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The player doesn’t work for files on different domains. kinda defeats the purpose of this since I want to play files off s3 or itunes. Is there any way you can make it work?

Hi. Unfortunately the player used here doesn’t support external music files.

so are you planning on doing wordpress for this yet?:D

Hi, no WordPress version will be released, sorry :(

Hi..can you give us some direction on how to place a different slider background image in the footer section? As it is when you change the image the same image appears in the footer section. I want to have the footer section different…any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hmm, that’s weird, I tried it on my demo with firebug and it worked. Maybe we’re talking about different things. This is the image you want to change, right? :)

Yes you were right…it does work. I have it working now. Much appreciated.

Before buying your theme, I want to know if visitors can register, create their profile page music, and sell their music?

Unfortunately not

Hi, your theme is exactly what I was looking .. the possibility for members to sell their music .. it is their own page with their music? I do not know how to install an HTML template, how to get everything functional?

Hello. HTML templates are not dynamic, in order for the functionality to work, you need to code it yourself or hire someone to convert it into a CMS like WordPress / Joomla / etc. HTML templates are static and don’t have any dynamic functionality(like registration, selling music, etc)

Hello there do this support arabic

Hello, this theme is not RTL-ready, if you want to make it RTL, you’ll need some customization

I would like to buy but i wonder if i can place add code in the template. like adsence code (approx 3)?

Hi, you have access to the code, so yes, you can modify it in any way

Hi .How to add Music to this template. i try using anchor tag but nothing happen and also with audio tag..any one can explain how to do..

hello, you don’t have the “Purchased” badge on your account, please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme

Hi… I am interested to buy mp3 plus theme.This is first time am buying premium theme. I want to create a website that provide free legal mp3 songs.So is it possible to create a download link or download button along with the play button for mp3 tracks or albums. Thanks

Hello, this is just a HTML template, it won’t have any dynamic functionality, it requires coding knowledge in order to modify it or to make it dynamic.


Do you mean that I can’t sell downloads from this platform?

If I had 20 artist I could sell each their individual downloads.

Hello, as I said in the other comment, this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme, it doesn’t have any dynamic functionality, HTML by definition is the static part of any website.

Okay, I assume static means that nothing moves on the site! Please consider that there are people like me who don’t know what you mean about static…..........Why did you build it if you knew it didn’t work.

Why don’t you put a some words near them and say these don’t work!

HTML templates are meant for developers that want to integrate their platform and need the design. Or for users that have static content and just want a quick website and are familiar a little bit with coding.

You have the demo where you can see how it looks and works, it's not like I advertised something and you got something else.

How do I get the pictures to shrink so small such as in the template?

What’s your URL?

i haven’t set it up yet, the theme is still in theme forest!

Also, could I change the color!

I’m not really sure what you mean, did you upload your own pictures and they’re big? If yes, please upload the template to a temporary host so I can see the problem live.

The colors can be changed from the main .css file, CSS knowledge is required

Why do you’ll make a half done project knowing we want these features. As if that isn’t enough, you’ll don’t do custom work, is it because we suppose to apply for it in another one of Themeforest services.

i really don’t understand it!

This is a beautiful theme and the most technical part we are left to try and conquer…..This is wrong! Also, those PSD really such and shouldn’t even be with website categories, but who am I! we are trying to make a living here also.

We all don’t have the knowledge, and everyone knows that a download platform such as this can do so, but you’ll don’t do it!

Is it for the money just to finance your small efforts and while greatly inconveniencing people with the promise of a better tomorrow.

We need authors who would complete full projects on release, but it doesn’t seem to be…........This is really beginning to SUCK!

Hello there! You confuse HTML templates with full projects or WordPress themes, this is a HTML template, HTML by definition is just the static part of any website. I didn’t write anywhere that I’m selling anything else, the demo is the same thing as you get when you purchase it, this template wasn’t converted to WordPress because there wasn’t much interest around it. We will do soon a theme for this niche and it will be for a fully functional website.

Hi, I am just angry not in a accusational manner, but out of frustration!

I do believe that themeforest should hold you’ll accountable on a wordpress upgrade, so it can be discounted because I had to buy several site this way, and I am beginning to think that it is a strategy that is done on purpose, which leave us with two site when we only need one! I really believe that if a person buys your website and you upgrade to a wordpress they should buy a upgrade for $5.00, this will cut this when I get around to it, and it robs everybody, who needs two sites!

If you came out with both website and wordpress fully functional you probably wouldn’t have had 5 comments asking you nothing, but all swell comments saying thank you…...and later you said no that you was no longer going to do it!

People plan around what you say and are hopeful that you was going to do it! I referred my friend here and he is a web designer and he is doing good and like it very much, but he has no desire to sell.

Listen you knew that your site was going to be a success. Just look at it man it looks nice, put whatever fees on it as you may, but think of us when you build it, think of us who wants to make some kind of living from it immediately….....This was the third questions will you answer the others.

Finally, if you know that you are not for hire, than make everything right from the beginning where people won’t need one!

Be honest to have registration and sign in is a bit disingenuous and all I am saying is to make those two thing work even if you have to add $10 dollars to it…..We don’t want to add code to it, who wants to do that because if we fully know how to do it then why are we buying from you!

Really when the competition come this year in 2015 and they come with the wordpress and HTML on release best believe you’ll will do the same….Meanwhile I love it but the fact that no one can sign in or registration really defeats the purpose for me and I have told friends what was coming, but now I have to retract my statements…!

Look, you’re confusing HTML templates and WordPress, they’re two different things, one is a CMS , dynamic and fully working. The other one(HTML) is a totally different category, meant for developers that can take the design and the HTML code and convert it to whatever platform or CMS they want(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, whatever else).

We’re not publishing them in order to confuse you or get more money, it’s simply that WordPress is very popular, but there are users that have their own CMS or want to code it themselves and are not interested in WordPress.

And I didn’t continue with the WordPress version because the project didn’t sell that good and it’s simply not worth it to spend 1-2 months and have just 50 sales(and the template is quite old now so if I’d do something, I’d do something on the same niche but with a fresh look)

As for customization, everybody will need customization, in one way or another, whatever I will do to the template / theme. Everyone wants their website to work in a certain way, there are lots of coders out there that can do the customization work, we’re selling the basic products here, as-is, and I simply don’t have the required time for additional projects.

Finally, I would suggest you to look at the demo and at the category before buying something, if you’re only interested in WordPress themes. Or buy from CodeCanyon too, there you can find fully-working scripts

My page heading isn’t loading!

Why? Album, Tracks and Blogs . Also, I have one cover with some writing on it because the code was differenct than the other, and i didn’t know what to make of it!

SO do I delete it and just copy the same row of the other, or if I delete it will cause some other problems.

Hello. I don’t understand what’s your problem, what page heading? They seem to load and work just fine

could I use a shoutcast stream on this?

Hi, no, sorry.

Hello I watched his themes and is very good, I want to know is if they do custom work tell me how much it costs

Hello, unfortunately I don’t provide customization work at this moment, sorry.

Hello I watched his themes and is very good, I want to know is if they do custom work tell me how much it costs?

Hello, unfortunately I don’t provide customization work at this moment, sorry.

It only works on first page. On the rest i have to wait more than 10 min to load. Why?

Hello, sorry for the late reply, not sure exactly what you’re reffering to, what works only on the first page?

How do I make a mp3 file play continuously on all pages?

Hello. The mp3 file should already play continuously when you switch from one page to another. Doesn’t it work like that on your pages? If not, please post your URL

How do I make a mp3 file play continuously on all pages?

Hello. The mp3 file should already play continuously when you switch from one page to another. Doesn’t it work like that on your pages? If not, please post your URL

mp3 should continue to play continuously with refreshing page but now when i click the other links the mp3 is playing again …

Hello. Sorry for the previous reply, this theme doesn’t have ajax functionality and it’s not possible to keep the player open while going to other pages