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When I try and show videos on a page using visual composer / post grid the playable video thumbnail doesn’t show up.

On my site in my news section there are no video thumbnails.


Hi Urbanwed,

Please open a ticket in our support forums and our support team will get in touch with you and will find a solution for your issue.


I love this theme and thinking about purchasing it. Do you know if it is compatible with optimizepress 0


Hi rdmoments,

Thanks for your interest in our theme. We haven’t tested it on optimizepress. But Mukam is built with the latest standards of Wordpress and it is compatible with the latest browsers and it is working without any problem with most of the required useful plugins ;)


Hi! Nice theme!

I installed it and wants to import demo content.

Tools – Import – Wordpress – Choose fie “Mukam_Demo_Content” and when i push “Submit” i have error 502 bad gateway. Please help me with this problem, thanks

Hi sanyacoma,

Our support team is working for your issue. Please keep in touch.


a small question before making the purchase

can only display an image in the portfolio?

the demo only sees a


sorry I’m using the google translator

Hi axelmania,

Yes at the moment it is only possible to display images in portfolio. Our developers are working for new updates and it is on the to do list ;)



I have buy your theme and it is very beautiful.

I want to say how make this :

With header settings style “Header Style Animated” i want to show in front of my website the same top section with the small button ”+” to hide and show than the header style “Header Style Classic”

How can i make this please ?

Thank you


Hi isalis,

Please open a ticket in our support forums about this issue via


I’m considering buying this theme, however, not having a boxed version is a deal breaker. I read in a previous comment that you would help someone change the design to a boxed layout if they purchased this theme. If I purchase, could you help me convert it to boxed, and what assurances do I have that you’ll support me?

Hi Rub3x,

Our support team can assist you if you want to use it as boxed version for sure ;)


I am interesting in buying this theme, and using the “bloggy” option. I noticed in the preview the slideshow doesn’t move without using the arrows. Is there a way to use the slider for “commerce” for the “bloggy” option?

Hi NatKC,

Thanks for your interest in our theme. Much appreciated. Yes you can us the bloggy page and change the slider to layer slider for sure. But we should assume you that the commerce page slide is a Layer Slider which is created only once. The bloggy slider is creating its content in every post.

Kind regards

I’m reading the theme installation instructions and the second direction is: “If you have Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Multiple Post Thumbnail, Contact Form 7 delete it” We can’t do that. We are running a multisite – mini sites off our main site use a layer slider and contact form 7. Please tell me there is away around that or why you suggest we do it. Thanks.

Hi stuckathomemom,

The descriptions are written for clear installation of the theme. If you have content you and using one of the plugins you don’t need to delete it. For more information you can contact us to our support forums and our support team would be grateful to assist you anytime.

Kind regards

Just to make my life easier, there wouldn’t happen to be step by step directions on how to setup the site to look like Creative would there? :

Hi stuckathomemom,

Thanks for buying our theme. We have already added the demo content of all pages and with tutorial videos you will install it in your websie easily. If you need any further assistance please contact us via our support forums


Hi, What is the normal turnaround on support tickets?

I’m waiting to see if I’m missing options before I have to add custom css. I’m missing options like being able to change font size, title background image and footer colours…is that right that all of these are hard coded?


Hi jphogbin,

Our support team have answered your ticket. Please check your mails. Thanks for buying Mukam Theme. If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us via

Kind regards

Good Night,

When I try to install the theme, presents the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpb_map () in / home / kerotaxi / public_html / wp-content / themes / Mukam / includes / shortcodes.php on line 46

Can you help me?


Thanks for buying our theme. Much appreciated. Please open a ticket in our support forum and support team would be grateful to help you for this issue.


Hi, I’ve just installed the theme and need to update the Visual Composer plugin but it’s not available as an automatic upload. When I try to find out more it looks like I have to buy this additional plugin to get the update. I thought this was included as a bonus plugin as part of theme purchase?

Thanks Robelen

Hi robelen,

Visual Composer is a bundled plugin that comes with our theme. That means it modificated by our developers and implemented in our theme and you can use as the part of the theme. Updates of bundled plugins are made by our developers by theme updates.

Kind regards

Nice Theme man… Really Appreciated.

Glad you liked it ;)

Have this item a drag and drop plugin to costumize the pages!?

Hi elias90,

Yes, Mukam comes with a premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder and you can create pages without touching any code easily.

Kind regards

Hi, I want to make the website in a 3 languages. What component or plugin should i use?

Thank you.

Hi, I know that there are a lots of plugins but i also know from my experience that there are some problems using visual composer with some multilingual plugins. My questions was if you recommend a certain plugin to use with the Mukam theme. Thank you.

you didn’t proposed any plugin for a multilignual website? is there a plugin that works well with visual composer?

Hi tudoroiuj,

Sorry for late response. I have talked with our developers. Actually we haven’t tested multilingual plugins in our theme. Please contact us via and send us what kind of problems you get with visual composer.


Hi, I’ve got this theme installed, but can’t find the Style Switcher to change the color scheme. It doesn’t show on the homepage, like it does in your demo site. How can I find it?

Hello stevodevo,

Which Style Switcher do you mean? If you want to change the color of your active theme you can just do it from you theme options panel in wordpress dashboard.


Hi there, i just installed the theme and imported the sample theme with the Mukam_Demo_Content.

Now i need to know the name of the sample front page (the HOME page) to start the modifications.

Also need to know all the necessary plugins to run the theme as the sample.


Hi faraco,

Thanks for buying theme. We have included a documentation you can get information about the installation and the plugins that required from there. The homepage is called as “corporate” in pages you can make the homepage corporate and start editing ;)

Kind regards

Thanks. One more question: How to add the icons to the menus items?

You can find a detailed information about this in our documentation file. Please check it ;)


Hi, I need to add a link to Linkedin account for the Team profile page but it only has Twitter, FB and G+. How do I add Linkedin – very important that it’s included.


Also, how do I remove the icon/link to Facebook on the team profile. We don’t use it. Thanks

Hi Robelen,

Please open a ticket in our support forums and our support team would be grateful to assist you for this issue.

Kind regards

Hi, in your documentation it says: “Second option: Use Teaser Widget in Visual Composer. We have created 13 ready to use page. This style does not have pagination.”

Can you please tell me were can I find these 13 ready to use page? I can’t find any teaser widget in visual composer.

Thank you.

Hi eBuddha,

Thanks for buying our theme. If you have imported the demo content in your theme you can see the pages of blog examples that we have created for demo content. If you need any further assistance about this issue please open a ticket in our support forums

Kind regards

I want to like this theme but have a look at your support team knowledge >>

To Author, Can you please have a look at this issue personally?

Thank you!

Hi washingtondc,

We have answered your ticket. Please check your e-mail.

Kind regards