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Very nice templates. Yet the support leaves allot to be desired. Missing files and such in these templates shows a lack of updates. Contacted support only to NOT get the correct answer to the questions.

Should be a FAQ section. Before you buy make sure you understand you will need to have programming experience to fix the templates and missing items.

Which files you think missing and template is regularly updated here on TF. If you look at the changelog almost every month some updated has been coming.

Hello, before i purchase i have one question. I have ZenCart German Versin. Is it possible to unse template with language files or is temlate “hardcoded”?

Best regards

Mozen template is installable version. In the package you will find 1) Quick start – loaded with zencart and demo data. 2) Mozen template – Loads only template


I love this theme! But one thing that kept me from purchasing it is the shipping estimator page (http://www.mojoomla.com/demo/zencart/mozen/index.php?main_page=popup_shipping_estimator).

Why didn’t you update this page according to the design?

And also can I expand all the section (of the required fields) in the user registration page?

oh My bad :) Yes its possible. Just need to disable JS for that particular page.

Why do I need to disable JS for the whole page?! And why not just change the JS/CSS section of that portion?!

I am glad that you know your stuff. You can customize the way you are comfortable with. if you can not we are here for any support you need.

The template looks great, just one quick question how do I remove brands and features from the menu?

Its ok figured it out.

How do i edit/remove the “FREE SHIPPING” On Orders Over £599.00. This Offer is valid on all our Store Items. below the slider?

To remove free shipping content to edit code in ’\includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_header.php’ file and find following code and edit it. <div id="mj-featured1"> <div class="mj-subcontainer"> <div class="mj-grid96"> <!--Free Shipping Text--> <div class="mj-grid16 mj-rspace mj-lspace">Free Shipping</div> <div class="mj-grid80 mj-rspace mj-lspace">On Orders Over <?php echo $currencies->format(599); ?>. This Offer is valid on all our Store Items.</div> </div> </div> </div>

Hi , I have a question before I buy this theme… I’m gonna apply this theme to this site http://scissor-doors.com/cart/ ..is everything gonna be messed up (will I be doing a lot of work) when I switch themes? or everything will be laid out fine…sorry Im new on Zen Cart.

- If you already have zencart installed then use mozen theme otherwise you can use Mozen quickstart

Hi, I would like to purchase this theme for a digital goods store. Is this going to handle that kind of store ? Does the theme come with ability to add side bars or side columns or as i see in comments it will require code ?

Thanks for showing interest. The template as you can see in demo, designed for physical items and we do not have digital download feature as part of theme. However with third party extensions you should be able to do the digital product store. sidebars are available as you can see in demo

you can exclude a category of products from the index page? I mean where are the products radom in “new” tab…

- Call new products module for display products in new tabs. So it fetches all new products irrespective of category

Hi, I would like to increase the number of letters on the product description on the tabular display but this is not linked to zencart’s admin config. please let me know where to change it. Thanks.

Go to includes => modules => featured_products.php includes => modules => new_products.php includes => modules => specials_index.php

find $products_description = ltrim(substr($products_description, 0, 39) . ’...’); and edit 39 and increase no of latter on the product description…

Hi, I buy this template, but I have problem with czech characters f.e. “?” or “?” in header. How can I display this characters in header?


Visit profile page and email us FTP, admin and screenshots.

Hi, just wondering what css style sheets have to change to have a the sidebox width customized. I tried changing it in the cpanel but doesnt seem to change it.

- You can change css in ’/includes/templates/mozen_temp/css/mj-template.css’ file.

Thanks for many times help. For a newbie, there are som many questions. Can I change font size of logo text and tagline? I want logo txt such as MOZEN in your demo be smaller and tagline such as “Responsive Zencat Template” larger. I changed file of mj-template.css #mj-logo a font-size from 40px to 35px and #mj-logo .tagline font-size from 11px to 20px, line-height from 15px to 25px. But nothing changed on web. Appreciate your help so much!


- You want to change logo font size and tagline font-size to add following css. #mj-logo > a { font-size: 40px; } #mj-logo .tagline { font-size:20px; line-height:30px; }

It works! And edit of about us successful as well. Would like to say thank you so much for your kinds and patience.

if you like our support please rate the product

Apparently your live demo website has been hacked. I would have liked to see a demo as I have a customer that wants mobile compatibility. Can you look into that? I will try and hold off my customer till Monday as yours seems to be the most popular template. Thanks.

its live again

I purchased the mozen theme and uploaded the theme, to my previous zen cart store. But the admin login screen is a white blank screen. So I can not log in to admin. Any Ideas?

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.

Working like a charm. I uploaded it wrong. My fault. when uploaded correctly works great.

Hi there. I messaged you guys this morning via the support tab around 6am. How soon can I expect a response?

replied one email

Hi great template. I just have a question.

I want to change the Brands to Clients and use the manufacturers module to do this. However i wish to remove the newsletter and store locator (done with no issues) and have the Brands (now clients) section on the homepage centered.

How is this achieved?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the reply. I already have done this. I just need to know what part of the CSS file I need to edit to make the manufacturers centered.


- You can add or edit css in ’/includes/templates/mozen_temp/css/mj-template.css’ file.

you sir, realy are not helping. I will work it out myself and post for others.

Hi, I emailed you guys a couple of days ago about getting a quote to make some customizations for me and just got a message back this morning saying your email was down or something. Did you get that email about customizing the search bar placement and changing the mobile menu image?

Sorry I did not get any email. Can you send it again. or give us your email and we will start conversation there.

Hi, how can I do tabular display for new product listing, featured product listing & all product listing?

By default Mozen comes with tabs on home page.

Hi,I bought and installed the template. But there is a problem of function”Review” When i try to click” Write a review” There is nothing happen.. Just stay the product detail page. How can i solve the problem? Looking forward your reply. Thanks

visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details with problem description

If I want to search the product.Search out ,the photos will be deformed.How to solve?

Please visit profile page and email us the site details alongwith screenshots.