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I have been customising the Munch child theme after installing the Munch theme. It has been working perfectly but now the top navigation is squishing into the right side. It is creating a gap between the buttons and putting the odd one below overlaying my home page slider. I played with the ‘Contact” section in the “Theme Options” tab with no change. I have changed the menus in “Appearance” and that did not work either.

Thanks for the help.


You are seeing the maintenance page. If you want to private message me I can send you my login and password.

I’ll need to see the actual theme on the site. You can send a message with login details via the contact form on our profile.

Hi Ryan,

We’ve had no reply from the last email we sent. We were unable to access your site using the login details you provided. If you still need help with this issue please double check the login credentials and get back to us via the same email address as before.

- Eugene

I am having an issue with the navigation hover I can’t seem to resolve.

1. Disable the hovering tiles from overhanging into the slider area. There is a current overhang of 20px or so upon hovering.

2. When hovering, two of three tiles are aligned with top. The third tile has padding for some reason. How to disable this also?

Everything works great. Thanks!


Post a link to the page on your site where the issues can be seen and I will take a look.

- Obi

Hello – My site was hacked recently and I’ve cleaned it up and gotten it back to normal, but I can’t seem to get the revolution slider to work on the home page anymore. It’s active on the backend of my site, but the pictures don’t show up on the front end. Have you ever run into this before?

Thanks, Michael

You can test to see if the lightbox plugin is definitely the cause by disabling the plugin.

If the plugin JS error is the problem you’ll have to contact the plugin developer through their support channels or find a different lightbox plugin to use.

- Obi

Thanks Obi – the updated version of the lightbox I’m using doesn’t work with the newest version of WP.

Is there a recommended lightbox plugin for this theme?

- Michael


There’s no recommended lightbox plugin. If the lightbox plugin works with the standard gallery shortcode included with WordPress, then it should work with the theme’s gallery page template.

- Obi


rjflett Purchased

The map on the contact form was working and then all of the sudden disappeared and I have been unable to get it back. I have updated the API Key and included the correct Long/Lats.

Can you help?


Without being able to see the page all I can do is guess, but the most likely cause is either the API key is invalid or the coordinates are incorrectly formatted.

Open the contact page in Chrome and press F12 to access the developer tools. Then click on the Console tab and look for any JS error messages from the google maps API.

If all else fails try creating a new contact page.

- Obi