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Works in 3.8 version of wordpress?

Hi ralphdouglas

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Music theme.

The theme is indeed compatible wit hWordPRess 3.8.




Some questions:

1. The time of an event sent as a reminder to a fan is in imperial measure and I need it to ben metric/24hrs. Where can I change that? I tried changing the time format in meta-box-options, but can’t get that to work. HH:MM nor G:i will give the right output.

2. In the search results the label for ‘read more’ wasn’t translated, while i translated everything. I can’t find it in search.php, so could you tell me where this text comes from, so i can change it?

The alt-text for the ‘set reminder’-button is the event-ID, I’d rather see the event title. Where can I change this?

Great template btw.

Thanks for your help

Hi sjserton

Thanks for reaching out and hopefully I can help you out here.

The alt text Is a part of the code needed to make this huge piece of code working and removing that will break the app.

If you make contact I can assist you in setting the changes that ou want to make.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here



I can’t find the videos it talks about.


Thanks for reaching out and hopefully I can help you out here.

After clicking on the download link in your Themeforest dashboard, you will be presented with 3 download options. Click the first option which says “all files & documentation” After the file downloaded you can extract it and look for the help files folder. an index.htm or index.html file will open in your browser once you clicked it, giving you access to all the tutorials.

You can also view the tutorials online at


Hi there,

Could you kindly tell if it’s possible to connect the Facebook application to the Soundloud’s account?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi ideenlabel

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Mission theme.

There is no connection between Soundcloud and the Facebook page at present.

As far as i know Soundcloud ships it’s own Facebook tabapp.



Great theme. I am interested in buying one. Is it possible to use this theme as a video and music sharing site by self or user embedding and/or uploading videos and music like youtube? Can members be able to log in via Facebook and comment on videos and music?



Hi sologroup.

I’m afraid that using the theme as a sharing platform will only frustrate you.

There’s quite a few sharing themes out there that will offer you more functionality.


i understand. Thanks AJ for your honest and prompt reply.

no sweat.

Take care.


I want to make a separate page for past events. How can I do this? Thanks.

Thanks I take your point, If there’s a line or two of code ot customize I will not mind, but I cna unfortunately not take on big coding projects as part of support.

I completely understand that, that’s why I asked what it would cost to make it :)

you’re probably looking at about 3 to 4 hours coding, so it should be priced at between $100 and $200.

Hi, I am thinking of buying the MUSIC them to build a website for my daughter. I am new to Wordpress, and I was trying to customize a theme from another company, but it came with minimal instructions and I’m just fed up. According to the description of MUSIC, there’s 90 minutes worth of videos to install the theme. Does install in this case mean how to customize, or are these just tutorials that cover the installation? I really need to make sure that the videos will really show me step by steo how to customize the theme to use my content. Can you please confirm what exactly these videos provide? Thanks!

Hi mferrer

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Music theme.

The video’s are quite expansive and will take you through all the aspects of the theme. You can view the video’s online here

We are always there to assist at our personal assistance line and our service is legendary in this parts.


Thanks. I see the documentation is a little outdated (albums vs. music, teams vs. members and news moved from menu to to widget, I think). Do most things still apply? If I still need help with some things, can I get it from the support team? Also, do you have any real-life implementations I can see? Thanks!

the documentation is all there and current. The only changes was to the wordpress uploader that changed a little that’s it. The albums still function exactly the same and the latest news is available as a widget but can also be added the to the menu as a menu item just as all the croma themes.

Hm when I share an album page on facebook it is always getting wrong cover images. It shows always 3 very old ones no matter what album I share. What might be the Problem?

Hi Gabster

Thanks for reaching out and hopefully I can help you out here.

The best results are gained by adding opengraph tags to your header. You will find a plugin here that will assist you to accomplish just that.


Hello, is this theme responsive?

Hi MikePowers.

THe theme is not responsive.


I contacted support after I purchased and they said I need my license. I asked how to retrieve the license and they gave me instructions that made no sense and did nothing to help me find their license. I work on computer hardware and software all day long and their instructions are seriously terrible. I gave them proof of purchase, but they still would not help me without the license. I then asked for my money back since I couldn’t find the license and they denied giving me my money back. Now I have an expensive piece of crap theme that doesn’t work. Not a good experience thus far.

Thanks for posting your feedback

He got back to me pretty quickly after I posted this and fixed the problem. Thanks again AJ!

He got back to me pretty quickly after I posted this and fixed the problem. Thanks again AJ!

Hello, very nice theme!!! Many congrats. I would like to show it to my client but without the croma top bar is it possible? ex.

big pleasure

Hello again, is this theme a responsive theme?

the music theme is not responsive.

Purchased this theme an been trying to get support questions answered, with no luck. How do we reach support. Tried the contact form on your site.

Hi Brandbravo

Thanks for reaching out and hopefully I can help you out here.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here



No offense, but this is the most frustrating theme to work that I have ever had… and I have spent $thousands of dollars on all kinds of themes… I came here to see if there was an update… alas, NO! I give up… wasted too much time on this theme

I’m not sure what the issue is that you have. If I know what the issue is I can assist with a solution.

Just purchased this them and when I loaded my page, the Music Player vanished and the following message appeared – “No music detected in the music player”. 1) The video panes stop revolving. 2) The background image disappears. 3) A circular ‘loading’ symbol appears at the bottom right of the HomePage. Tried fixing by deleting all my albums except for your default album, but the problem remained. I one disabled the Music Player and the site worked, but what good is that?? I recreated all my albums and everything else is working fine. But the moment I enable the Music Player everything crashes – as described above. Currently the Music Player Does not Work. In addition when it did work there is yet another huge problem. Once mp3 files were loaded to an album, we are not able to add additional songs as should work fine, by selecting add media, and simple adding additional files to that album albeit from a new upload or highlighting the existing files. I have not installed any additional plugins, nor have I updated any of the existing plugins, please do not tell me to clear cache, check album defaults or .mp3 files “don’t work” or anything like you have recommended to past, all setting are correct. This is a serious issue with this theme, rendering it worthless. Furthermore see most of your complaints for over a year ago still have not been fixed, and when we look at other sites who needed help they clearly don’t work properly. Please resolve and/or refund immediately our project is time sensitive.

Hi Brandbravo.

This indicates that the player cannot find the music it must play.

If you make contact I’ll quickly assist to get it sorted.

I was offline last night due to some technology on my side that broke, but are back and available.


Hello…still a loyal user and upgrader of the theme after two years. I did just upgrade to Wordpress 3.8.1 and wonder if you have advice on how to reorder the tracks in an album within this new interface. It defaults to alphabetical in the player, which is not what I want. Thank you!

Wow, Thanks for the support.

More on managing media here



Hi, how do I change the order of the songs in the albums, so that they appear in the same order on the website? Rgds, Milin

Hi AJ,

I’ve found the solution for the 1st question above. Here’s my revised question -

1) If I want to insert text or an image in the same area on the homepage (the middle white band where random messages appear), how do I do that?

2) How do I insert an image in the right widget area which says ‘Archives’ & ‘Meta’ on each page?

Thanks in anticipation. Milin

The right widget that you see on inner pages are the placeholder widgets.

As soon as you drag widgets to the primary widget area, they will show in stear of the meta and archives.

The main widgetized homepage area is made up by dragging widgets to the index page left, index page right and index page center widget area. You can use any of the widgets available in appearances-widgets.

Thanks for the prompt reply …will revert incase of any doubt. Thanks again.

Hello, do you offer any “drag and drop” functionality on this theme? I need something easier in order to be productive.

Hi JoaquimN

Thankt for reaching out on the Music theme.

There is unfortunately not drag and drop functionality built in to the theme.


I have just upgraded to version 1.4.3 and the ‘Music’ option has disappeared from my dashboard so I am unable to amend anything. It’s screwed up my whole site re: the colours etc. and I really need to get in there and sort it out.

It does show the Music theme as being active under ‘Appearance/Themes’

Turns out I rather stupidly have two accounts. Logged into my other account (the one I purchased this theme from) and all I can see in downloads is the actual theme, not an update for it.

Uninstalled the theme and reinstalled. It’s working again!

Great news.


hello beautiful theme i try to add video to the slider. the docs are very sort. i paste that id of youtube: b-_vWZMJGIc but nothing work with the slider even not title&description/image or nothing there is also a loading working circle al the time at the bottom of the page!! please HELP this is the latest ver. my url: many thanx

Hi Bekosh

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Music theme.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Pre purchase questions here

Can audio be set to play certain tracks on specific pages using the player?

Is there a “buy tickets” option for upcoming gigs that I am missing, either through the site itself or that can link to an outside seller?

Is this theme WooCommerce compatable?

Wow, Awesome Canada.

Big apologies, this is not my style, but it happened and I do not know how. In your position I’ll be mad as hell, so thanks for still taking the time to be civil with me.

I’m pretty sure that I answered this questions, but for some reason it did not update.

The player cannot be set to play a different track on each page and a tickets link is not included.

Apologies again


Thanks for replying, how much coding would I be looking at to add the option to the player to play select songs on different pages? Could you give me a ballpark price please

it’s difficult to tell, but can be 4 to 5 hours.

you will have to create an additional post type, and get a way ot link the post type to the player for pages and figure a way ot get it done on category pages.

It’s not a difficult process, but quite laborious.