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Great template! Really like the layout on all pages! Best of luck with sales!

Thank you!

hello, i purchased your Mtechshop and i don’t know what to do further lol i am not web designer but can mange work through simple modification.

which host will be perfect for me? to modify pictures ..text

i need your design as it is ..only to change our data in it ( pictures and text)

your theme have everything i wanted ..i was looking for something good like yours long time back.. thanks alot

It will soon be a version for opencart, then there will be all changed from admin

html contain errors, not surprising it is too complicated; header looks broken when JS disabled; mess of JS in header (removing leads to broken header).

HTML should be better.

I’m trying to modify the accordion sidebar function so it has the first header open by default on load. Have you found a possible way?

I’ve check the documentation with the original jQuery accordian page, and while they seem to be relevant to the code in this template, their solutions simply didn’t work for me. Always loading with all headers closed.

Suggestions? Or even a clue as to how you perhaps modified this particular part?

PS. How soon do you think your OpenCart version is away?

Hello! After the update all bugs will be corrected.

An indication of an ETA would be appreciated.

I saw this one on your website. Do you have this one on theme forest?

Hello! No, it’s unique design. If you need development – please contact us.

I’m very interested in that item Gamerholic mentioned. Please add it to themeforest!

hello! I’m sorry, I do not understand. what “gamerholic”?

Hi I am michael from brazil I need know if this template have in portuguese?

Hi! No.

Hi! I need that the active category will be opened in leftside menu, is this possible with this template?

Hello! No.

Looking forward to the OpenCart version!! I will deffenitely but it.

Well, the theme is quite good, even if it is not perfect.

The only true problem is that the main slideshow doesn’t work correctly : first image show doesn’t fit the first text selected. Any solution ?

As above is there any solution to the slideshow not showing the first text with the first image?


I wonder if the Tamplet can be managed by WordPress?

Hello. I bought your template mTechShop and am trying to figure out the font name of the word “mTechShop.” Could you kindly tell me? So I can maintain visual identity, changing only the name. Thanks a lot.

Hello! Used font in logo — «Trebuchet MS» bold :)

very nice template and hard to find this kind of layout with categories and subcategories. It’s very useful for many kind of websites.

Hi, this template is available on PrestaShop 1.4 or bigger? if Yes, how much? Thank you!

Mat, could you help me, please?

How can I disable that effects on input type text (when I click on them the text disapears and I unable to copy the text).

Thanks in advance.

Forgot… I found it: clearInputs: false into inputs.js and it is gone. ;)

hi everyone

In this theme keeps sample data after buying ?

I need this theme with live preview data and images. Is this possible ?

what is coming after buying ?

I need source code + sample image + sample data

Hello! Images is not included.


at demo page I show product images,prices,product details etc.

I want this theme product data and images. (like at demo page)

because I will make a website same as your demo

so that I want this theme with demo images and sample data

I waiting your reply to buy

thank you.

your demo page link

I can not sell someone else’s image. Excuse me.