Discussion on WordPress Classified Ads Marketplace Theme - Indexer

Discussion on WordPress Classified Ads Marketplace Theme - Indexer

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Hello! This theme can be used to create a ads maketplace ? user can pay on the site? how the marketplace work?

why has this theme not updated since 2017. I want to buy it


thank you for this theme – we wish to make purchase – can you please inform me:

1) we will adapt this for Jobs theme- can we load a list of company /import companies – as excel or xl file with their logos and emails to ensure a preloaded list is included?

2) On Ads type – is there a pay per click option?- For instance can an employer create a Job Ad – and only pay when potential candidate pay on the Job Ad? – I can see you you have a bidding option but do not see an option for paying only when someone clicks – {for example on LinkedIn a company creates a link – and only pays when a potential interested party clicks – the company is paying per click.

3) Is there private communication between employers and employees?

4) can we work on the Job Theme from elementor / wordpress ?

Thank you we await your kind response,

thank you


Does this template have the ability to import CSV listings?


Hello, I bought this indexer, I would like to receive a refund for it, it is not compatible with the legislation of the Russian Federation and my region, I have already submitted one application for compensation and waited for a response from you within 7 days, but I did not receive an answer, I sent a new request, please help me in solving this problem, I am sure that I will buy something else from you

it is not caused by my item – it does not contain malicious code. it tested many times and in RU zone too. it follow all coding standards of ThemeForest.

It turns out I can throw out this topic and do not get any support?

As soon as I anti-thread a topic, my resource is blocked, isn’t it in the subject line? I do not like this problem, I do not want to throw $ 49 to the wind and do not use this topic.

Besides, can we attach plugins in Weebly site becasue i posted blog on this website related to womens fitness where i offer deals and discount with decathlon free voucher code shipping. https://www.collectoffers.com/in/decathlon

Hi, i use your indexer theme, any update at now? thanks.

is there away of making vendors decide the currency type to upload their listings?

this feature not available. but maybe it possible with https://www.wcvendors.com/product/wc-vendors-pro/

i cant delete or edit listings have created as vendor . how do i solve this problem

then maybe i did not understand. where you want to add this buttons?

i want to be able to edit /delete deal when i log in as vendor in my account . i looked at your kupon theme . when a person loggs in as vendor , his deals have edit and delete button overlying the image of the deal however this is not the case here . once i log in as vendor i can create deals but they appear and there is no way of deleting or editing them . i can send you screen shots if this doesnt make sense

hello how do i add filter ie if i want to add tab and link to the tab in vendors dashboard . how do i add it and in which php file should i add it . i want to add new tab on vendors dashboard


for customize dashboard links you can use WP filter API like it showed in this PHP example

add_filter(‘azexo_dashboard_links’, ‘example_dashboard_links’);

function example_dashboard_links($links) {

return $links;


also you can add page into dashboard links in “AZEXO Options > General settings > Custom dashboard pages”

Hello azexo i recently bough your indexer theme however in the listing plugin i try to add new field but when i i save and try to run the submission page , the new field doesnt show up . infact after rechecking the listing i realised the added field also disappeared .

i would love to know the taxonomy metakey as well

How do i eliminate some of the textboxes on my variable submission page without losing them from the simple product submission page since they share the listing ?

>i would love to know the taxonomy metakey as well

what you mean? metakey does not linked anyhow with taxonomies.

>variable product

please show somehow this issue here https://azexo.ticksy.com/

>eliminate some of the textboxes

only one way – use different submission forms

Hello Azexo i bought your indexer theme . installed it and followed the procedia of importing sample site just like the way kupon theme is imported however when tried to run the website it simply displays blank page . i need your help on this

Hello, please write via account with license

hello azexo i have simple submission page form . how do i create second variable submission form ?

do i simply add on variable option on the present listing plugin to cater for the two submission pages . or i have to create somehow another listing with variable field . i have created another submission page with [azl-frontend-submission name=”YOUR FORM NAME” product_type=”variable”] but i dont know how to play with listing plugin . such that person can submit variables on second submission page .

Hello azexo am interested in your theme however i would like to know if its possible to have variables on your theme at the same time simple deals . last i checked i you have a cord [product_type = “variables”] put in submit deal page to carter for variable deals however some deals are simple and others are variable so am wondering if there is a code for both variables and simple deals ?

is it possible to implement the woocommerce product type from the vendor dashboard side without necessarily relying on admin dashboard ?

yes you can create different product submission pages with different forms

hello azexo i bought the indexer theme but am having issues with it that is to say i installed it and imported the sample site just like the way kupon sample site is imported however the when i tried to run the site it simply shows blank page . i tried saving the permalinks but its not working need your help

I see this is a classifieds theme based on woocmmerce. I have been looking for a good classifieds plugin for woo but could not find one. Since this is incorporated with them theme now – is there any possibility you can release the classifieds plugin separately on codecanyon? I would be very interested in purchasing it and incorporating it into my other site? Please let me know. Thank you.

If seller and buyer access this website at a same time,So can Buyer LIVECHAT with Seller without using email like a facebook messenger or whatsapp???

Hi, why indexer not updated like Kupon? thanks

Hi, because i make important fixes which related only with Kupon. i plan to make update for Indexer – but i do not have enough fixes set right now. do you have any issues with theme ?

I want to replace indexer by Kupon, is it possible without losing data ? Thanks.

you can export products/profiles then import to another site with kupon activated

I just purchased, and will let you know about map. Don’t know if there still is support available

Sorry for my impatience, I was on a deadline but solved most bugs myself…. I just need my 3 last problems solved:

- How to edit listing form and ad field for TAGS, I choose product tags, but then vendors only can choose 1 tag from list and not input any themselves as vendor

- How to edit listing form and ad field for SPECIFICATIONS, so vendors can input SPECIFICATIONS

- How to show map?

That’s all for me, so please help, then I can live with it :)

Still no support for fixing your own theme?

PRE-SALE Question: Compatible with Dokan? All bugs mentioned above FIXED?

PRE-SALE Questions:

- Can Sellers get VERIFIED badge too or only reviews? - Member stats possible?


Seller: Name seller here (+verified badge)

Rating: (0)

Member Since: Nov 18th, 2017


- Can i remove contact details from listings:

2310-3123-3213 (phone) google.com (website) Kordnya 58 (email)


- Can I change colors from listing boxes on home page or is this color associated with category colors?

- What happened to the Map? - Still supported?

i did not tested Dokan. physical products supported. regarding other question – all this possible with small custom code

How to change short by newness as by default sorting in listing ?

How to change default sorting as short by newness in listing ?

how to sort posts by date?

where you want to set such sorting ?


I just see your theme is seems great but somehow why it need to popup dialog instead showing the code ?

Hi, i do not very good understand your question. you can see other variants in my themes http://azexo.com/kuponhub/ and http://azexo.com/doo


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