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Please tell me you’re gonna make a WordPress version of this! PLEASE !!! :)

I don’t know if it will be soon or later, but eventually yes ;)

Great Theme first of all ! ;)

Can you please tell me how i can make different Images like a slideshow @ heading (tagline) like the example at your site on the Full With Page?

Thanks for purchasing my theme :)

On the full width page of the theme preview, it is not a slideshow with jquery or anything, but just a simple animated banner (gif)

Thank You!

Excellent work! I can’t believe more designers don’t cater to music artists. I’m so sick of corporate themed templates. I’m glad to see you’re leading the way.

Thanks a lot for your support :) It is much appreciated

Sorry but I can not find the PSD of any of the file…is it possible to make this available please.

Thanks for buying my theme :)

No psd file is supposed to be in the main file because this theme is designed with CSS3 .

All colors and backgrounds can be changed at the beggining of the main stylesheet “style.css” from row 43.

Please refer to the doc, but if you have a specific question let me know, maybe I can help.

Hey, im trying to make the contact form work. The sendmail.php file is empty?

Also, im trying to figure out the twitter feed…

Any help?

I seem to be missing the PHP , and the Documentation… HELP ?


Nothing is missing in this theme. Are you sure you have purchased it? According to theme forest, you didn’t.

I sure did! last night!

Fantastic Job…. But…. Wordpress theme – please!!!


The Wordpress version is on the way ;) It should be available in a few weeks.

Can you please tell me I put the player on the index.html can you tell what Iam doing wrong its pickup everythings when you preview F-12 on Dreamweaver. put its dont work when you upload it to server. here the address to look at it.http://danipoppitt.site11.com/index.html

Thank you Christopher Nation

I did that Bro this what it says 17

I got everythings loaded on the player all the script and css file for the the player findly works great. also its seems the music is not playing in the player. I loaded Mps3 and ogg file. still not playing. what iam doing wrong. can you help please thank you chris

Nice to see what you have done with this theme ;) Well, it’s look like an error with the path/url of your mp3 and ogg files. All url’s return an error 404. BTW , try to avoid the spaces in the names of your file, prefer things like “Said_it_Once.mp3”, with underscore instead. I hope it would help.

By far one of the quickest responding HTML sites on here, even with the 3D slider, it’s mega fast. And you have mixed in tables, I love tables still. Great work, maybe some more with some color mixed in, say oranges or reds, the menu is one of the nicest also with the tabbed content sliders and image hovers. BTW your artwork on your site is sic’. Bookmarked and ready to purchase in a few.

Thanks a lot for your support!It is much appreciated :) Feel free to buy cover arts on my site ;)

Ok I fix the spacing problem with the underscore.still dont work do need to take off the Http:// replace with // to that file if so can you tell how to write it if so please.Forgot.also can you use Mp4 file to

Thank you Chris Nation

mp3:”http://themeforest.brutal-design.com/html/musicpro/assets/audio/mp3/adg3com_bustedchump.mp3”, //absolute path to the mp3 file oga:


Again, you did’nt set the path to your files correctly, that’s why no song starts playing. for exemple:

returns 404

HI Wondering how close are U from the word press version release thanks!

Thanks for your interest!
The wordpress version is currently in development and should be available in a few weeks (probably by february).
I will post the release date on this board when I will be close to finish.


I’ve purchased your fantastic template :-) Just a question: is it possible to have a scrollbar in the mp3 player?

Tks you very much Gabi

Thanks for purchasing my theme :)
The player doesn’t support a custom scrollbar yet, but you can set up a scrollbar by adding the following code at the end of the jPlayer.css file:
.jp-playlist ul {height:210px; overflow-y:scroll} Define the height as you want

It works :-) Tks a lot!


you’re welcome ;)

HI There and thanks for letting me know your WP version will available in Feb. just a question or consideration, are U allowing for alpha channel video on top of a background picture in the home page ? thanks !!

Well, I will probably set up a code area option for the homepage, where you can put any html code including a swf object with tranparent background or anything else.

Hi the links on the player works good now.Thanks also can you put a youTube video in the gallery. you know what I mean.

You can replace the images in the galleries by videos or anything you want :)

Great Job !!!

I want to run music autoplay.

Thanks! ;)
To autoplay the music player, add a playlist option in the jplayer’s js code:
swfPath: "js", supplied: "mp3", wmode: "window", playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true }

I’ve a problem to install the theme. When I’ll upload the theme, I get this message: ‘are you sure to want to do this?’ ... please help me!!

This theme is not a wordpress theme but a Html template, so you won’t be able to install it in wordpress if it is what you mean. The wordpress version is at work and should be available in february.

Problem in explore 9 some the drop drown menu dont pick up and when i look it in firefox 9.0.1 it rendering good pick it up any idea.

Thank you chris nation

The theme has been tested on all major browsers and debugged to be display correctly on IE 7 and 8 as well. Just tested again on ie 9 and it looks perfect. I don’t know man…

Question for anyone really, This is my first time attempting to use and edit a template for a raw html site so bare with me! :)

I am wondering what program is preferred for creating a blog type news feed that is seen in the live preview of this theme as well as most other websites?

What I am hoping to do is to display the most recent posts on the home page, and then have a news blog page where all posts that have been made will be shown there, with autocreating new pages to expand when needed, like is shown in the live preview of the template.

Excuse my utter noobness ;)

You can create a dynamic website with PHP and Mysql. It is the most common way to save and display content dynamically.
You can find a lot of tutorials on the web about how to create a simple blog/news feed with php. I hope it will help.

Hello there, I just purchased your item; I was wondering how hard is to make the blog work; do you know any admin template with mySql for dummies? hehehe =)

Basically it is not very hard, but you must have some notions of php and mysql. I don’t know if some admin templates with mySql for dummies exists but you can find a lot of tutorials and open sources on the web to create a dynamic blog.

Thanks for your reply, I’m trying to understand how the class holder work; cause mine isn’t working; isn’t it for “hold” the section you clicked before? it’s upon the div nav-container right?

No, the holder class is only a CSS style used for the grunge skin. (below the top bar and above the footer). HTML and CSS are only used for the design.
Hope it will help

Hi, first of all, excelent work! I would like to know if the blog functionality is available inside the package or if I would have to integrate it with a 3rd party system. On the other hand, I would like to know if you have confirmed the release date of the wordpress version and how much would be the cost. Kindest Regards. Alex

The template includes only a web design: html, js and css. there is no 3rd party system. I don’t have a specific date for the wordpress version release, but I am currently working on it and it should be available in february. The usual price for a wordpress themeforest is 30-40USD. Cheers!