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Hello, why the most recent comment is not on the top? Would be more logic….

what i meant is for the product images. it all cant be seen …

Just check the Image Config section in Installation Guide, Please re-generate the thumbnails images.

Hi, I bought the theme but there are some glitches on some browsers plus the shopping cart module does not show. I recorded a video to show you exactly what I mean…

i will appreciate if you could reply to me as soon as you can.

Thank you in advance. Chris


I have clear the cache several times before and i still see that.. i will check from another PC and MAC

I have followed every step as per user guide but still there are some glitches however i sent you an email to explaining everything in more detail.

Thanks again. Chris


I just got an autoreply saying the email was not delivered is your email correct:

look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks Chris

have emailed you some minute ago, please discuss there

I have purchased many CSS /HTML from themeforest, this would be my first Prestashop theme. I presume it is just a standard template which I install via prestashop module ‘Theme Installator module’. ? Files all in .TPL format?


this theme is packed and it can be install via Theme Installer, all file in in .TPL format. theme package come with a document so you can easily install and config.


One of our client purchased this Theme, There are lot of bug’s need to be finish, so kindly post the theme without any bug…

don’t know what bug that you have mentioned, but we will check our theme for any bug, please wait for our new update

Hi, As is the order of the modules? pablo!

home page module order can be change use LiveEdit function of Prestashop

Hi, I’d like to know if this theme has the option of adding sidebars? (at least one) Or that I’ll need to add them myself?

Because it looks nice :) But I need something more.


sidebars is not supported by this version. may be it will be support in next version

Hello, I bought a license for Multishop, had no problems with the installation, but some modules translations are not working: - Blockmulticart; - Blockmultiuserinfo; I have used translations of PrestaShop, and still no change, already copied the file into the folder br.php translation and still does not change. How should I proceed?

Please wait for new update, we will reply when it approved

Hi, I bought your theme, and i like it. But I suppose there is a bug in the top horizontal menu manager. If I try to add menu top link, from the bottom section of the page, when I click on Add, it doesn’t add the link I tried to add. Any idea how can I solve this?

You can try to reset the top menu by click on reset link near configure link, and then try to add it again.

Sorry, but this don’t work.

Hello! I use your theme but there are more bugs in all of browser specially on ie9 browser!

Can you help me?


Thx for your job, it’s nice. But, me too the home slider doesn’t work correctly on chrome with your theme.



Multishop New products block with carousel and Multishop Featured Products on the carousel modules are not translated to spanish in the home page of the frontoffice.

Can you solve that?

Please download new update

Hi! I bought this themes and i follow all the instructions. The only thing is that after editing the configuration of the images and regenerating the thumbnails, the images still doesn’t appear. Can you help me? thanks.

Do you meet any error message while regenerating thumbnails, you can just simply select ALL under Select Format, set Select Image to Products to regenerate all product images

thanks for your helps, but i just fixed it. The name of the config images was “home_default” and i erased _fault, so it was only a problem of names. Thanks anyway!

hi again. The multislider module doesn’t work properly in IE9 . And another bug is that the background-image you config in the multishop core module doesn’t work in IE9 . Please i need you fix this errors in IE9 Thanks!

just checked, multislider and background config still work well with ie9, can you tell us your config. cos it work well on our demo site

ok, could you look at our site We have tried in some diferents pc and it doesn’t work in IE9 . Also your demo is not working in our IE9 . And what is the config i have to send you? thanks a lot.


Just bought the template, very simple to install and easy to personnalise. You did a great job for the simplicity of the css, giving every one the chance to adapte your template with their own creativity. For the flexslider, is it possible to hide the “popup” (title, description, button)... i prefer to see the image on the background.

Thanks in advance.

Another happy user, Marc

will update new version to hide the “popup” shortly, please wait for new update. i will post it here when it ready.

Thanks for the fast response, i will try to do it myself until the update.

Kind regards, Marc.


I was wondering if it was possible to move the ajax search bar into the navigation bar (align: right). Your search bar is great with the animation, but i have other sites that are all suppose to look like, so that the consumers doesn’t get lost.

Thanks in advance. Marc.

Hi, I suggest you to create a changelog file. Sometimes Themes update doesn’t work well and it’s better sobstitute each files directly.

k, will add it next time when we upload new version

Thx, and can you tell me wich files are chanded in the last two updates? (6 December and 8 December) please.

Hi i’ve purchased the theme. I need have a featured products not in a single arrow but 2 or 3. It is possible? How.



current version does not support it. Featured used carousel so it can’t have 2 lines of products.

Hi there,

Clicking the cart button gives this error:

Impossible to add the product to the cart.

textStatus: ‘error’ errorThrown: ‘Internal Server Error’ responseText:

{ “products”: [ { “id”: 2, “link”: “

Do you have a fix for this?

Cart module still work well on our demo site, the internal server error message is belong to server error, where’s that error happen?

It happens whenever I click the cart button. The error pops up in a box.

you can send us an email to anytime, please discuss there

.. hello, nice theme some questions …

nivoslider with 5 subjects not find it. I only see flexslider

modules do not have the Spanish translation, but no problem …

I’ve also had problems with the pictures on the front, removing “_default”, I’ve solved.

Otherwise … all perfect!


5 *

the nivoslider have been removed due to upgrade responsive version and ie error.