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Great work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

This is a surprising and fresh new concept. Totally amazing! :D

Thank you! We are glad you like it.


excuse my inexperience, but this template can be used on dreamweaver?

Thanks Federico


Yes it can be edited using any editor, so I guess Dreamweaver to. I personally don’t use it.

You are welcome.

The demo isn’t compatible with IE8 (or is it just me??).


Yes there was a CSS bug on IE8. We updated the preview and files to.

Excellent – very impressive.

Glad you like it.

Interesting work and never seen som’like this ! Good luck in sales :)

Thank you!

I absolutely love this theme, and am on the considering buying it for my blog. Only concern and question I have is: how easy is it to remove the animated birds and the different backgrounds? I’d rather have a static background with no background animations and, while I’m sure it is possible, I’m just curious the difficulty of doing it. I’m only generally familiar with HTML5 and CSS3. When it comes to JS, PHP, or AJAX, I struggle a bit.

Thank you for your time, and again, phenomenal theme!


You simply remove 2 lines of code in assets/js/main.js file @lines 19 & 515. Please consider that this is an HTML template and not a WordPress Theme (coming soon).

Very cool, how did you make the birds wings actually flapping, are they gifs? Because I have done a similar effect but could not get the birds wings to flap :) Just curious.

Good luck with sales.

Hi, when you are planning to make this theme for wordpress?

how much time is needed about?) 1 month, 2, 3, a year?

It will be ready June … I can’t give an estimate as ThemeForest items need to have some standards.

Is it going to work on blackberry the same way it works on android and iOS


I don’t know, I don’t have a blackberry but it should work the same.

Love the theme, have completely bastardized it for my site =]

However thanks! Great work!


I’m glad you like it. Please don’t forget to rate it.

Thank you

I love this template! I’m almost done with my site but I need help.

Is there a way to use social icons to replace the icon items without using this code?

“javascript:void(0)” target=”blank” class=”social-link social-icon-__”>

I would like to stick to the code used on non-social icons

span class=”web-icon icon-_“


In assets/gui/css/style-general.css @line 78 change font-family from “Social Icons” to Icons.

I have a new question now.

I am using your portfolio with label page but I’m trying to remove the link icon.

I removed “LinkTarget” and “Link” in content-with-label but no result. I removed span class glyph icon-25 and it’s related items in HTML but no result.

I don’t know what else to do.

ok I managed to remove the big circle by removing all “link” related items in the jquery.dop.WallGridGallery but now I still have this strange icon still lingering and I don’t know how to remove it. Link to image below.


If you remove the link from the gallery configuration file, the link icon will disappear. Can you send me a message to with link and FTP to see exactly the problem?

Thank you

OMG, I am so getting this! Been looking for a theme for the past hour… Awesome!

You use this images for the thumbnails? You have the possibility to add smaller images for the thumbnails and biggers ones for the images in the Lightbox.

the thumbnails are 120×80

How do you remove the Settings box?


Please send me FTP and a link to

Thank you

Crap, I sent it through the form here! Have you got it?

Yes is OK. I will reply to it shortly.

I have added a link to the footer next to the copyrights and it shows up as bright blue. i have asked you about 3 times on how to change the color as I cannot locate the code in the css file. Please advise.


I believe we asked for ftp login to update the file for you, and I believe we did. If not please send me the ticket number and I will do it right now.

I’m really sorry for the confusion.

You got the FTP details but never dealt with that issue. Also sent you an email this morning in regards to the portfolio. I Will have to look for the FTP in all your emails.


I fixed the problem with the link the footee. The styles are in style-footer.css

Regarding the portfolio the images order was set to random in settings JSON file. The option is ImagesOrder. I changed it for you.

The second image is not a valid JPG file, I can’t view it in the browser so the portfolio will not load it.

If you have any other problems I will be happy to help you.


I gave this theme 5 stars because it is a great theme with good support :)

Thank you

This is a beautiful design! This is the exact style almost to the T of what I’m looking for with designing my brothers artist page. Is this available as a WordPress theme yet?


Actually the WP Theme has been rejected because of low quality design. We are trying to improve it right now and will submit it again this week.

...Low quality? Well that doesn’t seem right. Regardless, I will definitely be looking forward to purchasing this as a WordPress theme. Thank you for your quick support and hard work!

Thank you also for the support.

Great site looking forward to trying it out, I have 2 questions.Can you tell me if it is possible to eliminate the gear for the settings so the viewer does not see it? And also, I notice that on a desktop screen if you shrink the window the site jumps into mobile view. Is there a setting to control at what screen size this happens?


1. Yes you can eliminate the Settings Panel on the right.

There isn’t a setting. This needs to be modified from CSS.

I purchased this template with a view to using it in dreaweaver, however the pages can only be seen in ‘LIVE’ mode which means its hard to change and edit items as you cannot view them in normal design mode. There is no documentation with the Contact form or for the goggle map so you cannot insert your email or the co ordinates in to a jquery file. What should be easy to edit with the style sheets cannot be done as you cannot access this information whilst in ‘LIVE’ mode. This is not a very user friendly site in dreamweaver.


I’m sorry to hear you are having troubles, but is normal for an AJAX template. Dreamweaver Design Mode doesn’t work with AJAX.

A tip: try to use Firebug (Firefox) or Chrome Developer tool to do changes live to HTML and CSS, and a simple code editor (Dreamweaver Code View) to apply the changes.

We find Dreamweaver (Design view) to be useless with templates that use lot of AJAX and JavaScript animations. We found this tutorial that might be helpful if you want to continue on this path.