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Bought. Hope, that will be some upgrades.

What upgrades? Can you elaborate?

Some, next developments.

Well, right now it contains most of the pages required for such a template, the next step is converting it to WordPress which I’ll do in a few weeks, but that’ll be another item.

please include Artists, profile in Wp and do you mind if i ask when is the wordpress one coming

I don’t have any ETA right now, since it didn’t sell that good as HTML.

for me the reason why i didnt purchase it as html, im still learning, so Wordpress, really is to use, so i fi purchase the html one, can you be able to set up for me, and im willing to pay any price

What do you mean by set it up? If you put the files downloaded from ThemeForest directly on your server, it will work just as my demo. As for replacing the songs, how you can do that is included in the documentation.

cand apare varianta pentru WP?

nu stiu exact, deocamdata am pus-o pe hold pentru ca nu s-a vandut la fel de bine ca celelalte 2 pe care le-am scos recent(Unreal Estate si Couponizer). S-ar putea sa apara prin iulie, august.

abia astept…adica mi se pare genial cum ai facut-o…cred ca se va vinde bine oricum

Nice job!

All the countdown timers works?

Waiting for the WP version, then will purchase it. How long to wait?

I doubt there’ll be a wp version for mp3plus, but I don’t know yet.

definitely going to purchase, what wouldve been wonderful is a mp3 player footer ajaxed at the bottom like grooveshark… but i love this by the way

Just bought this, beautiful theme. Could you possibly make an artist profile page?

Thanks in Advance

Hello. Unfortunately not by default, but you can use any of the available pages in order to create a new one.

Ok, thanks. Also can you make some changes so on the albums page it aligns properly when there are multiple lines? At the moment this happens when album names vary in number of lines:

That happens only because the title is longer on the last item than the other ones, the only way to ‘fix’ it would be to set a min-height for the title on all the items, but it would look bad to have that much blank space under the title for items with just one line of title.

on this page where it says similar music.. since there are no places for words do u know of a nice tooltip script to emplement so that users can kno the song title

also for the update, a more from this artist , embed music, and ajax comment for song would be tightwork… ive jus had this template for a few hours and hav been able to do wonders so i salute you.

i used <script> window.onload=function() { $(“”).click();

}</script> to make the player autoplay

Hello. I can’t recommend any tooltip plugin, but if you search “jquery tooltip” on google, there are many great jquery plugins for tooltips that can be integrated.

do u do custom design work?

Hello. No, sorry.

Hello. This HTML looks great , but I need, to wordpress template available ?


No, sorry.

Are you planning on releasing a WP theme?

Not anymore, sorry. Maybe I’ll design another theme on this niche, a better one, in the future! :)

Hi and thank you for your work, I encounter a slight problem with the theme, when I put it on my ftp, the upper “register-widget” part disappears, we see more social networks

Problem solved in this section is made ??Adblock for advertising

oups, sorry the staff about flag.

ok, glad you fixed it

when will wordpress version be available? if not soon Can I convert the html t0 wordpress?

I’m not doing a WordPress version anymore. You can convert it to any CMS you want, but not resell it anywhere, you can use it only for yourself. If you want to resell it, I’m open to a 50/50 partnership and the theme being on your account(support as well)

deal I’ll have it in wordpress in 2 weeks.

Are you indiemag? If the answer is yes, contact me via the contact form on my profile to set up the details and everything, I’m not letting anyone convert it to wp & resell it, just to one user, that at least has some ThemeForest experience & a portfolio.

I purchased this template of yours

ISSUE #1: See YOUR template’s demo using the link above, and on the events page where the calendar is, I noticed after scrolling to January of 2013, there are numbers inside red circles on there. I’m guessing those numbers relate to the number of events for that day. Well, I read the help file that came with the template, however, could not find anything regarding that and how to control/edit it.

So this is why I’m messaging you. How do I make those numbers on the calendar? How do I do that and what is that supposed to link to when clicked on (or can it link to something)?

ISSUE #2: How do I adjust the countdown? This is not explained in the help file either.

Look forward to your response.

Hello. I answered you via e-mail

I have not working play tracks in firefox (your demo page also)

Hello. The songs play just fine on firefox for me :)

I want to buy this template. I am very instested in using the players on the site, but my mp3 files are stored on a different domain, than the site will be. I read in the comments, that you must specify local path to mp3 files, can’t I use links? If I can, I’m buying this.

Hello. Unfortunately I don’t think it works with external url’s, sorry.

Hello, i want to purchase this theme but can the player support live streaming 24/7 (icecast)?

Hello. Unfortunately that’s not possible with the current player, sorry :( At least not by default

Is there a WP version for this template

Hello! Your theme seems awesome! But while you mention it is good for music portal, the features contained there, are not connected with it. For example it does not have multiple users, as far as i seen. Nor different members/artists can upload their songs. Or it does not have any “most listened artists/songs”. How can i implement all these in your theme when i will buy it?


Hello. Any new features that are not on the demo must be custom developed