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Great theme, i’ve been using it for over 5 month and had no problem. We just installed several shops on the mutli-shop platform and the only module that doesn’t follow is the “Flexslider” made by eshopthemes. It shows the same sliders on each website. I can try to install the native one on the other sites but was wondering if there was going to be a release of a mutli-shop version ? And how do i get the latest theme version ? Mine is starting to get old.

Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Marc

Hi, with the flexslider you can choose which image for which store, when you change language, it allow you to upload different image and text. You can download from themeforest or send us email to for latest version.

Hi, as explained on your support email, i’ve updated the theme and the module “flexslider”. Works perfect now with multi-shop, you can choose wich slider will appear on each site, just amasing….what a saving of time, in one click i can controle 3 sites now. Thanks again for the help on the great theme, very professional people and hope to see a new one soon ! Kind regards, Marc.

Hi, I want to ask how to disable auto hiding top search input, Thanks

Sorry, there is no option to disable it, but you can email to we will send you a custom css for that

Hi do you supply LESS files for the theme or is it just CSS?


Theme included Bootstrap’s LESS & our Custom skin’s LESS file

hi friend,

i’m trying to add a background image using core Custom Background Settings (Multishop core) but nothing happens. Please help!

I’m using a small square image to cover my background

please check background repeat config, may be you have set it default value. Default value for background repeat is “No Repeat”, change it to Repeat, image will display

hello hi can i translate the content of contact page?? (Customer Service – Contact us)

it’s a default prestashop module, so you can translate it using prestashop translate function

And another can i keep the information block on the footer, but remove it from the left side of the page?


please use hook manager from your prestashop backend, unhook it to clear from left sidebar

Hi, I work with this theme for two months ago, and i have solved some problems as footer columns, but i have one problem now. When i use blocklayered, and i filter by price, pagination didn’t work correctly. If I filter by price, when i click to another page, this filter looses this value. The problem is the themes/multishop/pagination.tpl file, because if i change this file with the default pagination.tpl it works correctly. Can you fix this issue? Regards

current version have no issue with layered block, if you have buy it already, please download latest version to update it

Hi, i have PS (Disabled Mobile) but the scrolling dont work in responsive mode (Iphone) here´s the demo

Can you help me?


Hi, already disabled, the mobile look fine, but no scrolling down…in the iphone, ipad, android, etc….

already disable the default prestashop mobile theme, display the theme in responsive mode..but i cant scrolling down like in demo in iphone…

we can’t access your demo store, please send your infomation to support[at]

Hello, i would like to add a second column to the theme, right or left. Is possible?


currently, there is no option to add column, to left or right, the theme have fixed number of columns

The theme has a problem with translations, does not work on the modules as CART, Our Brand, Featured products … How can we fix this? I tried another theme and if it works, but fails to translate MULTISHOP modules.

if you have purchased it, please email to our support

what about PrestaShop 1.5.5 ?

please wait our new update version

Hi, i have PS My site has problems with translation on the modules that this theme owns. The translation in the original modules woks fine. I have installed Spanish, Portuguese and English (Great Britain), and no translation is being applied in multishop modules when the language changes. How can i fix it? Thanks

the last time i check our demo translation still work well. Because by default it did not have other translation than English so you have to translate it manually.

Hi, i am adding a cms category in module “Multishop Top horizontal menu”. it is displayed in top menu but clicks to cms pages are not working. product categories are ok though. how should i solve this? thank you. c.

any solution please?

i have check your issue and see no problem on our demo. can you email to our support?

I’ve also problem with Multishop-Modul translation, i bought this theme before 6 months, I have the same problem like comment above. I’ve the Prestashop 1.5.5 in German language, all the other standart moduls works and i can translate all, only the Multishop-moduls i can’t.

Translation still work well, please make sure you have disable cache, and force reload after any translation, in case you see blank fields in your backend, just input you translations.

Hello, great theme! When will this be updated to work with Prestashop 1.5.5?

we are working on a update right now

Hello, I’m interested in buying your template but I first I need to know if I can have a very long homepage (not with just the last 4 products) without the side slide effect for my products, like this website

Is it possible?


I’ve been using Multishop on this shop and came across two problems recently:

1. When a client sends a message through the Contact page, the message gets to the backend but it doesn’t go to the email account it’s linked to. This is very important because I get a lot of questions and I can’t be checking the backend on my cell phone all the time when I’m on the road.

2. I can’t add accesories to the products. I can choose which accessories to add, but when I save the changes it erases the selection I made. This is certainly making me lose potential sales.

I’ve sent you an email to your support email address, but I’m writing here just in case. Maybe it’s not an issue for you to tackle, but these problems have surfaced recently and I can’t do anything from the backend. Thanks.

I have answered your email, right after i receive your email, first is because you did not config contact email or your server email have issue, and the second is belong to accessories module, that it not native prestashop module, you need to contact module developer.

Awesome, thanks!

Will you fix the twitter feed on my site or not?

hi, the twitter is fixed with latest update package, have you updated it yet?

Can your theme be changed to add a floating shopping cart. The cart is out of view when scrolling down the product page so customers don’t see the checkout cart.

Hello, Is possible to move the “Search bar” next to the horizontal menu? Thanks