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I am trying to locate your video tutorial(s) you mentioned to 777 early in these comments. I am not seeing any video tutorial link in the DOC folder of my download. Can you please be more specific? Thank you.

Hey, Double click on the index.html file in the doc folder, the videos are embed here. Otherwise, you can find the videos here:

Sent you an email with a question on the accordian tabs.

Hey! I will reply as soon as possible. greetings

I sent you an email for some changes on the menu issue. thanks

Hey! I will reply ASAP .

I sent you another email. thanks

Hi, I will answer ASAP :)

I want the music to autoplay… where exactly does the following code go:

To autoplay the music player, add a playlist option in the jplayer’s js code:

swfPath: “js”, supplied: “mp3”, wmode: “window”, playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true }

(I keep getting error messages) TIA !

Hey, pls send me an email. Greetings

I just downloaded the theme but I cant get it installed. VERY ANNOYING !!! I tried the WP upload, FTP and CSS only NOTHING WORKS . Please help me….

You purchased the HTML theme, so you can’t install it on Wordpress. You should purchase the wordpress version:

I’m so sorry, we’re working on it now and are very happy with the template. Could you tell me why the menu items dropdown dont show up? they just get places under the main menu..

Hey! you can do it in the menu section: Drag a menu item to the main menu area, shift it a little bit on the left,below the parent item.
I hope it will help.


When I use the “Image” tab option to write a post, the link “More” doesn’t work properly. It sends to the detailed page but the page stays (short version) as it is but with comment box below. Can you please tell me how to fix it? I’m working locally so I can’t provide a link.


I am totally new to WordPress. It was suggested that I use it along with a theme in order to create and maintain my music website. I use godaddy.com for my hosting. They originally set me up for Windows HTML support but then changed my domain over to PHP support since they suggested that I use the WordPress product. I want to use your Music Pro and I would like to know if (other than installing WordPress to my domain), are there any other software requirements in order for me to use the WordPress version of your Music Pro product. I did research knowledgebase quite thoroughly and could not find any support about this “requirements” issue. Thank you.

We use Microsoft Expression (i.e. Web) for HTML development of our own and client websites. I would like to ask … recently it was brought to my attention that I might try using WordPress along with a theme such as your Music Pro product. We like the layout of your Music Pro theme. I’d like to know from your perspective, are there any advantages (one over the other) that you would recommend the HTML version over the WordPress version.

I have made a brief comparison of the two by looking at the demos and I do see some subtle differences. Do you have any online, pre-sales documentation that might tell us the differences between the two. We do see in some of your prior support posts in the knowledgebase (prior to your releasing the WordPress version), that you intended to improve on Music Pro with new or enhanced features. What those features are (compared to the HTML version), are not discussed in your support posts. We ask this as a pre-sales question because we haven’t noticed any other means of knowing this information other than to purchase both versions. Very nice design!

First, thanks for your interest.
In short, the HTML version is only a CSS /HTML/Javascript template and don’t have a backend.
On the other hand, the wordpress version is ready to use.
Wordpress is a Content Management System that allow you to manage a blog and other features very easily.
So if you want something really flexible, if you have good skills in php, you can built your own website with the HTML version.
Otherwise, if you want a website ready to use, you should purchase the Wordpress version.
I hope it will help.

Are there any PSDs you can send along with this?

Hey, this theme is mostly designed with CSS 3 . That’s why there is no PSD of the whole design. However, you can find the PSD file of the logo.

Ahhh ok thanks!

Hi there, I have purchased your HTML template and it’s great!! Everything is working great on the site except for the JPlayer. It is not playing on Firefox and Chrome but it is working on Safari. How can I get it to work on those browsers? Thx

Hi! First, firefox need the ogg version of each songs to work.
Double check your songs url on their own to be sure that your files work and that the path is correct. Pls check the theme documentation for more help. You can also check the official jPlayer doc here:
I hope it will help.


what font did you use in your screenshots.


Which one? You mean the main title font in the theme? Greetings

bonjour, y a-t-il des failles de sécurités connues sur ce template, car j’ai subit un hack a peine 2 jours après sa mis en ligne …


A ma connaissance, le hack ne peut pas être du au theme en lui même vu que c’est quasiment que du HTML et du CSS . Les seuls fichier dynamiques sont le flux twitter et le script d’envoi du formulaire, or il n’interferent en rien avec une base de donnée et ne présente pas de risque en ce qui concerne la sécurité.. En tout cas selon moi, c’est fort peu probable. Vous vous êtes fait hacké votre FTP ? ou vos bases de donnée? Que s’est il passé?

Yes, I mean the title font….

The main title font is “Ubuntu Condensed”

Can’t make the twitter.php to work; for some reason it shows me a blank page…. here’s the url: www.rocknavajo.com/pruebatwitter.php, I used the home.html that was in the bundle and rename it, put the php code above doctype and switch the faek twitter feed… I’m starting to work with the real information the website and im stuck now.

Hmm now is working, I’m sorry dont know what happened…

hi, i almost finished my web site, this template is amazing , i just would ask how to align the copyright to the center?? thanks Samuel

Hey there, you mean on the wordpress theme?
here is the HTML version comment board, and in the HTML template the copyright is already centered..

yep!! in wordpress ;) sorry, i wrote in wrong place!

Hi, I would like to know how to insert a Google map in the Contact form. Thank You!! :)

Hi, I’m having a problem with the review section. I followed all of the steps exactly, but for some reason when you click on a single review it doesn’t show. http://www.gladiatorsworld.com/?page_id=494 – It’s very frustrating please help!

Also if you check out my site you will notice that something is wrong with the gallery (at the bottom of the page) the photos are all jumbled up. I could use some help with this also. http://www.gladiatorsworld.com/


It seems that you ve installed a plugin that cause the issue (Like-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress)

It seem that you have changed a value in the css file
.gallery_index li must be 300px

I hope it will help


I want the music to autoplay, can you help me?


To autoplay the music player, add a playlist option in the jplayer’s js code:
swfPath: “js”, supplied: “mp3”, wmode: “window”, playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true }
Send me an email if you want a screen shot of the jplayeer js code