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Nice theme! GLWS :D

Thank you for your comment! :)

great theme.but i tested with ie10 add to cart is not working.change browser mode -press f12 and emutale browser mode ie9 it is working.

It works very fine for me on ie10 too…

Excuse me maybe my ie10 setting is not correct.Because Add to Cart button no site did not work properly.

Just double checked it right now and it works very good. Let’s talk on the email, i need to see what’s happening on your computer.

good theme.

You have a problem in the category product page with Safari…

This is how it looks like in Safari: http://cl.ly/image/3D2I2o2X3i2o This is the page: http://multishop.fresh-pixel.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_28



Hi, thanks for your message but it looks ok for me on the Safari. Here is the screenshot. I don’t know what version of safari do you have, maybe you need an update.



I don’t know what you have done but it’s corrected.

Nothing, just a screenshot :) Next time, try to refresh your page a few times, clear your cookies/cache then check the page again.

Congratz , good luck with sales .

Thank you!

Thanks for your message! This issue will be solved in the next update. There are only a few pages with this situation, especially the pages with something on the right column. A quick fix for this would be to move the modules from the right (Login, Affiliate, Register) on the left column.

Great work!

Could you give me the #color of the teal elements? Im gonna swap it with another color. Also, where is the png for the triangle in the New Items corner located?

I found the color. What i was refering to was the blueish color on all the small elements, like when you’re hovering links. But the “New” remains unfound. Cant seem to locate it in the sprite-file.

Allso theres a few bugs with the footer, like in the login. Ifs a few ’s short, so the footer is inside the body-wrapper, making it not full width.

And my order-information inside the account pages does not show correctly. Anyone else have that problem?


Create an account on that page, mage an order and go to the order info. That does not look good.

Just released an update for this template, can you please update the files? If you still have problems, please contact me on the email. Thanks!

Nice template man. I was wondering, if I bought this template, could you add a pdf image preview feature to this. I’m selling poster prints of all sizes,and my customer needs to be able to preview the pdf file after it’s uploaded. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, thanks for your interest. If you know there is any plugin or module who can do that, i might help you. Just show an example to me and i will let you know what can i do. Thanks!

Hi, Is it possible to embed HTML into a custom page or an “About Me” page? I wanted to embed an html form from www.jotform.com.

Yes. You can do that.

With some custom CSS coding you can do anything :)

Loving the theme so far.

Image pop ups aren’t working for me though. Larger images just open in the browser window.

Am I missing an extension or set up item?

What did you use in your demo site?

Many thanks


On the home page those scripts aren’t loaded, but on the product page, they are in the header. The line responsible with loading those js files is this (and it is in the header):

<?php foreach ($scripts as $script) { ?> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”<?php echo $script; ?>”></script> <?php } ?>

Thats great – thanks, helpful to know how it works :-)

Enjoy it! :)

is it possible to change color? Does it have some color chemes?

sounds good. How can we assign these ? I want orang+green scheme :)

It’s easy, but unfortunately i’m out of town until Sunday night and i can’t make the changes for you right now.

i can wait :) it’s ok. Have good weekend!

When will be the next update of this theme?

Hello, thanks for coming back. I don’t have any plan to create more schemes for this template. If you want to buy it, so we customize it later, that’s ok… i can help. Otherwise, the next update will come when i will see any errors / issues with the template.


Excellent Minimal Theme Really easy in customization even with responsive items

I loved it.. soon i will post what i have done with it!


Thank you! Enjoy it! :)

Please use a nice language! And also please send me an email when you have problems, i have answers to all questions.

Good afternoon, this theme works on the version of open cart http://themeforest.net/item/multishop-quality-responsive-opencart-template/4525734

I had a problem with a purchase. My two partners bought the same theme. One in the name of Andrea Mihaliuc and another in the name of Ana Maria Lima Chagas. Help me!! : (One paid by paypal and other such credit. Please help me to cancel one of the shop?

Just open a ticket to the Envato, they can do that for you after they check the purchases.

Thank you!

Hello, can I use it on version 1.5.6?

It will throw some errors on the header but we can fix that. A new update will come very soon on this template too.

Vary Bad Support there was BUG in theme and i mention it, it took them more than week to fix that, and they just ask me to download again.

i ask them to provide me manual updating on product.tpl file, but they never did.

so i need to download all again and then do all the modification in template, which i did in last 2 weeks as they can’t let me know about one simple jquery update in product.tpl

really disappointed with this kind of support.


Never Suggest :(

Why do you say that? I have all the mails here and i can post them anytime. You sent me the first mail on 28th Dec, anyone is in holiday in that time, today is 2nd of January and i made a full update of the template. I also sent you only the updated file so you won’t need to replace the entire template but… you are the master here! :) Cheers!

Hello, are you planning on upgrading the theme to 2.x ?

Yes, that will come very soon.