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where is more screenshot jpg’s ?

You have a problem with the preview template!

Been looking to buy something like this, just need screenshots to confirm.

Screenshots are up!

Looks good. Where are the screenshot ?

Screenshots are coming guys! I’ve trouble uploading..

haha nice joke with screenshots! ))

Congrats and Good luck! :)

Hello, From the only screenshot it looks very promising. You mentioned that the pictures will not be included can you at least indicate where one could go and buy them as a bundle. We are building a new e-commerce platform and will build sample stores to showcase our platform and it does help if you have high quality design and graphics. Please let us know ASAP. Cheers and good luck.

Sorry, I don’t know where to find those. Maybe you can ask some brands for some sample pictures? Or use stock? http://www.istockphoto.com/search/text/isolated%20product/filetypes/photos,illustrations,video/source/basic#64f8d32

Could you happen to tell me where you found that logo of the deer? Great stuff by the way.

:) Thanks for purchasing!

I really like the layout. Any possibility for mobile layout? Also, it would be nice to have a PSD without the browser window diagram for the desktop version. I know I could achieve this myself, just a suggestion.


Mobile is possible, but it would require a lot of thinking (and money (time is money) to put in to – money I don’t have right now ;)) Thanks for the suggestion btw. It’s not that hard. There is a layer group named browser that you could hide. And you’ll have to make some adjustments to the browser background layer.

Thanks Diroll!

We don’t have a HTML version yet, but are planning to build this as a Wordpress/WooCommerce theme. But we have to sell some more before we can do that ;)

Clean and Unique Shopping site. GLWS! :)

Not enough page designs and no mobile layouts. Check how many pages have the other PSD templates here and you’ll get what I mean…

Update the theme, include more designs, and I may buy extended licence.


Hi Snade. Thanks for your comment. We are planning to make this a e-commerce theme, probably woocommerce, That will give you full options. For now, you’ll have use the psd’s we provide here.

If we do update the psd templates with pages, what pages are you thinking of?


Love the work!

Do you offer any custom development? I tried to contact your studio by email a few weeks ago but not sure if it was received.

Thanks, T

Hi, I didn’t get your mail. Sorry. What would you like to be done?