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Well done themio! :)

But you should also link to your login.php somewhere. :)

Thanks mate, we are a big fan of Grape, you did it very well. :)

Thanks, I appreciate! :)

Really cool design, grats. ;)

Awesome! Planning to buy… good work Themio.. :)

Nicely done – best of luck with sales.

I would suggest using fancybox (or alternative) for images in the gallery, also a message preview/message page would be a nice addition.

Everything else is fantastic :D

Hi! We did use colorbox to display images. It wasn’t really linked to the gallery. I can see how this can cause confusion, I’ll link them up in the next update :)

We are glad you liked our work. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions though, we’d love to hear them!


The theme looks very good and functional. Well structured.

I’m contemplating buying it.

Just want to check on the ETA for multi-file uploader? You mention that it is coming soon.



Hi, yes we are working on it and please expect that multi-file uploader by end of next week.

Thanks Themio Team

That’s great. I have already bought the theme. Will beging customizing it for what I need soon. Very nicely structured!

Looking great! I just bought it =)! Thanks a lot.

(I’m surprised that it has such a low price, it’s my favorite admin template on ThemeForest.)

I am glad you like it :)

I’m interested in this for an Intranet site, where IE 7 /8 is used. When I check it out in either of those, it looks like there’s some CSS issues with the header pieces and vertical spacing. Also, in the table, when the screen size is smaller width wise, the content is getting chopped off. Any chance on a fix for that (along with any other known issues)?


The theme does not support IE7 and there is no plan to support it. It does however support IE8 , with the only limitation that width in IE8 is fixed.

For intranet sites, we can either suggest installing Google Chrome Frame in the client browsers which does not require administration privileges and adds sufficient HTML5 support, or you can give our other admin theme, Chameleon Circuit, a try, which is backward compatible all the way to IE7 .

I must compliment you on this template, its totally awesome! I love the fluid version, and works well on the ipad as well.

Any ETA on the sidebar, since you said real soon and your code also seems ready for it!


We are working on it right now! You will probably have it within a week or so.

The fact that you liked it makes all our work worth it :)

Great theme guys! Any chance of adding a nice way to display tabbed panes (with tabs on the left/right or on top?)


we actually have one planned for the update we are releasing next week :)

How do I add links for editing/deleting gallery images? When I add valid urls, the buttons are not active links. Any guidance would be appreciated.

<ul class="gallery medium">
        <img src="/media/tsanders/member_pics/photo_1.jpeg" id="myimg" />
        <ul class="img_options">
            <li><a href="/account/photo/edit/" class="btn">Edit</a></li>  <li><a href="/account/photo/delete/" class="btn">Delete</a></li>

We apolagise. There seems to been a bug with how the images were displayed.

To fix, simply add this line at style.css line 245 after .gallery li:hover .img_options

.gallery li:hover .img_options li a {display: block; height: 25px; width: 25px}

This should help :)

Thanks! That has it fixed.

Regarding the charts on this, i have seen other charts be able to use Tables to display the data, is that possible with your charts, I don’t see anything in the documentation.

Also, with the charts, are you able to use words in the bottom axis so that I can do do months or years? Right now it only seems to use numbers. I am looking at the flot documentation, but in all honesty, it doesn’t make any sense to me at all :)

It is possible with flot to turn tables into chart, yes.

Here is a plugin that does it with the aid of jQuery (demo included): Graph data from an HTML table using jQuery and flot | Demo

Flot, by itself, doesn’t support text, but it is a very extensible library. I managed to find another plugin that allows the addition of text flotCanvasText | Demo

Awesome looking template! Are you planning to create a fixed-width version, or would it be fairly easy for me to hack in with a fixed-width container div myself?

It would be very easy. In the columnal.css file, look up the class .row

Over there, change the max-width: 1140px to width: 1140px

The width can be anything you want. :)

How can I get the colorbox callback functionality to work with the datatable?

Since colorbox is using bind instead of live then dynamically created elements do not have the event attached.

This unwanted behavior happens after click the navigation buttons or searching.

I have found the solution by attaching an event to the dataTable rather than modifying the colorbox.


$('.dataTable').dataTable({ "sPaginationType": "full_numbers", "bJQueryUI": true, "fnDrawCallback": function () { $(".callbacks").colorbox(); } });

I have added a function for the fnDrawCallback event essentially rebinding the colorbox for any action that the dataTable takes which updates the DOM .

BTW your documentation needs improving to details how to interact with the various aspects of your template

Very good template!


there are only so much you can put in a theme, but yes, we do realize the lack and are updating the documentation right now! We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Glad you liked the theme :)

Any eta on the update (sidebar,etc) that i’ve heard mentioned above?

We were, unfortunately, delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances.

We are working on it right now and will push the update within this week.


Lovely theme. Couple of questions before I press that big ‘buy now’ button…

1. On the iPhone everything works nicely, except the tables and TinyMCE style input. Guessing I won;t need the latter, but any ideas on how to make the tables nice? 2. How much kindred code is there between the Chameleon Circuit and this? What’s your thoughts about using Chameleon for IE7 ? 3. Finally any good ‘Wizard’ JQUERY widgets you’d recommend with this?

Thanks in advance for your help & advice


1. It is difficult to fit an entire table in the iPod’s little screen without zoom-in/zoom-out. We have had defaulted the theme to not do that, but you can enable it by editing the viewport of the theme into something like this (in header):

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, minimum-scale=1.0" />

2. Muse and CC uses very different code frameworks. We built CC with compatibility with older browsers in mind, so it works well with IE7 . Muse is more responsive, but that doesn’t translate well with IE7 (other browsers are supported though).

Another difference (minor) is that forms are displayed in tables on CC, so you can’t “stack” them like you can in Muse. It’s not a semantic issue, as forms itself are tabular data, but more of a choice.

3.Wizards- if you mean form wizards I have had my eyes on this for a while: I cannot vouche for it, but I would give it a try.

Hi! Congratulations for the theme, in my opinion one fo the best themes in themeforest, you really know how to design a clean and confortable template for admin purposes. I´m working to place the template in my website, and I work with tabs, I have tried to build the tabs using your current css files, however it becomes diferent from the entire layout. Could you provide a tab example on the next update?

Hi, Thanks for the nice words. Much appreciated.

We are currently working on the “tab” and we hope that we will be able to push the update asap.



We just pushed an update with tabs. It should be available for download in a few hours (after Themeforest reviews the changes). Changed the style.css file accordingly.

You can see the tabs in action here:

Cheers _

Just a quick note to thank you for your help with my question and to urge anyone considering buying this to do it now!

Its so simple, so clever and so powerful, that even non-HTML professionals can use it to create amazing results.

Well done guys. Truly, truly brilliant.


PS. New Tabs = awesome! I am trying to do this today and came back to the page to find you’d updated it! Any plans for accordions?