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Clearn Design Good luck with sales! :)

Thank You !

Nice! Powodzenia w sprzedazy! :)

Dzieki Kuba ! ;)

Great !...
Congrats :)


Nice and clean design, powodzenia!

Thank You Mr !

Nice theme! good luck


A few things:

1. the social media icons (youtube etc) show up off centered. Like all the way on the right. I tried this in chrome and internet explorer and they both show up that way.

2. Are the only colors to change the menu bar those gray and white?

3. Is it possible to have a custom background image?

Please answer these so I can consider purchasing.

this theme is for OpenCart version or higher? Thank you!

48 hours and no response on her or via email. I can’t imagine purchasing this when the developer doesn’t respond in a timely manner :(

I am considering purchasing this theme for an online store and had a question regarding this theme. Are you able to have a drop down menu or radio buttons for an item so you can chose different variations of the same product when adding it to the cart? Thanks

Hello, I really like your theme, but I have some questions: 1. Is it possible to edit to more colors for the background pattern, inside background and menu background? 2. Do you know if it is possible to add a forum extension/plugin/module to the theme? 3. My business is of electronics. I would like to write some tutorials which will be mainly text, images and videos to YouTube, do you think it’s possible to add a section of “Tutorials” in the menu?

Thank you!

I will re-write the post and add some other questions…....... I might buy it soon, I like it very much. 1) Is there a way to change the colors a bit more? I have specific colors for different things, such as the footer, the main menu, the header, background, etc. 2) Do you know a forum that can be put to the theme? 3) Can a sidebar be added in the left with the product categories in the home page too?

Thank you.

I can create for you colors what you need, it’s not problem:) only tell me more about colors. 2) Forum? show me module and I add support to forum, abot question 3. In this version, no. But I can create this.

Hi! I have just bought the Multshop template from themeforest and it rocks!

Althought, i have some questions: 1. How can i disable the image-additional class inside the product page??? Is really annoying to get an empty space if no additional images exist. 2. How do i enable the “zoom in” effect in product images?? I have seen it in the demo, but it does not work in my installation. 3. How can i center the image title?? Text-align:center is not working….

I am using opencart version

Thank you for your time!

Hey any help here??

contact with me via email: ghubka@gmail.com or facebook(link in TF account) , I really don’t understand your problem, I install theme for test and all work good.

Hi there, How does your template work on tablets and smartphones? Do you have a demo or screenshots to show it?