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Nice job,GLWS o7

Thanks, much appreciated

Great job ! GLWS :)

Thanks, much appreciated

Nice coming soon page! :)

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Thank you AirTheme!

Hey, looks great – presale question though.. the social icons in the top left aren’t being recognized as links in any of the demos… is this a bug? I don’t see a hover effect, and my browser isn’t indicating it’s clickable, and when I click nothing happens.

Update: My browser recognizes them as links in the tablet and mobile version of the site, just not the desktop version where they’re listed vertically.


Thanks for feedback. It was an issue with z-index. Now I’m waiting for approval. So the new version will soon be available for download.

Best Michael

i tried to change the favcon but not working !


See code for favcons: Use favicon generator:

Best Michael

i removed the whole code but the original theme icon is still there !! any idea?


Please delete browser cache.

Best Michael

Thanks for the nice Page!

Hey Alphavader,

Thanks for purchase. You can change the images of the page slideshow at line 104 of main.js See code: You can also change the duration of the slide and the transition time, each value is in milliseconds.

The video background sample doesn’t seem to play in an ipad or android phone, but also doesn’t show the backup jpeg.

Can you help?


Thanks for purchase. Fix is ready. See on ipad: For an hour I’ll upload update for approval and later you will be able to download it.

Best Regards Michael

Thanks for the update and quick fix. Is the ipad fix pulling a fallback jpeg?


I’ve added the fix – if you are using a mobile device, you’ll see the image.. This is a good solution because not all mobile devices support background video with autoplay. If you need something extra – write.

Best Regards Michael

Quick question :

How do I change the DOT navigation buttons to just WORD links??


Thanks for purchase.

Replace the navigation code with this code:

If you have any questions send me message – I’d be happy to help.

Best Regards Michael

Hi. This is perfect. Is it possible to make the clock count up instead of down? I’m doing a page on a newborn child and his dad would like to track the days/clock since he was born. Thanks

Hey, Unfortunately this is not possible. Best Regards Michael

I cant’ seem to find the index.html file in the HTML folder?

I’ve inboxed you.

Hi, Thank you for this easy working theme !

I have just a problem, how i can put a footer ?

Thank you. Regards mmx


Code: Copy and paste to the file style.css I’m sorry that it took so long – I have plenty of work.

Thanks Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks ! but, where i paste the code ? I have 17 Section in style.css

  • 1.0 – CSS Reset
  • 2.0 – Bootstrap fix for WinPhone 8 and IE10
  • 3.0 – Basic Document Styles
  • 4.0 – Typography
  • 5.0 – Basic Layout Styles
  • 6.0 – Forms
  • 7.0 – Preloader
  • 8.0 – Section Styles
  • 9.0 – Overlay Styles
  • 10.0 – Video Background
  • 11.0 – Home Section
  • 12.0 – Home Section
  • 13.0 – Counter
  • 14.0 – Dotstyle
  • 15.0 – Dotstyle Lines
  • 16.0 – OWL Carousel – Custom animation
  • 17.0 – Responsive

Thank you so much Best regards Max


You can paste at the bottom.