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Clean and minimal :)

Lovely work – only going to be prestashop?

we will release theme with same design for other open source software in a nearest day. Planned with Magento, theme is still in developing. will be release soon

Great thank you for letting us know. good luck with this version


Nice theme… I see at the item pages that it only has “more info” sheet, cold you tell me if it’s possible to add other sheets like “data sheet”, “video shit”, etc. ??


it use default prestashop functions so if you have any modification it will still work with our theme

Not a lot of themes that are Prestashop ready – you did a great job man! Good luck with sales !

Thank You, Xlaws

I’m getting errors in your demo with the front page slider and main menu when I’m using IE 8 & 9.

just tested again with IE8 -9, menu and slider work well.

Try again buddy you’ll see it, and if you are checking via a browser emulator the chances are that it is not doing it as it should like my Chrome IE emulator plugin shows no issues and the real IE doesn’t work.

And it seems im not the only one seeing this issue.

Thank you so much, I would check for bug and fix them in the next update.

There is problem with theme in IE8 and IE9 . Please check your demo. Top menu and slider is not working properly.

Hello i like your theme very much!

But does it work on Presta 1.5.1? And will it work with the mordule from ?

Tnx Sander

Just tested with 1.5.1, our theme work well. Because it use default prestashop function, so your rental module should work with no issue.


Thx for your theme ! How to use simple apostrophe in the Nivoslider ? When I use it for french text in the description of the image, it is added a slash before.

Thx MrDa

Hi, I just update new package to fix error when display french language and remove slashes. Please download new package :)

Thank you for your quick response! But i’ve always the same error after replace all module files (nivoslider). For example : Sélection d\’œuvres. Any idea ?

Thx MrDa

Really thanx, it’s ok !

Hi, It does not solve the problem for the title and legend. Any idea?

Thx MrDa

It’s ok, i modified the tpl file.

Hello, I bought the template, but I can not get it to install properly.

Can you help me? Look my site:

please check the manual install section in our installation guide for list of disable module. Some default module must be remove to make our theme work correctly

thank you, I did it thanks for the tip.

But now I want to know how to change the background, just like the demo. Now it is completely white.

you can configure the Multishop Core for background and color. Please follow the Multishop Core config in the Installation Guide

Hello, I bought the module, is a nice theme.

My problem is not working the following modules:

crossselling productscategory blocklayered loyalty

you have a contact email?

PS: Sorry for my English. Do you speak Spanish?

please make sure you have download the latest package. if not, download the latest package then test it again, please use the contact form, it will email us, so i can contact you.

I uninstalled all the theme from FTP .

Download latest version of Multishop and reinstall.

The website works, but not mentioned modules (crossselling, productscategory, blocklayered, loyalty).

Please can you help me solve this problem.

PD: my website

Thank you. Claudio

You module is working but have some issue with the new layout, please use the contact form so i can work directly with you to quickly resolve the issues

Hi, I really Like your theme but before I buy it may I mention that:

1.) Some of the heading are being cut in half [on the working sample using Safari 5.1.7 | IE9 | Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 m |

2.) Also I was wondering if I will need to buy any additional modules in order to work correctly? if so which one is it?

3.) How do I add the Sterling Pound Currency?

Thank you and I will wait for your reply.

Cheers! :)

- Have tested with both latest Safari, Chrome, IE, did not see header cut off. I’m using windows. - You don’t have to buy any module to use this theme, it come with all module running on, like the demo - You can add new Currency as normal, it will be shown on the top menu. Please follow Prestashop user guide to add new currency


Thank U for these theme… ; ) Guide and explain very clear.

Just a question, could you explain me which block or module must be activated for show the picture placed behind the products like on your page titled “Wonderful accessories for your iPod” :

Thank you. Fabien

Hi Snow-addict,

I do not understand what you ask, you can tell me more?

Hi, I make a mistake, linking on a wrong picture. I haven’t on my product pages the module who show the “green sofa picture -discount 30%…”, the “description txt” and the link “more” i can see on your screenshot : Thks

Hi, I buy this template for my prestashop 1.5.1 but I have a problem with installation by themeinstallator module. Can you help me ? Thanks


Please follow the Manual installation section to install it manually.



Thanks for your reply. Last question…

is your theme compatible for version as i have been doing some research and apparently there are quite a lot of glitches on Version 1.5.1..

Thank you!

PS: I wonder how jcarp got on with installing the theme in V1.5.1

Multishop currently support only Prestashop version and up to 1.5.1.

Hi :)

hope you can guide me here.

I downloaded the theme, however, how do i change the images for the nivo slider? it stated there that the module must be writable.

also, how do i activate the images for my products? right now it’s just a broken link. do i have to save them somewhere?

and how do i change the color of the top bar where the “sitemap” and “contact us” links are?

thanks in advance!

You can not change top bar background in current version. We will update it in next version. For nivoslider error, please chmod following dir to 755 ”/modules/blocknivoslider/images/”

thanks! but how do i solve the image problem? it’s all broken link and i don’t know how to fix it.


use any ftp program (eg. FileZilla) or login to your hosting file manager. If you use FTP program,locate root folder of you Prestashop change permission of folder ’/modules/blocknivoslider/images’ to 755 and make it writeable. For details, please search a guide to use FTP or hosting file manager.


What kind of bug? Can you tell me more? Please send a screenshot to let us know which part is buggy. Cos the last time i check it, menu is work well