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Hello, im considering purchasing the theme but I have a couple of questions, would it possible to install a login system into your theme so that I can have users logging into the site for purchasing services? I’m assuming these would be plugins external from your theme but I just wanted to make sure there are no problems. Also payment systems for credit cards or other systems as well. Thank you for your help .

Theoretically you could install any third party plugins however you may need to disable ajax page transitions. Regards

If I diable ajx page transition, does that remove the way your theme operates?

Yes, the seamless page transitions you see in our demo will be replaced by the normal preloader.

I’m a filmmaker, love the theme and just had two questions before making my purchase.

1) Since my portfolio is all videos, the essential functionality I need is to be able to have each of the thumbnails, when clicked, open a video in a lightbox. Do you have any examples of this?

2) Do you have a category filter for the portfolio?

Great work and thank you!


1) the portfolio videos are self hosted videos, they appear as fullscreen slides or hero headers however not in a lightbox popup

2) yes, you can filter portfolio items with categories in all portfolio page templates.


You are a true artist, can you please tell me what font you used to make the logo “munio” http://clapat.ro/themes/munio-wordpress/wp-content/themes/munio/images/logo-white.png


Hi. Nice theme. Is there a light version to this theme? And is it possible to use Hotspot on images? Thanks

You can set pages with light background as opposed to dark background in our demo. Are you planning using a plugin for the Hotspot? Thanks

Hi! I bought the template and it is very good. But I have only one problem: After uploading my works to the portfolio folder, clicking on it redirects me to the 404 error page … how do I solve this?

Hello, plz refresh your permalinks by going to admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and just press Save. Thanks

I just bought you theme and was wondering how do I get the same/similar content as the demo? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for buying, if you open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com we can import demo data for you.


cacpi Purchased

Really glad I took this theme, parallax effect, animation, everything is perfect for my use. And the big plus is the very responsive support! Very thank you

Thank you! :)

Just wondering which css file I use to update font-family


Although we do not recommend changing the fonts (because you may need to do a lot of collateral changes – margins, paddings etc) you can use plugin such Easy Google Fonts




or for custom fonts

How can I add my own custom icons/fonts to the theme? https://clapat.ticksy.com/article/4290


Hi, Clapat. 1. May I know where can I enable the video background on homepage? 2. Is it possible to disable the menu on scroll?

Hi, I start with point number 2: making the menu fixed on scroll will breal the existing structure

Regarding the video on mobile: It is not recommended, as a general practice, having videos autoplaying on mobile (and taking in consideration different data mobile plans and different networks streaming speeds). Also, the problem with ios devices is they interpret the HTML 5 videos as videos without player so they will embed it it in a popup player. You should provide a poster image (hero image) for mobile in video portfolio options.

However, to enable video on mobile try the following:

1. add
@media only screen and (max-width: 1024px){      
     .hero-video-wrapper {         
         display: block;         
         visibility: visible;      
in customizer -> additional CSS 2. open/js.scripts.js and remove the following lines:
var viewportWidth = $(window).width(); if (viewportWidth < 1024) {      $('.hero-video-wrapper').remove();   }
hard refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) when you are done. 3. go to showcase-page.php and change the following line
<video loop muted class="bgvid">

<video loop muted playsinline class=”bgvid”>

same thing for /sections/hero_image_section.php


Hi, the Showcase Template set on my home page doesn’t seem to include my latest Portfolio item. How can I fix this?

I don’t think I did. I have “All categories” selected in the Customise > Portfolio section. The only way i found to fix this for now, is to assign this item to a previous category (as the one I’m using for this specific item is a new category).

Where do you set the categories to include exactly?

Hi there, it’s the showcase page options, you can specify one or more category slugs

I am a filmmaker and I would like to buy this theme, but I realized the videos don’t play on mobile at all, not on the home page or when you click on them. Is there a way to get them to play either automatically or by clicking on them?

Hi, It is not recommended, as a general practice, having videos autoplaying on mobile (and taking in consideration different data mobile plans and different networks streaming speeds). Also, the problem with ios devices is they interpret the HTML 5 videos as videos without player – so they will embed it it in a popup player. You should provide a poster image (hero image) for mobile in video portfolio options.

However it is possible to enable showcase and hero section videos on mobile.


Hello! how to change the name of portfolio? is need via CSS or ?

domain name/munio_portfolio/ i want to put another name or only portfolio. Thanks

You can go to customizer -> portfolio settings to change the custom slug. Just enter your own and after saving the changes go to Settings -> Permalinks and press ‘Save’ to refresh them.

In order to completely remove it you may want to use a plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/remove-cpt-base/


Is perfect now. THANKS!

Hi there,

I am impressed from this amazing and dynamic theme! I was just wondering how can I add some button gradient background on mouse hover. Can you help me on this, please?

Many thanks. Massimiliano

Hello Massimiliano Thank you, can you give us more details? what button you want to apply the gradient on hover and similar to what? if you can send these details in a private comment on clapat.ticksy.com. Best

Hi, Is there a way to change or disable the animation in the slide titles on the home page?

Hi, it is possible to disable the animation effect for titles. Thanks

Hi! That’s simply one of the best themes I’ve ever used. Just bought it for my photography project – it’s awsome! Website is done but I’m wondering about adding one more thing – some informaction as first portfolio on front page but not linking to any subpage. Below this one section – standard portfolio as it is right now. Is it possible? :) Thanks in advance!

Hi! You can use portfolio creative template (the mixed version) where you can add content above or below the thumbnails grid. Thanks

Hello, your theme is compatible 5.5.x and + ??

Yes, it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Thanks


mkt2015 Purchased

This theme does not seem to have the ability to generate different pages using the Portfolio and Portfolio Mixed “template” formats purported to be available in the template. When you create 20 different Portfolio Items and want the first ten to display under a Page Portfolio A and then next 10 Portfolio Items to display under Page Portfolio B, there is no CATEGORY FILTER slot on Page form to allow you to group a subset of Portfolio Items for Page A and the remaining as a subset for Page B. The Category Filter is available only if you are using a Page for SHOWCASE (The SHOWCASE format is the same as the home page format/main slider). The Category Filter slot is notably absent from the Page form when you need to create multiple DISTINCT Portfolio grids FOR DIFFERENT PAGES. There is NO WAY to distincly group Portfolio Items for separate pages. All Portfolio Items which are created for the Home Page slider (Showcase) end up being redisplayed with the Portfolio Items created for a Masonry Grid Page or a Portfolio WORKS page and there is no way to create different Portfolio Pages, all the Portfolio Items display again and again no matter how many different Pages you try to create when you select the Portfolio format or Portfolio Mixed format. I created a ticket for this issue several days ago and I am still waiting for someone to respond on this issue. If a Category Filter is not available for Pages using the two Portfolio formats available, then the Munio template is VERY THIN in that you can use Portfolio Items only to make the home page slider elements and all of them will display in any Portfolio page you create, your slides will repeat in the Portfolio pages rather than create new and different content for the Portfolio pages, if this is the case, this would make Munio a very stylish but weak design that allows the buyer to create a very flat site with only a home page slides and pages that would need to be made using standard Wordpress plugs outside of the theme template. There are no additional provisions in the template to create additional pages like Team or Services using a different pre-set formatting structure from the main aesthetic of the theme. NOT HAVING A CATEGORY FILTER FOR THE PORTFOLIO and MIXED PORTFOLIO page tab is a very serious omission in design.


1. To upgrade the theme: Download the latest version from envato (installable Wordpress file) In admin dashboard: remove the old theme and install the new version or using FTP remove the theme folder from /wp-content/themes/ and then copy the new version You will not lose the changes if you added content, uploaded media or changed theme/page options. if you haven’t modified the theme files you should be fine.

2. the portfolio items are displayed in chronological order

3. with
.title {
    font-size: 120px;

.subtitle {
    font-size: 16px;

in customizer -> additional CSS, change the value in pixels


mkt2015 Purchased

thank you ClaPat, on item 2, the portfolio items, any way we can add a patch so the form for Portfolio Items can be assigned an “ORDER” value? I tried adding a drag and drop plugin to reorder the portfolio items but it did not behave as advertised, I could reorder the Portfolio Items via drag and drop just fine, but whenever I clicked on the first slide TITLE it jumped to the last SLIDE AND FROM THERE IT RAN CHRONOLOGICALLY through the second slide to the first. So the drag and drop plugin option did not really work, do you have a way of implementing an ORDER value on the Portfolio Items via a php or JS patch?

You can basically modify the way portfolio items are fetched from database by altering the wp query that looks similar in all portfolio layouts. For example portfolio grid (portfolio-page.php)
$munio_args = array(
                                        'post_type' => 'munio_portfolio',
                                        'paged' => $munio_paged,
                                        'tax_query' => $munio_portfolio_tax_query,
                                        'posts_per_page' => 1000,

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