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Nice and clean design, GLWS :)

thank you so much! Have a nice day!

Is it possible you can give us the demo site on Zip file ? so a plain magento site with install themes on it and its mysql data which is easy to install the theme, please let me know thank you.

yes it’s possible. Please open a new ticket at our support system http://support.9magentothemes.com/open.php

Kind regards, David

I havea big problem. I wanna buy i extended license but i have one problem. i’m from brazil and i wanna know if it works for brazil ERP know… here we have correios, pagseguro, paypal etc.. also, your system is in english. What about? Can you help me to fix this issue?


Thank you so much for interesting in our product.

We are available to do custom work too. If you have any request just contact us via HelpDesk system http://support.9magentothemes.com/open.php

Cheers! David

documentation is very complicated if there is any Demo setup version it will be more easy to deal with it

hi, David, can you please check the status of my Ticket id. id=3014 waiting your kind reply

you should check it now. Cheers

Thanks for your fast response

i like it ,, but in the RTL version there are a lots of css issues !!

Do you report your issues on our support system?

no should i do that ?

Yes please!

Hello, I’m interested in buying your theme but I have some questions before..

1. I am going to use the RTL version – did you fix the css issues from the post above ?

2. Why does it takes so long for the site to load ?

3. Will I be able to remove from the homepage unnecessary blocks like the logo scroller / static block and others


Thank so much for taking the time to contact us. We much appreciate that.

I will now specifically answer your questions:

1. We don’t see any issue with RTL version. You could check the live demo fore more detail.

2.Magento is usually so terrible slow. Here’s a few reasons why the system is so slow

+ Parts of Magento use an EAV database system implemented on top of MySQL. This means querying for a single “thing” often means querying multiple rows

+ There’s a lot of things behind the scenes (application configuration, system config, layout config, etc.) that involve building up giant XML trees in memory and then “querying” those same trees for information. This takes both memory (storing the trees) and CPU (parsing the trees). Some of these (especially the layout tree) are huge. Also, unless caching is on, these tree are built up from files on disk and on each request.

+ Magento uses its configuration system to allow you to override classes. This is a powerful feature, but it means anytime a model, helper, or controller is instantiated, extra PHP instructions need to run to determine if an original class file or an override class files is needed. This adds up.

+ Besides the layout system, Magento’s template system involves a lot of recursive rendering. This adds up.

+ The Hosting doesn’t have enough resources for Magento to run as it ought.

3. Yes, you will. You should check live document here http://docs.zooextension.com/post/mt-cramos-configuration-manual

Kind regards, David

Is there a magento ee 1.13 version? How can we buy it?

On themeforest it is stated there is a megento enterprise version, but it is not clear if it is true and how to buy it.

Thanks G


This theme is not compatible with Magento EE. We recommend you to use Magento CE 1.8.x It’s free.

Kind regards, David


In the template characteristics, it written Compatible With Magento Enterprise : does it mean that “Full Page Cache” and “Solr Search” are supported?


Any reply!??

It’s not compatible with Magento EE

I have bought the module, and the bellow file is missing : widget_brands.phtml which used in the footer brands slider. Please advice.

Please open a new ticket at our support system http://support.9magentothemes.com/open.php We will check your issue asap. Kind regards

Hi I bought your theme “MT CRAMOS” in November, but now we installed it and had no problems with the login account, and that is: after recording a test account on the site, can not access with no problems (insert products in your shopping cart, click the checkout, etc.). problem arises, for example the next day. Re-entering the credentials I can not access. No error, only the page with the input form user and password is blank. Specifically, I enter the userid and password, I enter, the page loads but returns to the starting point again asking userid and password. I also tried to create other test account but all the expiry of the session are no longer able to access. I saw that you did an update January 24, you can send it, xche I hope that the update can not fix the problem, thanks and good work


Thank you so much for using our product. Please open a new ticket on our help desk system http://support.zooextension.com to get our support.

Kind regards,


did the cloud zoom module is included with the theme or I must purshase it ?


yes it was built in the theme! Cheers

is the theme compatible with magento 1.9.2?

yes, it’s!

I have installed the theme but after installation when I want to add a product to sell can not I add pictures of the product and show this message Image type and information need to be specified for each store In addition to that theme translator it does not appear to do multiple languages I will therefore send your solution

can i install two themes of yours in a single domain with our affecting the existing theme?

Yes, you can!