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1593 comments found. to add footer??

Hello @attullah12,

If you navigate to Appearance > Widgets and add a few widgets, it should show up right away. Also, when editing the page you’re working on, make sure it’s not disable in the page options.

Please reach out to the support team if you need any help further with it, we’ll do our best to help. The comments board here is not monitored for support requests.


I have a problem with this…. Do you help me?

the check box is not right :(


Scarfatio Purchased

Hi man. Very nice theme but it’s incredible that in mobile mode we can’t see; breadcrumbs, shop sidebar in single article, menu alternative for mobile.


adamish01 Purchased

I am try to use the google font RALEWAY but it is not giving more options for google fonts. Please help


arnsek Purchased

Hi getbowtied team, i have a quick question about the lightbox you used with your image gallery. It this an extra plugin? Cheers, Janos

Hello reader,

Can we use a split header in the Mr Tailor theme? So that the main navigation menu split into two elements, one part placed on the left side and one on the right side and in the middle there is the logo element.

Hope to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much! Regards, Sharon


How I can edit the page width for entire website?


andreyg13 Purchased

Hi, I have also sent a request via your support page regarding my issue. I have a couple pages which use tabs and on each tab there is a youtube video.

How can I set this up so that if I play the first video, then move to the second tab and play the second vide, the first video which is already playing stops as son as I start the second video?

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, very nice theme! What about PHP 7 / 7.1 compatibility?


glenaz Purchased

So much problem on the template.


There is many bugs on footer, when you put a picture the footer become vertical and xtremly large. There is many useless code in the header, you can just check it by a ctrl+maj+i ( on chrome ). Plugins are outdated, the code is fully bug, there is no customisation ( its reallllllly poor ), we never seen it.

the SUPPORT is THE BADDEST SUPPORT we EVER SEEN in our digital Agency. They are : SLOW, VERY SLOW, doesn’t give any answer, don’t give reply to all your questions, look busy and not cool to receive questions.

I recommend to everyone to NEVER bought this theme.

0/5 if it was possible, we try to be refunded as MANY OTHERS People who bought this theme ( CHECK COMMENTS )

Good luck to all future buyers to whom I could allow not to be scammed

Hello there,

This is Adrian, I am taking over your support request after receiving your comments and rating. We’re doing our best to help everyone for as much as we can and we’re sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner. We had a few days off due to national holiday in which time we were running on limited resources. You should have got a notification when the last reply was sent. On a regular schedule we go above and beyond to help everyone for as much as we can, even when it goes outside the support policy but since we haven’t managed to get in touch with your earlier and you haven’t had the the expected experience we’re happy to confirm a refund. I haven’t found yet coming from your way so just to make sure you’ve sent it to the right direction, please use the form here: and we’ll make sure to confirm it as soon as we get it.

Looking forward on hearing back from your now.



glenaz Purchased

Hello, This does not prevent the theme being filled with bug, being outdated, having a problem responsive, non-customizable options, documentation that boils down to “how to install the template” Keep your 50, I prefer by far that people do not get scammed. We are several to have complained for the same reasons, you have lost me several hundred euros, you have left no message or other to prevent, for information you have 5 days to answer to tell nothing was not possible because of your down code, it was a shame for any support that respects its customers. I strongly cancel your theme to anyone wondering if it is worth it,

I would end by warning all successful developers from reading this message that this theme is not made for them, the code is totally blocked by stupidities, that really suggest the work of student in the last year of his graduations, or not good one.

I nevertheless confirm my complaint with themeforest in hopes that you are aware of it.

Have a good day


glenaz Purchased

LOOK all the comments waiting !! You only come to answer me because of my angry comment , its a really shame for all your customers, very bad support & template.

I am not getting any response anymore on my ticket, what is this? [#33092] Please respond. Sent 3 mails without any answer on the last 3.

Hi! The theme looks very cool, but we have 2 questions:

1. Can we change the aspect ratio of product image? We need it more horizontal than in demo because we are going to have sun glasses in our store.

2. Can we increase size and align center both product name and price of featured products, and we need price to be bold or white into a dark box to highlighted much more. Product name and price are tiny in demo.


Additionally can we have a Home v2 site (with the wide screen main slider) but with a white Header on top like the one in Home v3?