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Hi you all!
I wanna thank all people that have purchased this template and/or are interested in the wordpress version.
Some of you asked me how to build a dynamic website with this template. I don’t know if it’s usual on themeforest but I am thinking about including a micro homemade CMS to manage the blog in a future update.
But, for now I am working on the wordpress version that will be released in a few weeks, during February. I am just taking the time I need to come up with a cool wordpress theme, easy to use and customize, and with many features (shortcodes generator buttons, dedicated gallery plugin and mp3 player plugin, unbranded admin panel to customize the theme and set up a lot of options, and many more…)
So stay tuned! ;)

Hey there Again BrutalDesign,

I have some basic understanding on how to create a CMS , however I am really in love with what is shown in the images of the template, as well as what you use on your own website for your blog (Well, it’s the same thing).

I was wondering if you might be able to share what you personally use?

Well I guess I am asking pretty much for what you described in your last post, lol.

Either that or the upcoming wordpress template, which I assume would work in a similar way but with the Wordpress back end instead.

You probably already know this, but your idea of having a pre-made CMS included is a massive selling point to people like me ;) And for people who just don’t want to bother making their own.

Anyway, I will be eagerly awaiting further updates on the subject,


hey Peter,

For my website, I use my own CMS built with a homemade MVC framework (Model View Controller). For a huge web application I would usually use CakePHP. It is a solid tool but it requires to have some good skills in procedural PHP first and in Object Oriented PHP programming too. For my own website, I built my own framework because I wanted it totally flexible and because I make a lot of kind of “experiments” in it ;) . It was also the best way to understand how a MVC framework works!
If, in the future I include a CMS in the html template, I would not set up a framework like this, because people that are not familiar with POO / MVC won’t be able to customize anything because the architecture will be too unusual for them.
That’s why I would recommend to use Wordpress as CMS because no knowledge in programming is really necessary to build a complete website.
Otherwise, if I ever include a CMS in a future update it would be a very light CMS , made with procedural PHP , mainly to manage the blog.
About the wordpress version, it would be basically very similar to the html version for the front end and, like you said with a wordpress backend.
I will probably include more features as well.

So, I hope it is not too much informations, and i hope it will help you.

Hello: How can i insert the twitter php in the html files? Thanks,

same question as infomelon

tried the instructions but didnt work for me

The page that contains the twitter feed must have a .php extension (just replace .html by .php).
Then place the php shortcode where you want to display your twitter feed. ;)

Thanks again for your response,

Thanks for sharing that with me, I’m mainly an HTML guy, PHP is entirely new to me and I don’t have all too much experience in CSS although I understand how it works, but writing something off the top of my head is pretty much out of the question.

Well, I have been working setting up a ‘demo’ of what I will have the WordPress version like when you release it with this HTML version, and I am very pleased with it. It is by far the best template for a musical artist/band. I am actually going to be using it to overhaul a fansite I have running.

Anyway, once again, I, and many others it seems, will be eagerly awaiting the WordPress version ;)


you’re welcome ;)

does the blog work or do I need to set it all up? Just need to know before I purchase.

This theme is a html/css/js design and there is no backend for the blog.

When I try to upload the Theme and it reaches 100% it does not work, any idea on what I should do?

This is a html template, not a wordpress theme. The wordpress version will be available in february.

Purchased this great theme for many reasons, simply fantastic for a nice dark and rich html. I would like to know if it’s possible to just get the vertical accordian only. I like it as it’s styled yet cannot get it to function in another area as I am using it on a completely different website. I am trying to use it as a left side menu 270px wide and 500px tall. I have ben trying spry accordian widgets yet none look this clean, perhaps my doctype is causing all the fuss

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ”-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1 .0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”> <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”>

And it is set in a table. Will pay for accordian only and need files if you will sell. I would recommend you putting this out there on code canyon, nothing comes close to its style also.

Hi, Thx for purchasing my theme!
It is not about the doctype, you have to import jquery-ui in your page.
If you want me to do your custom menu, feel free to contact me by email via the profile form. ;)

Hello, i buy this theme, but after instal l have a message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” . What can i do ? I unzip and transfer it via ftp, but then i can install this theme. Please help me.

Best regards Rafal.

Sorry but this theme is a HTML template, not a wordpress theme.
I am actually working on the wordpress version, and it should be available in February.

Awesome template. Thanks for keeping us musicians in mind.

I want to allow a link option under the player to make it a pop-up so that people can listen to the songs while they browse the site. Is this possible? If so, what code would I need to add?

Also, is there a drupal version of this site you will be doing anytime soon?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme ;)
You can set up a popup player by using javascript with the fonction window.open. Here is a random link about pop up with js:
I hope it will help.

Hi, awesome template.

But, is it possible to get the .psd for the logo?

yes, pls contact me through the email form on my profile ;)

Is there a way to remove the small Music Pro logo that appears on the player? I can’t seem to find that code anywhere.



Yes you can do that!
pls, check the doc:
“The mp3 player logo dimensions are 120px X 60px, you can replace the file “jPlayer_logo.png” in the “img/jplayer” folder or edit the url in the jplayer.css file at row 35”
If you want to remove the logo instead of replace it, just remove or comment the following line:
background: url("img/jplayer/jPlayer_logo.png"); Cheers

Thanks for the quick reply. Great support! And I did not think to look in the docs, my bad. Can’t wait for the WP theme!

Thanks, finn

How can I make the twitter links open in a new page?


I should clarify, when clicking the date/time the tweet was created, it will open in a new window, but when the tweet includes a link, is there a way to have that open in a new window?



Thanks, worked perfectly! Except for some reason it was line 67 in my file.

Thanks again for the great support!

hey finn, I just wanna say “you ‘re welcome”, but I clicked on the “report” button instead of reply :( But just sent a support ticket to fix that. Those button a damn too close! Anyway I hope it won’t cause any drama. Just wanna let you know that I didn’t report your comment intentionally (obviously). All the best

Hey there BrutalDesign,

I was wondering how work on the WordPress theme of Music Pro has been coming along?

The wordpress version is about 80% finished. I still need more time to write the doc, improve several things and other stuffs…
I will post more infos soon.
Stay tuned!!

Tweets show up sometimes, but most of the time it says ” about 4 decades ago

Did you set up a valid twitter username? Do you see a new folder named “cache” in your website root? If the script couldn’t create a cache folder because of writing permission, the plugin won’t work.. Pls give me more infos if you want more help. thx

Sounds great ;) Are you anticipating an early or late February release?

Let’s say in about a week or two max ;)

I created a dir named cache. When I open twitter.xml is reads

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?> <hash> <error>Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.</error> <request>/statuses/user_timeline/okamidigital.xml?count=10</request> </hash>

Did you change anything in twitter.php? The cache is supposed to prevent that. Anyway, if you just wait a few minute, you twitter feed will be available again. Verify that the cache duration in the twitter.php file, at row 12 is set to 120

Hello, I really want to buy this template this is a awesome template but I need the wordpress version. When in feburary do you think it will be released?

in about 7-10 days.. I will keep you updated ;)

Ok sounds great thank you for the quick response.

I’m running into some snags with the mp3 player and getting it to see files I am hosting. I just emailed you at your contact@brutal-design.com, and am awaiting what you think.

Thanks in Advance, Spencer

I just replied to your mail ;)