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On the twitter feed….

Assuming I want the feed on my index.html, according to the instructions I first add the ’<?php require ‘twitter.php’; ?>’ line on top of the page before the ’<!DOCTYPE HTML >’ entry. Correct?

My twitter account is ‘adjacenttonothi’. So I would then add the line ’<?php twitter(‘adjacenttonothi’, 3); ?>’ wherever I want the feed to come in on the page. Correct?

I then change this page’s extension to .php so that it’s ‘index.php’. Correct?

Do I also need to change the entries in the twitter.php file where it says ‘username’ to my twitter username… ‘adjacenttonothi’? Or do I leave them be as just ‘username’?

I’m having a hard time getting this to update correctly. It leaves an error:

“Warning: file_put_contents(/home/content/a/d/j/adjacentto/html/cache/twitter.xml) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/a/d/j/adjacentto/html/twitter.php on line 31”. ....

Nevermind… Just figured it out. I think using a modified twitter.php file was screwing things up. I also added a ‘cache’ folder to the root directory on the site, just to be sure.

Hey dude, purchased the HTML template by accident thinking it was a WP theme. Hope this is coming soon! It’s a great looking design. Fresh.

I do my best to release the wordpress version as soon as possible. It will be available in about a week, hopefully if there is no rejection by the reviewers.
Stay tuned! :)

This theme is great!

thanks a lot! I am glad you like it :)

This is my favorite theme… why isn’t it a wordpress theme?! Please make one. I can’t find one that even compares! *Dissapointed

I bought it not realizing that there was a difference.

No worries! The wordpress version is on the way!

really looking forward to the wordpress version of this theme…html 5 i hope as well as reactive? Let me know if you do i will purchase right away!

yes, the wordpress version will be in html5 as well.. Stay tuned!

thats great news. one more question for you – if i wanted to import a CSV of albums + songs…roughly 100+ what would be the easiest way to go about this? would i have to make individual posts or could i do a bulk import? Thanks!!

Sorry, there will be no CSV importer for now.. I’m afraid you will have to set up each album..
But if it can help, I can tell you that I’m working on making the admin very easy and fast to use.. It is almost finished BTW . I currently setting up the doc and polish the last details. ;)

Can’t wait for the Wordpress version. Ping me when it’s there, I’ll buy :)

Great job! Waiting for the Wordpress Theme... :)

I too, was so excited to get this theme for my site. I’m so new to this stuff that when I went through the steps to upload to my WORDPRESS (>.<) site and it didn’t work, I reached out. Aaaaaand it wasn’t a wordpress site. At least I’m not wrong for how I was uploading. When you have the Wordpress version uploaded will I need to purchase it separately?

Yes, I can’t do refund, exchange or anything, sorry. The WP version will be available very soon. ;)

Please let me know once it’s ready!!! I will definitely be buying it! Wordpress Theme Html 5!

What happened. I was about to purchase the WP version. BTW can you set the height on the full width slider? Thanks, JD

Themeforest took it down for copyright issues. I replaced the images and it will be available again soon

So can I set the height of the “full width” slider for more height? thanks!

You can change the with and height of the nivo slider and 3D slider but not the full width slider for now, BUT thx for the suggestion, I will add this option to the next update (before the end of the this week). The theme is back BTW ;)

Just updated the WP version. I added options to the full width slider (you can change the height) ;)

Hi Brutal,

I have just sent you email for some help for the mp3 player. Great work, awesome job! Thanks

thx! I am glad you like it! I will answer to your mail as soon as possible.

Hi, BrutalDesign! Plz, tell me: this template are supported video: youtube links or internal *.flv? Cyrillic alphabet are supported? Thanks! Very Nice job!

Hi, thx for the support :)
This theme supports youtube video, vimeo and any embed video but no internal flv. This theme is not translation ready, sorry about that

When i view the site with IE the Ubuntu Condensed font is not being used. I assume this is a default IE security setting issue. Do you have a work around for this?

Well, I don’t know what’s wrong. To me it shows with IE8 and IE9 as well. It should work….

I also listen to music when I change page. As I can do?


This theme is fantastic and I have had no issues with setup. My only question is how can I remove some of the required fields in the contact form. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your support! It is much appreciated.
Pls contact me through email, I’ll help you out with that

I also listen to music when I change page. As I can do? Thanks,


I purchased this template and it’s fabulous but I’m having some buggy display issues in IE 9 . In Firefox the Nivo slider displays correctly with all the buttons, but in IE 9 the buttons are missing and the slider overlaps the content below, i.e the tabs and the mp3 player. How do I correct this?



I just sent you email regarding some help for menu update.


I will reply ASAP ;)