I bet it is easy. Installation is not working. It is not clear in the installation guide in what folder to place When you write: “Copy the Mozen Template folder contents to your installation directory.” What do you mean by ”installation directory.” It is obvious is not “template” folder in includes>templates. Correct?

If not, then where?

Also I get err message when updating SQL_Patch What can help me to fix it?

Thank you so much! Hope to use your template very soon. 1 other reply

pabiz PURCHASED 5 months ago Flag Ok. I’ve go it. It works! Download in the main directory. I installed patch couple of times. Thank you. All looks good.

I met the same problem, what is the answer for it?

Emailed you and resolved

I am trying to install SQL Patches now. But it showed “WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.” I tried and tried. But still the same. I used godaddy host and sent template folder contents to includes/template already. What should I do now? Any experience of it or advice. Please….... Thank you!!!!!

e-mail with godaddy information is sent.

Thank you! It is installed now.

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On our all products page the top 2 products are not displaying the quantity box any ideas?

- Can you explain in details which products does not display quantity box. possible to give screen shots.

I purchased this theme back on 13 June. I see that there have been some updates. Should I update to the current version and if I do will I lose some editing in the CSS (i.e. slide show, CEON module, URL module, etc.)?

Also, is there a way to see what others have done with their Mozen theme to generate ideas to improve my own? Maybe a keyword to search online.

I would suggest best way to upgrade is 1) Take backup of database and mozen code and setup developement url 2) Upgrade the Mozen version. 3) Start overwriting existing CSS and make modification where you face problem 4) Once everything ok transfer devlopement code to live site.

If you go through the comments some customer have shared the links. That might help.

Since you have brought this point I think we can make suggestion to Envato where they can provide authors to showcase the customer links

thank you, you have been most helpful.

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Hi, thanks for updating the Ultimate SEO patch. I just noticed coupon redemptions and gift certificate redemptions doesnt show in the order total.

I have enabled the modules under admin>modules>ordertotals>ot_coupon & ot_gv

still no luck.. Is there anything I need to do more than that


We have checked in default mozen package and its all working fine.

Where can i edit the main page free shipping text?

to edit free shipping content go to ‘includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file in line no 226 to 230.

before I purchase, are any core files edited? If so, which ones?.. many thanks.

No core files are edited. This is installable theme.

Hello, I have this issue with the installation, this has been asked before but I didn’t find the answer. “SlideShow Product Title is not working, if we use the Slider Customization screen in Zencart Admin and enter a Product Title such as Testing123 and Product Description of Testing456… ONLY the description of Testing456 is shown on the home page and not the Title… It seems the product title is always loaded by default.” Please respond.

Visit profile page and send FTP and admin details with problem description.

not allow to generate a product review, refresh the page and does not allow.

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