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How to change title that shows up in browser tab?

1) go to includes/languages/english/metatags.php 2) go to line 24 or find out – define(‘HOME_PAGE_TITLE’, ‘Home’); 3) change the second parameter ‘Home’ to anything as per your wish.

How can I install and show multiple images for single product. Do I need separate module for this?

In order to display additional images on the product page, they must be named correctly. If the product image name is dress.jpg, then additional images should be named as:

dress_01.jpg dress_02.jpg dress_03.jpg dress_04.jpg dress_05.jpg

Please note that the names are using an underscore _ and not a dash – . Use your FTP program to upload these additional images to the same directory as the main image. Or you can follow this instructions completely on the following link :


It seems like I’m missing some administrative options with your quick start installation. Do I have to edit php to change the top menu, hide/show modules… ?

Please advise.

Regarding the Top menu, we have included all the pages that are created in the backend. 1) Store Menu : It contains the Categories that you create in backend for your store. 2) Brands Menu : It contains the manufacturers that have been created or entered in backend. 3) Features Menu : It contains the Ez-pages that have been created and status enabled in Header. 4) Information Menu : It contains the default Zencart Pages.

Other than these if you want extra menu, yes you will have to edit php file. i.e under includes/templates/mozen_temp/common/tpl_drop_menu.

Regarding the modules, zencart have the sideboxes that can be enabled and disabled for both left and right column. It can be found under Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller in admin area.

How do I change the slideshow?

To change the slideshow : 1) go to : includes/templates/mozen_temp/common. 2) find tpl_header.php file. 3) open the file and go to line 164 or find “mj-slideshow: in the file. 4) under this , you will find all the slideshow content that needs to be customized.

All the information regarding this can also be found in Mozen Documentation, that is provided with the Mozen Package.

How Do I change Menu links?

You can add and edit menu code in ‘includes\templates\mozen_temp\common\tpl_drop_menu.php’ file.

change code line no.43 to 174 using dreamweaver or wordpad.

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