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I answer a question more than one year ago… I’d like that reply quickly because next week this site must be online. Thanks :notfunny:

Please email to for faster support

Thank you for great theme :) But I have a question, the cart block shows only without tax? How can I edit that? I checked the back office but couldn’t find anything?

Thanks in advance :)

“import/export theme installer” says .zip is corrupted, what can I do? PS 1.5.2 2 Days waiting for a response.

In case zip file corrupt, we have manual install instruction in our document, so user can install it manually. We will update our file to fix corrupted zip error for some server

Very bad support, 5 days waiting for a reply.

Drop us an email to for faster support answer.

Submenu (dropdown) and footer columns doesn’t works in IE8, have u test it ?

Check it in the demo.

In description u say its compatilbe with it.

We just uploaded new package to clear the menu bug in ie8, and footer also, please check updated time for download new package.

Is there ever going to be a solution to the display errors with the guest checkout here and also the checkout pages are not responsive like the rest of the site. I have tried emailing you with these problems yet I never get a response. I have updated to the latest files and these problems still exist. Thanks

for this problem, we have emailed you before, what kind of browser you have used? i will check it again and make sure it ok, if not, we will update and email you.

Thanks for the new update all my issues are now fixed. All the checkout now is inline and fully responsive. Great template :)

Hello, I need to know the name of the module that is twitter footer, I need to know to not be displayed. thanks.

hi, you can turn it off in Themecore module, please disable it in Multishop Core module settings

Hello. Where I can translate the following texts in Spanish?. - Featured products - New products - Your account - Log in - Empty Help please. Thank you.

Please use translation function in your prestashop backend to manually translate text to other language

Thanks, but the problem is that I can not find them. Can you help?.

login to your prestashop backend and select menu Localization > Translations Then click on Spain flag after that

Thanks, but the problem is that I can not find them. Can you help?.

Drop us an email to for faster support answer.

Hi! Can I turn off the cart and use the theme as a simple catalog?

Does this theme support cyrillic alphabet?

You can turn off cart like the default cart module of prestashop

Hello, I need to know how active the arrow to click up to the top of the page, because I appear in the front-end. thank you very much

it activated by default, it will appear when you scroll the page down

Well my template never appeared

please make sure you have latest version. you can email us to for more details

Hi, I’m working on a site with your theme, but when a create a submenu from a category products they display it in vertical and no in a horizaontal way.

Could you help me with this????? Thanks.

may be you are still have old version, latest version have fix that problem, please download latest package

I check the version and is the last one (with changes made until “Tue, Feb 26 2013”, also i use it in a prestashop

please email to your site details and we will check it for you

Hi, I just installed Multishop template, but some modules translations are not working: – Blockmulticart; – Blockmultiuserinfo; I have used translations of PrestaShop, and still no change. How should I proceed?

Hi, i just check and it all work well with translation of 2 above modules, you can try to force compile your template, it in your performance settings

I’ve updated to your latest version. Now, in IE10, the product page displays as one column. There is no problem in Firefox or Chrome. Please advise.

Yes, I had it on Force Recompile already. Also, after logging in, the logout link does not display and cart block does not display correctly. This problem only shows on IE10, IE7 displays correctly. If you can check at and see if you also have the display problem on your computer. I will check on other computers running IE10 to see if the problem is just my computer.

Just found compatibility mode was turned on, when I turned it off, everything displays correctly!

Great, any issue please email us to


i have just installed prestashop and need a template to build an eshop for a friend. I have installed PrestaShop v1.5.4.0 – Released on March 26, 2013. Is your theme compatible with this version (latest)?

And something else, will i be able to have greek language installed?

Thank you in advance

not tested yet, but it should work, we will release a new update after tested with new version of Prestashop


I try to use Live Edit function of my Prestashop to change the order of modules (page 15 of your docs) on the home page but I can’t do it. I get an error message on live edit : – TECHNICAL ERROR: Impossible to load modules liste

Could you help me please ?

Tks a lot, Laurence

The error message seem because your prestashop have error, not theme related error. Force clear your cache and try again, hope it help

Hello. I wrote you email on, but you didn’t reply. I have a problem with submenu. You can see it right here Second tub. The first category is working, but if you will open second category with subcategories you will see a bug.

Checked and will release an update, please check the updated time for latest download

which files have i to change for menu and footer latest fixes?

You will be notified when package is updated. Themeforest will send you notify (if this new function work)

Dear friend,

i have successfully installed your theme. A few can i change the header, for example remove the “bookmark” link? How can i add a new page for example next to “legal notice” tab? I’m familiar with coding but i cant find at the moment the files i need to change. Please guide me

how do i remove the “editorial_block_center”??thx

you can remove editorial same way as you remove any module, just login to your admin area and remove it, product can’t be 2 rows right now. it only display in a carousel

got this as well no need to worry (Home text editor)

Hi, my theme not see like the demo, i think some problems! the link is, the slider and the welcome text specific…

I don’t see any error on your site

Thanks for the reply, before you see I change any things. Thanks and great theme