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The Logo included in the Photoshop file is not editable as text. Would it be possible to include an editable logo file?

Sure. But we’ll have to get back to you on that in a day or two.

Re Tabs:

Downloaded the theme and uploaded new code for style.css, header.php and /scripts, and now have some tabs, but not sure why they ‘jump’ about when inserted in a col_5 column.

Am I an idiot, or is there a bug? Have I uploaded all of the new filed? I don;t want to upload everything as I’ve created a bit of extra code in style.css (Also, should I be using another fiel to add custom css?)

Any & all advice massively appreciated


PS. Page is here:

We didn’t built the widgets to have widgets within widgets, that’s why they break when you are putting a tab within an existing widget.

I can suggest a quick fix though, add this at the very end of style.css

.widget .widget .ui-state-default h2 {
top: -2.5em !important;
left: 1em !important;

That should solve it. The spacing issues can similarly be solved by doing something like this

.widget .widget .widget_inside {position: relative; top: -10px;}

A suggestion: Don’t use .rows inside a .widget. Instead, just add the margin_top_20 class. The row was supposed to be a wrapper for .widgets, which, as i mentioned, wasn’t made to contain other widgets.

Of course it is our fault not to have considered all possible options. /lesson learned.


Thanks for this – well above and beyond the call of duty. (And how could you possibly predict what we’d do with your theme!)

I’ll add this to the style sheet.

And thanks again for the advice on rows. I’ll amend this right away.

Great support fellas! Thanks



Sorry to bust your chops but think this might be a FAQ .

I want to create multiple triggers for the modal dialog box (buttons on each row of a table of contacts) that triggers one modal box (with data carried over to, and from the dialog box).

I have used JqueryUI before and replaced the autoOpen with a specific opener (as on this page), but cannot seem to see where I’d insert it in the jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.min.js.

Any ideas?


Hello, I very much like the design of this admin template but admittedly need some help here lol. How do I switch the barebones version to use the sidebar instead of the liquid layout?

Our fault entirely, we haven’t provided the barebones version of the sidebar layout.

We are uploading it right now, but it’ll take a few hours to get past themeforet’s verification.

I’ll update you when it’s available.

We apologize for our mistake.

If you would be kind enough to re-download, you’ll find a sidebar_index.html in the barebones folder

Great!!! Thank you very much for your prompt response!! I now see the sidebar_index.html and I can start using this great design. Thanks again!!!

I will be using your theme for a intranet site – sorry, not able to send you any screenshots.

I do have a question – is it possible to have both sidebar and top menu navigation, and have them to be different?

It is possible, yes, although there would be some modifications required in both the html and the css files.

Can you walk me through those changes?

PS. My manager purchased a license for the theme yesterday, and handed it off to me to work with. That’s why it’s not showing that I have purchased it.

In the demo_php/ folder take a look at header.php and s_header.php


Start with the s_header.php which contains the sidebar already, you need to copy the <ul class="sf-menu mobile-hide row clearfix">...</ul> under <nav class="container" /> and paste it under the <nav class="container" /> in s_header.php

That should enable the menu in the sidebar version. However, you will probably need to update the sidebar css according to your needs.

Hi! LOVE the theme, and would like to purchase ASAP but have a quick question/possible bug regarding Firefox – when the browser window is condensed, causing the top navigation bar to revert to a drop-down menu, the menu itself is NOT clickable in any versions of Firefox, but IS clickable in IE and Chrome. Is this a bug?

Thanks! Joe

You are correct, there seems to have been a bug. Simply removing the clearfix class from the select menu seems to fix the problem in Firefox, Chrome, and IE8 +.

I am uploading a bugfix asap (v2.12). Thanks for your bringing this to our notice.


Got a question about the contact table.

I create a contact table that reads 6,000 rows from a databse, and I find it very slow to render the table in the browser (about 70 – 120 seconds).

I have disabled the bSortClasses (false) to remove the CSS from the sorted row (line 37 of jquery.dataTables.min.js), but its still slow.

i don’t have the skills to reprogramme the plungin so it uses server side scripting as I’ve never used JSON .

Any ideas?


Hi Al – 6K rows is quite a lot to keep in memory (specifically, in the response); even 1K at a time would be a lot in my opinion.

If you have that much data, then in order to keep responsiveness of the browser at a reasonable level, you will pretty much have to restrict the amount that is returned from the server at any given time – whether by date; or alphabetical; or just a plain number (e.g. return 500 rows at a time) – and use paging.

I can help with the general principle, or provide even more detail if you are using ASP .NET (allenr at incandera dot com).

Brilliant theme, and great support from Themio!


HI Allen

Thanks your your reply – can i follow this up on email with you? I am not a programmer and hence can (and frequently do) make mistakes like this!



Question re $_SESSION variable

I cannot seem to read this when moving from one page to another. Pretty sure I’m starting the session correctly – is there anything in the code you know of that might be destroying the session before I can access it?

Help massively appreciated (in fact, happy to pay premium support if you like. )

sorry – it was my mistake about SESSION ! All resolved now


Hello – good theme – just purchased…

I would appreciate a quick response on some questions:

how to use the customize feature there so that we get required effects..or documentation to use it

Would it be possible for you to use sprites for the images? There’s quite a bit of them and it would really improve performance.

Thanks, will check it out. If possible then we will release an update with all these small improvements soon.

Thanks Themio Team

Thank you :)

Theme looks great anyhow.

The charts don’t seem to render for me in the HTML version? Any reason why?

I’ve tried multiple browsers and the demo you provide work fine.

Hi, we have tested the charts in different browsers. They are working in our end? Please check if you had included all the necessary JS files properly.


I’m literally just using the ‘demo_html’ folder included in the download. I’ve tried it on my local machine & on the web and no JS seems to trigger eg –

The files all seem to be linked up.

I’m having trouble with this theme in IE6 , IE7, and IE8 . When the page loads it triggers a javascript error in the IE9 .js file. You can view the bug here:

I’ve been trying to get this error resolved so some of our older clients can use our system. I’ve noticed removing media=”screen” seems to set the variable d to “all” instead of “screen”. Not sure exactly what the issue is. Keeping complaining that the object does not support the toLowerCase function.


Download Firefox and enable the Developer console via Ctrl+Shift+K . You can see that the file is missing and is causing the rest of the javascript to not load correctly.

Another quick question for you: would it be possible to also change the TEXT color via the colorpicker in addition to the already-editable background color for the navigation and page titie areas?