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Hi. The slideshow on the Home page on my site is now black, instead of showing the images. There are no errors in the console and all plugins/themes/Wordpress are up to date so your help would be greatly appreciated.

Link to the page – http://www.wondercafe.co.uk/. Thanks in advance.

Looking at the page code I can see there is some custom CSS being added that is hiding the slider image (along with several other elements).

.widget.null-instagram-feed, .page-gallery, .instagram-pics, .sequence-frame, .post-feature-image{
    display: none;

I can think this CSS has been added to the Custom CSS field in the WordPress Customizer.

Appearance > Customize > General > Custom CSS

Replacing the above CSS with the following will fix the slider image:

.widget.null-instagram-feed, .instagram-pics {display: none;}

I hope that helps. - Eugene

That’s perfect, thanks so much.