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Where do I find your full list of icons?

Hi PeterYobo,

Thanks for buying our theme. You can see the lybrary of icons from this link We have added the free packs in this library. The premium ones are not included.


Hi there, love the theme. I am getting a problem on the header becoming very long looking in safari and ipad view. It stays while scrolling but becomes pulled down (longer). thx

Hi ibernard,

Please open a ticket in our support forums


Ok I did thx

Hello, as you suggest I contact theme support and this is what I got as answer >>

[link removed by Envato staff]

Note that I only have one question in all the conversation.

I wouldn’t have mind if support person would have been open with me and told me that this theme is not build for fix width.

Ticket number>>{link removed by Envato Staff]

Hi, Your links were removed because they were flagged by the author. If you want to include the author’s response you are welcome to include them in text. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your response! – Never mind – I know that for sure I wont be coming back on this authors page for sure.


Is 20 Sliders Dummy available ?


Yes all sliders that we have used in demo content are available in the theme files.


Has anyone else had the problem that you are not able to edit the sliders? I get a empty white screen when trying to edit them.


Anyone else have the LayerSlider stop showing when all the settings appear correct and nothing has been changed?


How can I get the slider featured on your demo, on the business skin? None of the sliders imported are a match with the one that you used.

Thank you.

Can you tell me at least how to load the top bar always open (where the social media icons are) without submitting a ticket please?

Never mind, I sorted out.

Just a quick thing though, I think everybody would appreciate if you would offer support and answers, for easy to fix issues here in the comments field, instead of sending everyone on the support forum.

This was my main concern when I bought this theme and it seems I was right.

It is a great and very easy to use theme, you’ve done a great job with it, but as I said, you may want to consider giving some answers here as well instead of sending everybody on the support forum, even for minor issues.

Hi Bhobb,

We are glad that you have fixed your issue. Thanks for your kind words about Mukam. Much appreciated. We can of course would be happy to assist you related to the theme issues but we prefer doing it in support forums with our dedicated support team.

Kind regards,

Hello where can I view the icons available? I need to download? or have somewhere with names corresponding to the icons?

Example: mukam-responsive, mukam-sandtime …

Hi, Please check this page iam trying to build parallax page but iam not able to center the content like you have it in your demo link, every thing goes on extreme left

Hi globainetech,

Thanks for buying our theme. Please open a ticket in our support forums about this issue our support team would be grateful to assist you for that.

Kind regards

Can you create parallax headers for individual pages? I just want to show an image w that effect, then the standard page content below that. The pages look highly flexible so I am assuming so. Some of the demo pages have that effect but lower down on the page.

I see this theme is fairly new. More documentation / screenshots would be helpful in the decision making process. I am trying to find a theme that I can use to recreate a theme that I am replacing from a site built on another platform… so I have some pretty specific items to check off the list.

Hi mcsolas,

Our support team would be grateful to assist you to fix this issue.

Kind regards

I figured out what it was, the page template had not yet been changed to “visual composer” and once it was it worked. Support has been responsive and prompt since purchase. There were a few things that could be better documented but overall I am happy with this theme and the support as well. Thank you.

Hi mcsolas,

We are glad that you have found a solution for your issue and thanks for your kind words.



Could you please tell me why there is no thumbnail shown when I post the link to my website in Facebook? I added featured image for Homepage but nothing is showing in preview on Facebook . And the favicon is not showing as well.

What can I do?

Hi Bhobb,

Why don’t you just open a ticket in our support forums? it is the place where you can get help manually. It seems you are doing something wrong with your post and for the favicon it needs to be checked why it is not working. So please open a ticket.

Kind regards

Hi there, does this theme contain its own license for the visual composer? I uploaded files but its asking to upgrade…

Hi ibernard,

Visual Composer is a bundled plugin of the Mukam theme and the current version is the stable version that works for Mukam elements.

Kind regards

Pre-sale inquiries for you:

We are looking to build a site that uses a combination of a one page parallax designed front page as well as several other standalone pages. Does your theme support menus that link to both sections within the same page as well as other standalone pages? (i.e. clicking “product” takes you to a different page, clicking “contact” takes you to the form at the bottom of the homepage”

Also, would we be able to create multiple parallax pages? The theme we are using now limits us to only the front page being of parallax design.


Hi logictechnology,

Thanks for your interest in our theme. Unfortunately parallax page doesn`t allow you to make the links as you want.

Kind regards


My checkbox and radio are floating in form. Can I put then aligned to the text?

Can you help me?

Thank you!

my problem are here:

inside “FORMULÁRIO DE ADMISSÃO” accordion.

Hi danidsp,

Thanks for buying our theme. Much appreciated. Please add this code in your Custom CSS section which you can find in Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options

.contact input {height: 0;}

Kind regards

Hi again fantastic theme just purchased it though I too do need a box layout with a simple background for the whole site. I went in to code to do myself but still working out where the styles.css has gone as it is empty but for a paragraph. I read another comment about this and was hoping you would give public/forum answers or do we have to do a private ticket. I would like to use and buy your licence multiple times for different clients however to do this an important area for me is I also would like to make the logo a google text font instead of an image logo. Are you able to provide guidance on how to put that option back into the header.php. (even if its just adding txt in I can covert to Google font). Thanks again and appreciate the amazing theme Cori

Hi traininglab,

Thanks for your kind words. Appreciated. Our support team would be grateful to assist you in our support forums about this issue.

Kind regards

Hi, I just purchased the theme.

How can I activate the Parallax type of the site?


Hi atlasinternet,

You can just select the default homepage as parallax homepagethatwe have includedin the demo content theparallax page will be your homepage as it is in the demo page.


Hi there, I would like to change some of the social icons. Can you tell me where I can find them so I can change them? thanks so much.

Hi ibernard,

Please open a ticket in our support forum about it and our support team would be grateful to assist you for this issue.


How do you change the header image for pages? I do not like that grey image thats there by default.

Hi mdjocko,

Thanks for buying our theme. You can change thebackground image by adding thiscode in your Appearance > Theme Options > Cutsom CSS .caption-out {background: url(../img/caption-background.jpg); }


Hi there, how do i turn off the comments sections on post pages?

Also, how do i turn off the link function on the services-2 boxes?

Hi faraco,

Thanks for buying our theme. There is different options to disable the comments for post pages. You can check this link which explains it

If you don’t want to use links for service-2 boxes just don’t write any links when creating them. It will work without any problem.

Kind regards

I was searching the comments and I still have not been able to find the Icon list. I noticed in the backend there are two options, icon- and mukam-.

Where are these icon lists?

I tried swapping some out from the icon library but they are not working.

Also noticed the favicon upload does not work?

Last but not least, how do you embed a video background like you have done?


Thanks for buying our theme. Please open a ticket in our support forums and you will get answered as soon as possible. Our support team would be grateful to assist you for your issues.

Kind regards