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Hi, Is there a possibility have on the homepage a “Video Opening”. So not a photo on the homepage but showing a video? Thanks!


You may put the video in the bg of main slider directly in this case :) so yes, it’s possible.

I removed default songs and albums, created my album, loaded my songs, tagged them in new album – floating music player disappeared from homepage. It said my support expired, but since I never asked for support after purchase, please can you help me to find there I can find totorials or info how to setup floating music player. I didn’t remove any sections of homepage, I just removed all songs & albums that were on Demo Site. Really appreciate your help! I will need to instruct future web manager how to change /manage songs/albums and I don’t any HELP/ troubleshooting tutorials about it.


Before moving on, make sure that you add your new album and songs following this :

Then you can enable floating player from admin panel and you have to select the album that you need to show :

Hope this help :)


Please do clarify whether it has an option to filter by ‘List by Song Names’ with A-Z 0-9

Waiting for a quick reply Thank You


First of all, Thanks for interest :)

Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature in this theme :/

Hi, I am considering purchasing your theme. However I noticed that you only have an option for “Album” I would also like to add singles and dj mix pages where the user can log on and check out the latest singles, albums, and DJ mixes and stream through the player at the bottom.

I would also like to know if you have the option for stats to appear on each album, singles and DJ mix that shows the number of time played and if anyone likes it.

Is this possible with your theme?


Unfortunately, we don’t have those features in this theme. :/

Thanks for interest by the way :)

I noticed that the theme has not been updated in awhile… do you add features to the theme on a normal basis?

I was thinking I can use the albums listing for singles and dj mixes as well. (It might work)

Is there ability to play music from Soundcloud in your existing audio player?

Unfortunately, the audio player in this theme can play only self hosted music files.

About the update, right now, this theme is pretty stable. But we also still provide update to make sure that it works with current WP version. However, if you find any bugs, please feel free to let us know. We’re willing to help fix it :)

I have a problem Activating the plugin Goodlayers Importer ->El plugin no tiene una cabecera válida.


Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through code can be found here : )

Thank you very much! :)

Hi, a few questions before purchase 1. Can I translate this theme into kazakh (specific letters like this: қ, ә, і, ң, ғ)? 2. Does fonts in this theme support specific letters above? thanks a lot


1. Yes, you can

2. However, it depends on which font you’re using. If you’re using Google font, you may test it directly : (Click on the text and edit) However, if you have your own customer fonts, you can upload to the theme and use it as well.

Thanks for interest by the way :)


I would like to change post date style with this css in Additional style>

.gdlr-blog-grid .blog-date-wrapper .blog-date-day {

font-size: 17px!important;
line-height: 0px;
padding-bottom: 1px;

.gdlr-blog-grid .blog-date-wrapper .blog-date-right{

text-align: left;padding-top: 0px;


.gdlr-blog-grid .blog-date-wrapper .blog-date-month{

display: inline;


.gdlr-blog-grid .blog-date-wrapper .blog-date-year{

display: inline;


Or just remove post date with:

. .blog-date-wrapper {

display: none;


BUT nothing happens. Can I change the style of post dage? It have to be smaller in one line or just removed.

The custom style works properly 100% as we tested it before and many customers are using it. However, please make sure that you’re using it correctly, also try to put ‘body’ in front of class name or use ’!importnat’ to make it more priority.


body .gdlr-blog-grid .blog-date-wrapper .blog-date-year{
display: inline;

If you need us to help inspect directly, please submit ticket in our support website. Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here. :(

However, unfortunately, we notice that your support has been expired. In this case, you won’t be able to create new tickets anymore. You can purchase support extension in item page. It will be on the right side : ( more info: , , )

Please note that we no longer provide support via this channel anymore(Except bugs report.). It’s all will be conducted via support site only. Please also note that many old customers already renewed their support and we have to be fair with everyone by providing support via support site only.

Hope you understand this.


vegaspro Purchased

We will not be paying for extended support since this theme has not been updated in over a year?? And now we are having all sorts of problems. For example we added the Video element on the page and the youtube videos are not displaying at all. There are actually 4 videos added to this page but they are invisible for some reason:

And now to turn off the shrinking header on the sub pages??

Hello I bought the theme yesterday, and have many questions, first of all I would like to know where my purchase code is located in order to submit tickets. I want to find out if instead of uploading each song is it possible to place a link to itunes… i am concerned if I upload the songs here people might be able to download them free easily. Thank you for your attention


1. The purchase code can be found here :

2. Unfortunately, it can’t be linked to iTune or third party service.

3. You have to upload the song file directly. There’re couple ways to fix this. 1. Use watermark on the song 2. don’t use the complete song 3. Or if you need to use the complete song, you may block direct file downloading via htaccess directly.(You may google for more about this method.

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a ticket in our support site ;)

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through code can be found here : )

Thank you very much! :)


ebemate Purchased

Does this come with an email builder template or do I have to look for a 3rd party plugin?


We don’t have that feature in this theme. You will need third party plugin in this case.

Cheers! :)