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zookini Purchased

Hi Eugene, the IG feed is not working for Munch WP Theme? I triple checked the developer client API settings, feed name etc, the gallery images do not display.

The feed was replaced with a recommended plugin because the Instagram API was changed. Update the theme to the latest version and install the plugin and you should be fine.

Hi there!

I am using your theme since a couple of days and I really like it. There is just one thing what is not working properly: the main menu collapses when I’m scrolling over it on mobile/tablet. Is there a theme modification available to prevent the menu form collapsing? It is hardly possible to use the main menu on mobile. My website is:

Kind regards, Vincent Mullenders B&V Webdesign

The fix is dependent on the device width. There’s some Javascript in the theme that closes the menu on window resize to prevent the menu for getting bugged when switching between layouts. When you scroll up on an iOS device the window resizes to show the address bar. I have disabled that piece of code on the smallest navigation layout when the window width is below 769px. I’ll see what effect disabling that code on the next smallest layout has.

Hi, I think you have to disable that piece of code for device widths smaller then 1025px. For now I disabled the theme menu for screen sizes smaller then 1025 px and use a third party responsive menu plugin. It would be nice to use the standard theme menu in the future.

I saw you fixed the issue, thank you!

Hi Eugene, I also have same problem about the IG feed is not working, after I update the Munch theme to the latest version, then told me to install the WP instagram widget plugin, when I activate the plugin, I can’t saw any thing on my main page, every thing disappear, what can I do now?

OK, I will test it, thanks a lot.

If that doesn’t work you might need to update the version of PHP used on your server. You should be able to do that by contacting your host.

Eugene, thanks a lot, after I update the wordpress version, the WP Instagram plugin is work, the problem solved.

Hello, i have some problem with gmap. As you can see in this page: the map doesn’t work. It seems that the api key is missing. How to fix it? Thank you. Andrea

Hi Andrea,

First, you need to update to the latest version of the theme. You can download the latest version from your ThemeForest downloads page.

Then you will need to follow the instructions on the page’s edit screen (in the Map Settings tab) to generate a Google Maps API key. Add the Key to the Google Maps API Key text box and the map should display as normal.

I hope that helps. - Obi

Hi, updating the version will overwrite all the settings?

No you’re settings and content will remain the same except for any settings that are no longer in the theme, for example the map address option is now a LatLng option that expects coordinates instead of a street address so you’ll have to update that setting on the page’s edit screen.

  • Download the updated version from your ThemeForest account.
  • Delete the Munch theme from your site. If you are using a child theme do not delete the child theme.
  • Upload and activate the new version of the theme.

Hello, I’m getting the following error. I’ve checked the client ID and even reset it and still get the same error. This was working previously. Can you assist?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/recessbeergarden/public_html/wp-content/themes/munch/functions.php on line 1548 Something went wrong: Unable to display recessbeergarden’s Instagram feed



The Instagram feed was removed and replaced with a recommended widget due to changes in the Instagram API.

Update to the latest version of the theme and go to Appearance > Install Plugins to get the recommended widget. You can then configure the gallery in the Theme Options (for the footer gallery) or the page edit screen for the gallery page template.

- Obi

Hi, writing to let you know that the html that I had in several subheadings and Google tour slide inserts are not displaying after update. Our home page is now displaying naked code in places! The lat/long coordinates had been washed out from the Contact page so I was able to restore the Google map to our locations, but the iframes for the Google tour videos are intact and in place, yet the tour videos are not displaying. This is the first time I have seen the html exposed in our subheadings and we need to get that corrected as soon as we can. Is there something I need to do to restore these features?


That will be the caused by the same change. The slider content is expected to be purely text so the content is escaped with the wp_kses() function to only allow certain HTML tags (<small>, <br/>, <em> and <strong>). Any other HTML is removed before being output.

If you want to output html in the slider I would recommend copying the ft-home.php template file to your child theme and removing the wp_kses() function from $slide['description'].

- Eugene

Oh boy. I tried your last suggestion to remove wp_kses from ft-home.php and must not have done it right as it completely wonked the site. So I reverted to the parent theme, and most things are fine again, but even though I didn’t change anything in the theme files a couple of problems persist: 1. In the home slider, instead of displaying the title as written in the page editor, it says “Array” on each slide, and 2. the social icons are missing from the footer. I think I will roll back to the last version of the site and redo the home page text as before and see how it works.


My instructions before weren’t very clear. Sorry about that.

In ft-home.php this:
<h1><?php echo wp_kses( $slide['description'], array( 'small' => array(), 'br' => array(), 'em' => array(), 'strong' => array() ) ); ?></h1>
Would become just this:
<h1><?php echo $slide['description']; ?></h1>

This is all assuming you are adding the google tour by placing the code in the “Slide Content” text field.

- Eugene


Imroah Purchased

Hi, I am trying to fix google map on my contact page, but I am affraid there is something wrong I am doing. I am trying to get right API key for Google Maps, looks fine, but when I put code into setting of theme, nothing happens.

I have updated WP and Theme too (today)

thx m.


After a quick test I can see there is a bug.

I’ll post an update tomorrow but its really easy to fix yourself while you wait for the update.

In ft-contact.php change this line:
<?php if ( isset( $munch_theme_settings['custom-map-pin']['url'] ) ) { ?>
to this:
<?php if ( $munch_theme_settings['custom-map-pin']['url'] != "" ) { ?>

I hope that helps.

- Eugene


The updated version of the theme has been uploaded. Please also note that the Google Map API Key field has been moved from the theme options to the page edit screen so that it’s with the other map related options. You will have to reenter you Google Map API key for the map to work.

If you have any further problems don’t hesitate to contact us.

- Eugene


west54 Purchased

The homepage slider has disappeared from the live site. I can still see the setting the page editor, but the images in the slider are not appearing on the frontpage – I haven’t made any changes or uploaded any new plugins.


Please post a link to the page on your website where the issue can be seen so that we can investigate further.



west54 Purchased

Hello, the site is The slider used to be between the black and white photos you see and the header.

There’s nothing obvious that I can see on the page itself that is causing the issue. However, I can see you’re using a very outdated version of the theme which could be the cause. I would first recommend updating to the latest version to eliminate that as the cause.

I can see you have made some customizations. It’s always best to make modifications to a WordPress theme using a child theme so that the parent theme remains untouched. This allows for the parent theme to be easily updated without affecting your changes.


Hey, just bought this theme and I thought it would be easier but its not. I wish to make my site – – exatly as I saw here . Can you help me WebsiteSmash ? My skype BartekMaliszewski007

Another question here it says that I have shortcodes for OpenTable but I cant see these shortcodes


I’ll give you a run through of how to recreate the homepage (Home template), Our Story page (parallax template) and menu pages of the demo.

You can, of course, import the demo content XML included in the theme download for a head start as it contains the exact site structure you see in the demo (excluding the images).


The theme includes a custom “Home” template which is used on the homepage of the demo.
  • Create a new page or go to your homepage’s edit screen and select “Home” from the Template drop-down menu.
  • Add any content you want to display in the main page content to the content editor. The demo has only the [funky_opentable] shortcode in the homepage content editor.
  • Scroll down the page to Page Options and click on the General Settings tab. Turn off “Show Title” so that the title is not displayed on the page.
  • To add the slider scroll down to the Home Template Options box and click on the Slider Settings tab. Here you can set the slides duration add the slides.
  • To add the boxes at the bottom of the homepage go to the Home Template Options box and click the “Grid Settings” tab. Here you can set the number of columns the boxes will be arranged into and add each grid square.
  • Click the Publish or Update button and your homepage is done.

Parallax page

The “Parallax” template is used on the Our Story page of the theme demo:
  • Create a new page and select “Parallax” from the Template drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the Parallax Template Options box. Here you can create each of the parallax sections to show on the page. Each section should have a background image, a title and the text content you want to appear in that section:
  • Click the Publish or Update button and your parallax is done.


The menu pages on the theme demo are created using a hierarchy structure (this allows the theme to automatically create links in the sidebar.
  • Create a parent “Menu” page. It doesn’t need to have any content.
  • Create a page for each menu “section” such as Breakfast, Dinner, Drinks, etc and set the first “Menu” page you created as the parent of all of them.
  • On each of the child pages scroll down to the Page Options box and click on the Sidebar Settings tab. In the Sidebar Settings tab make sure the “Show Subpage Sidebar” option is enabled.
  • The page content for the menu pages on the demo are created using a combination of the [funky_half] shortcode to create the two-column layout and the [funky_menu_item] shortcode to add each menu item.


A full list of the shortcodes in the two plugins can be found on this page of the demo:

The shortcode you were looking for can be found here in the content editor:

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions feel free to reply below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

- Obi

IG Feeds. Just updated to the newest theme version. My Instagram feed works, but does not display properly. Instead of a grid, is stacks the images. Is there any way of setting the grid like the last version of the theme?

Here are some example pages


The Instagram feed is displaying correctly when I view those pages on your site. This makes me think it’s because of a cached stylesheet being loaded on your computer. Try clearing the browser cache and let me know if that works.

- Eugene

I have this theme and love it. I just noticed a blue box popped up in my header though. Any idea on how to fix this?

How can we remedy this? I still cannot fix the issue.

Weve added no custom code


I’ve checked your site in Chrome and Firefox and I’m not seeing the blue border issue anymore. If it’s still there for you let me know what browser you are using and take a screenshot of the problem.

I’d also recommend clearing your browser cache in case you are loading old page code.

- Obi


nirac Purchased

Hello. I’m really liking the theme.

I was wondering if it’s possible to add a widget to the footer? I’m using Spider Calendar, which has a widget already supplied that I’m using on the Events page. I’m having a tough time getting the widget to register in the footer. The best I’ve been able to get is a blank grey rectangle in the area I want in the footer, but I can’t get it to register in the admin page to apply the calendar. Can you give me any tips on this?


There is no footer widget ready area registered in the theme so to add one you will have to first register a new widget area and then style the widget area.

1. Register the sidebar in the child theme’s functions.php file. This will add the sidebar to the Appearance > Widgets page. 2.) Output the widget sidebar in the child theme’s footer.php file.

3.) Style the new sidebar in the child theme’s style.css file.

I haven’t provided the exact code but there is enough on the WordPress codex pages that I have linked to guide you in the right direction. Here is another tutorial to help:

- Obi


nirac Purchased

Thank you so much for the links! I’ve still got some styling to do to make it look right on small screens, but it’s working now. I really do need to learn to start at the codex. Those pages made a lot more sense than any of the tutorials I was trying to follow.

Thanks again! I appreciate your help.

Hi, really like the theme!

How do I change the font size and line height in the contact box next to the logo on the homepage?



Font sizes and line height must be changed using standard CSS.

First you will need to identify the CSS elements the styles are being applied to. You can do this using your web browser’s developer tools/inspect element.

Once you have found the CSS selector you can apply the new font-size and line-height in a child theme style.css using those selectors.

In this case you would use this:
.site-header {

- Obi

Heyo! I’ve looked at the footer.php, what elements are to be modified to make the email in the footer – workable?

Please advise…


In footer.php change this:
<span class="email" itemprop="email"><?php echo esc_html( $munch_theme_settings['email'] ); ?></span>
to a mailto link along the lines of this:
<a href="<?php echo esc_url( 'mailto:'. $munch_theme_settings['email'] ); ?>" class="email" itemprop="email"><?php echo esc_html( $munch_theme_settings['email'] ); ?></a>

The above code is untested so you might need to do more tweaking to get exactly what you’re looking for.

- Obi


I am very upset we bought this template a couple of months back and it is running on – Tried support as well as facebook but no answer. I need to know why there are no sub-menus supported in this template? I need Light Meals to go to “Starters” and “Focaccio Breads” and “Soup” for example and I see when I use the menu system it just removes all sub-items. Very important for a website to have submenus. I need this sorted ASAP.


We respond to all support issues posted here in the item comments within 48 hours and usually respond within 12. As you can see from our track record from other posts across all our items on Envato we’re pretty on the ball with that.

I’ve looked back through all the comments on this item over the past year and I can not see any posts from your account. It also appears you also do not have a buyers badge or support badge by your name which leads me to believe you used a different account to make the purchase.

As to your question, sub menus are absolutely supported in the theme as you can see from the demo, however they are limited to a depth of no more than two. This is clearly shown in the demo and is a conscious design choice as research shows that too much choice in navigation menus has a negative effect on buyer behaviour. Instead, you can make use of sub page / sibling page links in page sidebars as shown in the demo (

Using the latest theme, google map does not show up on the contact page. API key and lat/lng values are both entered.

Thanks for letting us know about this bug.

There was a misnamed option in the contact page template as a result of changes we made when Google Maps introduced the mandatory API keys. The error didn’t occur on any of our test setups because the misnamed option also existed in our WordPress installations.

We’ll get it corrected and submit an update today.

- Obi

With this update, the map shows up properly, but the contact form is not present. Is this something I need to add manually e.g. via Contact Form 7?

That is correct.

Trying to figure out how you structured the menu pages. So when you click on the menu link, it takes you to the breakfast page. How can the breakfast page be a child page to the menu page while the contents are identical?

You’re correct for all three sub pages to show the same sidebar links they must all have the same parent page. There is a Menu page but it is completely pretty much blank as it is only used as a parent for the other menu sub pages as shown in the images below.

By setting Breakfast, Dinner and Drinks as a child of Menu you should get the sidebar links on all three child pages.

The Menu page is not used at all in the navigation menu as explained before, although there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it in the navigation menu if the Menu page contains content worth visitor’s seeing.

I hope that makes sense.

- Eugene

It makes sense now thanks. One more thing: these child pages do not show on the footer links area even though the parent menu items are displayed. Is it possible to show all pages there including child pages?

The footer links menu is intentionally only one level deep. This is to preserve the theme layout. You can create a separate second menu to use as the footer links that has all the pages as one flat menu.

Just to report a bug, when you insert a funky divider (thick), the inserted shortcode is [funky_divider style=”thick] without the closing quote which does not apply the proper class to the hairline.


Bezfous Purchased

Hi, awesome template! I have a small problem with tables. They look ok on pc and tablets, but on smartphones they are probably too squeezed on the screen and the whole table “kill” all the colums and they are transformed to rows. Same on PC when i squeeze my browser. Is there any way how to fix this? Thans for answer


Bezfous Purchased

just found the solution here. Awesome template thanks!

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: Is it possible to purchase the Funky Restaurants Plugin separately? I’m looking for something to provide Bookatable and Opentable support like this plugin does?

You are welcome to use the Funky Restaurant plugin but it comes as is and without support. It was made only to be used with the Munch theme so we are not able to guarantee compatibility.

- Eugene

Thanks. Much appreciated. Will be running tests.