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Beautiful theme! Good luck :)

Thank you so much. :)

Really cool theme! Best of luck and welcome to TF :)

Thank you very much. Your work is really cool also!

Thank you :), appreciate it!


Awersome work. Is the ‘Proxima Nova’ font included in the theme? Or will I have to buy it separately? Is it free to use?

Thank you very much. No, unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions I was unable to include the actual font. However, you can access it using http://www.webink.com/. They have an awesome set up there…check it out! :)

It is awesome. I like it ! :) GLWS !

Thank you so much!

Nice theme. Really cool and clean work. Best of luck. :)

Thank you…I appreciate that.

does the banner support video?

you should be able to insert a video if you wish

Is this built in Muse or what editing software do you recommend?

The template wasn’t built in Muse. You should be able to use any HTML editor.

Great job! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, same to you. :-)

Awesome job mate. Best of luck :)

Thanks….love your work!

I really like the look of this template. My only concern about buying it is a slight problem when I open one of the projects (fancybox?). I can’t see the whole box and have no opportunity to scroll. How to solve this?

I checked this out but on all my devices, the Portfolio Detail window (which is what I believe you’re referring to) fits inside the window without needing to scroll. If you can please be more specific, I might be able to offer more help.

FYI: consider replacing high priced fonts with FREE google lookalike…Montserrat. http://theultralinx.com/2013/04/free-alternative-font-gotham-proxima-nova.html might increase sales knowing no further license costs or issues. :)

I should mention that people can use the Proxima fonts at http://www.webink.com/ for a very nominal amount. It isn’t necessary to buy the desktop versions of this font (which are a bit expensive). WebInk’s basic plan is only $20/year, plus they have a Free Trial, and Proxima Nova is definitely available there.

I’ll wager that 98% of the purchasers of this template will not even realize that to be completely legal they must also license the fonts. As a seller, making the font FREE from additional costs removes all barriers and doubts to a prospective buyer. The template cost $13.00 and font licensing over 10 years is $200.00? The marketplace will decide, but it’s hard to beat FREE! Anyone with coding knowledge will change the fonts. I know I would. The template is well done, FREE fonts would be even better. You choose, best of luck with sales.

There will be an updated version of the template out soon, with the Proxima fonts replaced.

My customer was pleased with the Web that I made with this template.

...What should I do to change speed of bg of Parallax?

I would really love to see the site, can you send me a link? Also, if you would kindly provide a rating, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. :-)

The answer to this question is actually in the documentation: The Parallax backgrounds adjust their scrolling speed according to the size of the background image they have. The taller the background is, the faster they will scroll.

Oh, oh, Thanks for your answer! I will practice your answer.

This URL is examining it, and test-site. And the contents are not completed. Not result URL, it is decided later. Still, please look if you do not mind.


Sorry, I have not godd at English. but, your English is easy to understand. Thanks.


I wish to buy your template but on Android mobile, it does not fit. Bug with responsive… The interface out of the screen. Sorry i’m french ;-)

Android 4.2.2 on Samsung Galaxy S4

Hello, I have not had a response. I bought the theme. ;-)

We’re looking into it but haven’t been able to find the problem. We’ll keep looking and get back to you though.

creative style i like it :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

Awesome template (I love it!), but how can I show my tweets on the page without using a special hashtag? When I post something it does not appear on the page. But if I define var twitter_query = '#fweifijnfwinfiwej'; and then use #fweifijnfwinfiwej in one of my tweets, it does appear in the recent-tweets-box.

hmmm…I can’t seem to get you the line of code without it showing as a link.

perhaps if you can get me your email address I can send it to you that way?

Hi, I tried to contact you via the form on this page, if you didn’t receive that: You can contact me by sending an email to m@floatlee.de

Love your theme and I’m about to purchase it but I have a major issue when viewing it with Internet Explorer.

Something I really like about your theme is the Portfolio section but whenever I click on a portfolio image, it takes me to the very top of the page. I plan to have several portfolio images but I can see this quickly getting really annoying for a user who might want to click on a few portfolio items because each time you’d have to scroll all the way back to the portfolio section after clicking on an image.

Is there any way you can fix this? I’d like to purchase this theme ASAP so please let me know how we can solve the issue with it scrolling to the very top of the page whenever a portfolio mage is clicked. Thanks so much!

If you open it in Windows 8 can you see what I’m referring to on the above image with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox? Chrome and Internet Explorer displays with proper height but Firefoox displays with a greater height.

The bigger issue for me is though when you click on a portfolio image, in Internet Explorer the Web page is then automatically scrolled to the very top of the Web page. Can you please fix that?

My dev has still not been able to duplicate the issue you’re having with Firefox and suggests that it has something to do with your settings rather than the template itself. We’re really trying to be helpful but so far we’ve been unable to reproduce the problem. The template looks fine on all the browsers we’ve checked it on.

As for the Portfolio issue, we’re still looking into that one and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Apologies for the slow response…chalk it up to circumstances beyond my control. Anyway, we’ve looked at this issue carefully and would suggest the following: try resizing the window, THEN opening the Portfolio Detail popup. This way, it will calculate the top and bottom position based on the new window size and position the popup accordingly. This should work just fine (at least it has for us in ALL our tests). Hope this helps! :-)

Is there any chance to support RTL ?!

Yes, there’s a possibility of doing this. It would require some changes to the css, but if you get stuck, I could possibly offer some help. I hope this helps! :-)

I like the slider but not so much the graphics to the left of each image. How can I tone it down? Ideally I’d like to remove the solid and diagnoal graphics on the top and just leave one semi transparent textbox where I can describe the image. Can you please help me do that? The squigly graphics on the left along with the three text boxes below that is a bitt too much for our needs and we’d very much like to have some simple nice text box there. Thanks so much!

That’s a fairly ‘heavy’ element so it’s understandable that you would want to change it. Changing it would, of course, involve a design change as well as a coding change. I can help you with that however we will need to discuss the details more specifically. If you could please send me a private message to my email, that would be a good starting point for this. Thanks. :-)

Realy nice design! Congrats

Thank you so much. :-)

Beautiful work!Do you have an estimate of when the WP version will be available? Thanks!

Thank you for your kind comment. The WP theme has just been finished, so if all goes well in the review process, it should be out very soon. Thanks again. :-)