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Good job!!! BRAVO! :)

Thank you so much, ArtTiculas!

Wow. Very nice colors, design. Well done :)

I appreciate that, thanks man

thank you, navigator

drupalet, many thanks

theefire, we’re doing our best, thanks!

Fantastic work and very nice color scheme! ;) GLWS!!! :)

really glad you liked it!

can’t wait to see it’s coded ;)

hopefully in a month)

Nice!! Great job!! :)

appreciate that , GokhanKara

thanks man

Amazing design !

Can we expect to have an cms version out soon? Like right now ;) Will purchase immediately..

thanks for the comment Kon7epT, i hope in a month:)

Amazing work! Hope to see this coded soon!

thanks a lot!

WOW! Beautiful Theme! :)

thanks! woocommerce soon)

HTML-theme is not ready yet?

So far, html version is not ready.

The theme is to use only products with a transparent background?

I need support and can’t find a link to contact you directly TR. I paid for two copies and neither one will upload in WP. Was made to buy the second one because the first one would not work on another WP site after I tried to upload it to the first. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi, It’s a PSD template which is just a set of psd files. It cannot be installed on any CMS.

Can I please have a refund? I bought it twice because I thought I was uploading a working theme to my wp site. Apologies for any confusion on my end, but I can’t currently use this as it is.

But the design is beautiful—

Hi and thank you for your kind words.

You should contact Envato support, this issue is of their competence.