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I added mp3 file on media and put audio short codes on album pages. “show player” on, selected “an album” and it keeps saying “No music detected in player”.

I really need an useful document. it’s really low voice and useless!

you should not add a shortcode to any page, just upload your mp3’s.

a step by step guide on uploading media can be found here


1. how can I setup “music” page? there is no shortcodes for it and page template.

2. how to send emails to reminders? what’s id for event ID, date, timespan, status? and what’s reminders for? how can I send emails or use it? how ppl can sign up for a reminder? and send email (I show them on music messages)

3. I put my email on email subscribes. but I can’t find where the email address are saved. I need to see theirs list.

The music page are set up automaticaly if you upload your mp3’s. There’s also additional settings that you can set just below the post editor.

Email remonders are sent automatically to visitors that request it for shows. There’s nothing to do from your side. It happens automatically.

There’s not list kept of subscribers to the newsletter. A email is sent to the admin with all the details of who subscribed.

1. ok then how we can add songs or remove songs? there is no list for songs uploaded. 3. do you mean it emails and admin needs to organize by themselves?

I think organized music or songs on albums should be easier. I don’t think it is really convinient to handle.

let me know if you have any better way to handle songs.


the managing of media is a wordpress function and is described here

on gallery, modal (light box is not working) how can I make it work?

I added a gallery and put a widget on front page. but it’s not showing.

I really need a proper document for this theme! your video is useless. too low voice.

Please answer my questions as soon as possible. I am in a hurry for it.


you just need ot upload the images into the post. There’s nothing to make it work, just upload the images into the post. a step by step instruction on adding images to posts here

this is same as album.. I upload images but it’s not easy to see how many pictures and remove, add, edit…

please let me know how I can remove, add, delete.

I can not even see what I have been added.

I recently attempted to contact you a second time through your e-mail address on your profile page, but have not received a response. I simply cannot add songs to albums. Get a # symbol at the end of the address bar when I click to add media. Please help because I haven’t gotten help in a while. Thanks

send me a email through my profile page here (bottom right) and it will fall directly into my inbox

Is there a way to publish a music file that doesn’t show up in an album or a way to publish a private album so only say a client that I want to be able listen to the music is the only one that can see the page/album?

hi tcallc

Just answered your email on my support forum.

Take care


Will there be an update for Wordpress 3.6?

Hi gcisne.

You can update to the latest version of the theme from your downloads tab in Themeforest.


Hi there, i need some help to set the music player. Check my site : When i expand the song list with the little arrow, i cant see all the entries. How can i change the size of the playlist ? Thanks.

Hi MichalChovanak.

Great background on your site. Really like it. wow

I’m not sure why this happens.

If you make contact I can take a look and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



LOVE this theme! I have two questions:

First: How can I put text ABOVE the tracks on an album page? If I edit the page and add text, it shows up on the bottom no matter what I do (see page):

Second: When any album page loads (the one above included), the first track will not play when “play” is clicked. All other tracks work. And after selecting any other track, the first one will work fine. Strange, I know. But refresh and try it!


~Ian Eric

Hi Ian

Thanks for the support. Glad you like the theme.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here

Regards Aj

Hi there,

Great theme guys! I have a couple of questions. Firstly Twitter, I’ve set up my settings on the Music section and have inserted the widget on my home page but all I’m getting is “a”, it’s not returning the latest tweet. The link is correct on our “Follow us on Twitter”. Can you advise? website is

Secondly, I can’t work out the ordering bit of the music on the albums. I’ve watched the video and it’s a drag to reorder but the latest version of WP has it as thumbnails to re-order and it doesn’t seem to work in the same way. How can I re-order them? I don’t mind hacking the database to give them different IDs etc.


Actually I’ve found the relevant table and re-ordered them in there so that’s fine.

Just one more thing I’ve noticed about the newsletter email. On the meta-box-extended-functions.php file I have amended it to include a stripslashes() function on $messbody (line 577) to ensure that any escaped characters appear correctly. You might want to use this for future updates?

Great idea. Thanks for the heads up. I made the change.

The music theme slideshow has stopped working and am unsure what to investigate to make it functional again. The site is located here:
I am a newbie to this theme and have taken over management from the previous designer. I have gone through the help files/videos, but have not found any useful info on how to fix this problem. Any advice is appreciated.

How do I update? Does it require purchasing the latest version? Just to be clear, the theme is not indicating it is out of date within the WP admin interface (in other words – it does not offer the ability to update this theme automatically).

Premium themes do not update automatically.

If you cannot make contact with the previous designer and get the license code, it might mean that you will have to buy another license.

Thanks for the help. I will try to contact the original designer.

Does version 1.6 exist? I tried to update to it but can’t find any way that works. Is the key for twitter only in version 1.6 btw? That is the reason why I’m trying to update.

Hi genbellemare

Thanks for making contact.

The twitter is updated in version 1.6 that’s true.

If you struggle make contact and i cna take a look for you.

More instructions also available here

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi, We set a site up on behalf of a client and they have asked if there is anyway of showing all their tour dates as one long list showing all the months on one page. They can go 1-2 months without any tour dates so would be better if they could all be seen on one page. I have had a look at the code but can’t see where this can be changed, is there a simple code change that can be done or is it quite complicated.

Hi oakleafgraphics

you can use the calendar “upcomming” page template to achieve that.



Missed that one, thanks.

First off, thanks for your help. I was able to contact the previous designer and was able to get the latest version of of the theme.
Another question: What files should i upload to the themes/music folder to upgrade the theme without undoing all of the custom tweaks currently in place? I see within the zip file there is a folder named music which contains the theme template, but I do not want to start from scratch.
Again, thanks for your help :)

I tried this method found on this page:
But it’s not working as hoped.

If you make contact i can take a look and see if I cna assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi, is there a Mobile Theme version of this any where? If not, can you help me figure out a good mobile theme to go with this WP theme as well?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Solitaryraf

Thanks for making ocntact.

I do not know of a mobile theme that’s optimized for music that you can use.



man, can the new version play a radio online instead of songs?

Hi arcadhia

We focussed on the galleries for the latest version.

If you make contact i can asisst you with getting online radio to play with the player.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



thanks for 1.6 update

I don’t know why I can not hear any of your voice. any change log files?

why all of your instruction videos are too low voice?


The update process happens over a time of days and are administered by personnel over quite a few continents.

I submitted the update documents early yesterday morning, and the update was processed early this morning 5h00 my time while i was still sleeping.

After completing my support for the requests that came in during the night, i’ll update everything that’s still outstanding.

Apologies if my video;s no not meet your standards.

Hello inside your video content and now is not the same, at 3.6 kinds of video content could not find the appropriate things. Can not use the current version recorded video. Thanks,

Hi sulaymanyefan

What is it that you are struggling with?

Yes, but no way I need to use

Hello I ask how to add music download address. You can add the video but I can not add any links

Have you added the files that you want to be downloaded via ftp or uploaded them?

I tried to reply to your email you sent but it came back. I think your email address is incorrect.

There is also a problem because the Chinese can not see youtube video, so I would like to change the other, I hope you can tell me how to be changed.

You have my email address. feel free to make contact and i’ll assist. Just dont use the account because that email gets sent back the whole time when I reply. The gmail address will do ok.



I do not have your email address

you emailed to me earlier

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi, thanks for your quick reply to my question earlier. I have a follow up question. My site looks great, but for some reason on the mobile browser the background image gets distorted, and it happens only when it’s vertical. Can I do something to fix this situation? I can provide you with screen shots if you want.


Hi Solitaryraf.

i received your email and replied

Thank you! I replied with the credentials you wanted as well.