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I have another question Can the portfolio items on the front page have a margin/padding around them to help separate each item? If it is possible with some simple css I will be buying

Hi Allanr101,

unfortunately the perfectMasonry effect doesn’t support the margin around the elements like the common Masonry, we suggest you to edit the box sizes adding a padding value (specifically from line 100 to line 130 into style.css)



one more question:

is it possible to have also the blog template that means, can i also use this template and this:

for portfolio detail sites? or is the last template just for blog sites?

Sorry but we do not understand your question, We hope that these guidelines will be of help! :) is simply a post with a header image, you can do so at any post and page. is a gallery post format, can be either a blog post that a portfolio item.

Regards, Themelovin

Hello themelovin,

Is it posibile to remove My Twitter, Flickr Widget, Calendar and Tag from footer? I want to have only Copyright text in footer…

Great theme between…

Sure! This footer area is widgetized, you can choose which widgets to use (calendar, tag, Flickr, ecc…), or none! :)

Thanks for the compliments!

Regards, Themelovin

Hey guys! If you like Mug, please, rate it! We will appreciate it very much! :)


Is it possible to create an opening page—a 1 static full page responsive image without a scroll? That would then take you to one of the homepage options you provide? Tx

Hi, sorry but this option is not available!

Regards, Themelovin

Hey themelovin! I have been searching for the perfect theme for me for a few weeks and this one is really the closest i have found yet. I have a few questions about it, though.

About the home page (#1):
1. Can you use it with blog posts?
2. Is there a fixed number of posts/images? I mean, does it load more automatically, show a button to do so, or ask you to change page?
3. Does the image composition (the image items layout) change? Or it is always the same sizes and positions? And how do you define the size and where each individual post goes? Is it done automatically (date descending…)?
4. When you hover around it, the text and background color that appear changes beautifully according to the colours of the images. Does it do so automatically? If not, how do you define them? Can you do it according to the category or tag, for example? Or do you have to do it manually?
5. Can you change the information shown on that hover text, like instead of showing the tag, show the category and date? (this applies if it can show blog posts obviously)

About the blog posts and view:
1. On the timeline view, can the square icons change, instead of by author, by category, tag, or maybe even a small thumbnail of the images on the posts?
2. Can each timeline page show more than 6 posts?
3. About the video blog post format, does it support youtube videos?
4. On the themeforest description you say it supports google maps. Do you have an example (i couldn’t find it)? Is it like a blog post type, a widget on every post, an individual page? And is it responsive or boxed? And can it support google maps engine? (i know this last one is a long shot but i would love if it did)

Sorry about all these questions but i love this theme and am thinking of buying it! It’s really clean, attractive and very fluid! Congratulations on a great piece of work!

Hi Pedro, thanks for the compliments! :)

About the home page (#1): 1. No, this layout is only for the item’s portfolio. 2. The number is not limited, you will see all the posts created. 3. Inside of each post there are several options including the size of the thumb (long, tall, big, medium, small). 4. Also here is the options inside the post. 5. It shows the title, subtitle and skills. To change this information, you need a little customization.

About the blog posts and view: 1. It’s an author avatar / gravatar. 2. Yes, you can modify your number of posts displayed, is a setting of WordPress. 3. Yes, properly support Youtube and Vimeo. 4. See or or

Regards, Themelovin.

Great, thanks! And sorry if some of the questions were obvious, this is the first time ill be using wordpress. One more quick questions then: What are the 4 post formats and options? Thanks again!

Hi pedrogalego_sqm,

yes, of course :)



Hi there, love the theme! Looks great!!

However, I’ve already hit a bit of a problem… I can’t seem to add the portfolio styled tiles to my homepage? I’ve added some widgets, but how do I actually get the portfolio grid working like the demo?

Theirs no ‘Portfolio’ section on the Dashboard! I’m I going crazy?!!!


It was ME!!!!!!! Forgot to install the actually plugins haha!!!!! Donut!

Hi arl8880, create a page with a “Portfolio” template and then set it as your homepage! To do this, navigate to Settings > Reading and set up the “Front page displays” setting, select your “Portfolio” page.

I hope is all clear! :)

Regards, Themelovin

Do you have a way to be contacted directly for a quicker response? Purchased your template and having a huge amount of difficulty. Also – do u have tutorials for how to use your template??

how do i message privately?

In order to replicate a site that looks similar to the example, I would first create the grid in revolution slider, but I am getting confused how to link this to a page or simply how to get pages to show up on the navigation. I understand how to work with code, its just a bit confusing because I don’t really understand the differing functions between Page, Post, Portfolio and Widgets.

Hi lindseyreay,

here’re 2 useful articles:

To use Rev slider, you’ve to create a slider, copy the relative alias and paste it into the appropriate field (Slider alias)




I noticed that one is able to easily place a ‘Sidebar’ within the confines of the Blog Page.

However, I would like to place a ‘Sidebar’ within the confines of each individual ‘Portfolio Post’.

Also, how does one manually alter the width of the ‘Portfolio Page’ – from full width to a set fixed width?

Thank You, and best regards.


To be more specific, I would like to create ‘Portfolio Pages’ that mimic this layout format - one main body of text, with a left and right columns that run along the sides.

Hi gibraanski,

please, could you write us from your account with which you purchased the theme?

However we check your link, it seems there isn’t our theme



Almost done with the website! Going very smooth. Theme works great with WPML too – no problems at all – and actually no styling needed, just choose wpml language switcher in menu and it’s good to go.

Am very happy and gave it a 5 star review. Wondering why others aren’t reviewing. Come on guys!

Anyway, I sent you a private message mail with 2 little questions because I didn’t want to have a link to my site here, but I have one more question:

How on earth do I get the superfooter (the blue part on top of the normal footer) to show up? I can’t seem to find this option anywhere :)


Hi Fvanonna,

we are very grateful for the vote, it is very important for us authors :)

we’ve just answered your email



Aha, so the call to action is the super footer! Understood!

Two more suggestions if I may, just to make the template better and better:

1. I think every page should be able to get it’s own call to action text instead of each page the same. This would make for much more flexibility.

2. I’d love it if we could replace the title of a portfolio page with an image (so we can use the logo of a brand or company). Or if this is too difficult, an option to turn off the title completely per item.


Hi Fvanonna,

thanks for your suggestions :)


Hi, I purchased this theme a few days ago and I guess I thought it would be easier to play around with without having any knowledge about how websites work..haha. I was wondering if there was a simple way to keep the home page as it is, but just replace each image and post individually? If there’s no easy way, then could you help me out with the hard way?

So far I could only manage to create a couple of sliders and they end up showing up on the homepage under all the pretty as is website design..they’re all the way at the bottom, kind of misplaced and too big.

Thanks in advance for your help.

nevermind! i figured it out :)

Hi fatimaz, we suggest using the dummy-data by the import of XML! ;)

Hi. First of all I have to say that you have done a great job with the theme! Looks so great! However I have the strangest bug ever and perhaps you know how to solve it. Everytime, on all devices, the first time you visit the site this is how the start page looks like this:

and if you update the page; the proper page loads. Do you know how to solve it?

Thanks! Thomas

Hi drthomas,

thanks a lot :)

We load your site without any issue; did you solve it?



Hi, yes I found a buggy plugin causing the bug. No one of the plugins you have in your theme. So thanks anyway!


Hi drthomas,

you’re welcome :)


A little upset with this theme thus far, there isn’t much room for customization..there are elements that the theme provides that I would like to delete/change that you have to know code in order to do. Where as other themes provide the customization tools. I hate to ask again but is there a way to contact for direct response and not have to wait hours?

Hi lindseyreay,

It ’s the first time that there is a problem of the kind indicated. Depending on the changes may be required more or less in-depth knowledge of the code.

If you request a builder, by choice we do not insert them within the themes, otherwise we would have indicated, as the themes that employ them does.

However you could contact us via the form on our profile



How can i privately contact you as my questions are in depth

Hi lindseyreay,

you could use the contact form here to send us an email:



The example site looks amazing! Could you please create an instructional video on how to re-create it? I’m having a hard time with the provided documentation. Thanks!

Hi bootsrfun,

well done :)

Let us know if you need something else :)



Thanks for your help! Love the theme

If you like Mug, please, rate it on Themeforest



Quick question. Would love to swap the Vimeo social icon to a YouTube version. I’m trying to locate the image files used for the icons and cannot seem to locate them. I’m thinking you’ve used the webfont kit. Is there a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Awesome, clean layout and easy to work with.

Hi kileydelvalle,

thanks a lot :)

We use Font Awesome (, you could change the font icon used into thmlv_social_link function (you can find this function from line 1084 to 1129 into functions.php).

Let us know :)



Hello Themelovin team!

I just bought your theme and the menu is invisible…If i look into the code the color is set to the default one but i can’t see it on the website?! Very frustrating…I don t understand where i have to search. Please help me…? Ilana

Hi infilana,

please, could you send us your demo link?



Hi, Great looking theme, I was just wondering how easy it would be to implement a WooCommerce site onto the theme? Thanks!

Hi Kkataro518,

currently we don’t test it with WooCommerce, we’re sorry :)



Oh my gosh I feel like I should buy it based on how fast you responded. Thanks so much for the quick reply!

Hi, maybe I overlooked it, but I could not find anything on this topic so: Is there some kind of ‘back’ button integrated, or a way to do so, when you are looking at an article to jump back to the grid overview? That may be a personal thing, but I automatically look for something like a ‘back’ or an ‘x’ to get back to the overview instead of using the pages menu for that purpose all the time. Thanks!

Regards, Floiran

Hi, you could add it with a little custom code, here’re 2 useful link:



You’re welcome :)

hello – great looking theme, however I am trying to import the dummy data and content and keep getting an error message like so:

can you help? I would like to import the content as well as the xml bc it helps to make the use clear

Hi arielleal,

there are about 300 fonts, but if you like to use your own you could add it with a little css code.

Could you tell us you fonts format (.eot , .ttf, .woff…)



i have it as .otf would that work? would love to add it in with css. thanks!!

Hi arielleal,

to use an external font correctly you’ve to upload it in 4 different format, in particular:

eot woff ttf svg

Then you could import it into the style.css file as follow:

@font-face { font-family: ‘font_name’; src: url(‘path/to/font/name.eot’); src: url(path/to/font/name.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’), url(‘path/to/font/name.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(‘path/to/font/name.ttf’) format(‘truetype’), url(‘path/to/font/name.svg#helvetica_neueregular’) format(‘svg’); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; }

then you could use it as usual:

font-family: font_name;

Let us know :)


Hi themelovin, love this theme! a few problems i’m running into:

In the individual portfolio section, there’s a few pages that have some sort of gallery slider (, how do i get that in the portfolio post? i can’t seem to find the shortcode or whatever it is i need to have this in my portfolio post. I’ve imported all the dummy data and the portfolio pages that are supposed to have this slider don’t have it.

please help. thanks

Hi mouchia, we did not understand your problem! Maybe you’re referring to the galleryfor example this?

In the admin post you need select the “Gallery” post format! Read the guide in the “Help” folder, chapter 6. Post Formats, and Chapter 6.2 Gallery Post Format, will help you! :)

Let us know! Cheers, Themelovin

Hi themelovin, maybe these screenshots will help me explain my problem:

I changed the post to “gallery” I created a new gallery for the post uploaded and inserted gallery updated page gallery doesn’t show up like on your theme.

Please help


You have created the WordPress default gallery! :) Begins again with a new post.

1. Select the post format Gallery 2. Click “Add Media” and drag&drop the pictures in the popup “Insert Media” (I recommend you do not need to click “Create Gallery”, that is the gallery of WordPress!) 3. Once you have uploaded the images, close the panel (without clicking the “Insert into post” button, otherwise the images you have just uploaded will also be seen on the post content).

Let us know!