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Very nice and clean, as always :)

Thank you so much glad you like it :)

Good idea :) good luck and with sales

Thank you my freind :)

Oh sh**! C’mon my friend. GO TO HELL! This is absolutely awesome. Remarkable. Outstanding.

The design, the concept, the usability. Everything is so perfect. I’ve just tested with Compaign Monitor and it works like bread and butter; – cheese and bacon.


This is the best comment by the best customer .. Thank you so much for your words .

the next item will be better and better … if you need anything let us know

Thank you again

Love has no boundaries, so does your talent. Congratulations.

I liked PROMAIL on Facebook. (I’m Wagner) .. I am now thinking about a way to get you into my business scheme. “United we stand, my friend”.

Welcome my friend .. we will be so glad and happy working for you , we will reply your message on facebook with all details .

Thank you again .

It would be nice to have an actual HTML version of the email in here. I saw all the Mailchimp and CampaignMonitor stuff, but usually normal HTML files are provided and those are “extras”. It appears that those are actually the only things provided. I can go through and remove mailchimp tags and replace with HTML, but its just much less convenient. Can you upload the normal HTML in a future update please?

Otherwise the template is very nice and well done. That was just a shock to me.

Hi RockyMountaiOils .. We are right now creating a HTML version to include it in the next update with some New layouts and extras .. and in our next items we will include always a HTML version .

Please follow us to get notified .. the update will be available tomorrow .

Thank you so much .

Hi, Very nice template, Could you confirm that you will include promptly an HTML version? Thank you so much.

Hello nofxman,

Yes we will include it, and its in the upload queue it will be available today or tomorrow

Thank you

To all our customers

We have just released a new update for MultiMail 1.1 that include 2 new layouts and the HTML version without tags for all layouts…

if you need support , email us at

Thank you for using MultiMail.

1) any chance for a layout builder in the future?? 2) you don’t mention retina… what would it take for you to make this retina ready? Want me to buy first??

Hi Maxi Payne Yes we are making our template builder , it will be available with all our new and old items in few weeks .

for the customization yes we are available for freelance , but a little busy , so if you want we can make it next week .

and yes if you want to use this item you must buy it and then hire us or hire someone to do it .

Thank you for your interest .

I was wondering if the purchase will include the HTML/CSS file for use outside of any email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, etc.


Hi DigitalExcellence.

The package includes versions for mailchimp and campaignmonitor, and a simple HTML version without tags so you can use it anywhere.

Note that the css is inline, there is no separate css file, all the css is included inside the HTML files.

Thank you for your interest.

For some reason when i use mail to send my email out it loses it’s responsiveness and fonts. Any idea on why this isn’t working? Looks great when viewed as an html page in any type of browser.

Hello quigley0908.

We never experienced, anyway we will investigate the issue and we will let you know if we find any solutions for that.

Thank you for using MultiMail

It is not working for me. All the emails are almost unreadable (lost formating) on Yahoo and iPhone

Hello mpakier.

Please contact us at an we will help you in this.

Waiting for your mail…

Sended email but the same problem is with example emails that you provided. There is something wrong with your implementation

On iPhone I use Yahoo mail too so maybe it’s only New Yahoo mail app problem

Is it possible to remove the letter envelope by my own?

it should be a easy task you must just edit some css lines .. contact support so we can assist you better .


Testing your email and getting spam rejections:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
  host []:
  550 An address in this message (at promailthemes . com) is listed on Please organise removal and retry.

Please advise – can’t even send tests

The spam notifications are from our url if you change your content it will be fine .

Please contact support(@) and we will assist you better

Thank you

I recently purchased your multi mail email template, which I think is really beautiful, thank you.

I ran into a problem when trying to upload the template with my images I replaced with your images.

I am using Mail Chimp -> Layout 1->Green

I replaced the images without changing the file extensions – just a replacement. I zipped the file called green and uploaded to mail chimp (also tried uploading just html) When I do this the template that appears on the screen is not the one with the new images but the old one with the template images.

Please let me know if there is anything I am doing incorrectly. I am trying to get this out shortly so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact support(@) and we will assist you better

Thank you

Hi, Great Template. Just wanted to check if you can release the Font Name used in the ‘Download’ Button?


Hi XsenseX and thank you for using Multimail

We use a font called “NotoSans” for the download button.

Thank you

Hi, I bought this template a month ago and I’m verry happy with it. Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 and some devices break the code making the email unreadable. I’ve sent you an email few weeks ago without any answer. Could you please check it out?


We have sent you a reply

Thank you

Hey, just bought your great looking template!! ‘ How can I change it to my Corporate design (color & fonts) to use it in mailchimp? (Do I have to change the PSD files or upload layouts into mailchimp and change it there?) Thanks a lot!

You have to change the HTML code, if you can’t do it please contact us via support and we will help you