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What a beautiful template, I’m strongly considering a purchase. Is it possible to put captions and buttons on the 3D Slider? And is it possible to put Call to Action buttons on the Nivo Slider?


What you can do is insert a button directly on your image with photoshop or another software, and link this slide to the page ou want.

Then the whole image will be clickable correct? I just want the button to be clickable with highlightable text and to have a mouse over effect

If it’s not possible to do what I’m looking for with the Nivo Slider, would it be possible to transplant the custom slider from this theme http://themeforest.net/item/smartstart-responsive-html5-template/1674915 into Music Pro?

Also, is it possible to remove the social media header at the top of the page or reduce its size?

Yes, you can reduce the size or remove the top bar. Greetings!


Just bought the template. It’s not loading third party scripts like olark. What can I do?



I have sent you an email to get logo in psd.

Please I´m in a hurry, can you send it to me?


Hey, the logo psd file is include in the main file (psd folder)

Hello, I’ve designed my own navigation tabs, is it possible to use those if so how and if not how can I change the color?


I seen on the wordpress version you did the player with a pop out function, how can I add that to my html or do I need to make the pages php? also you have different images in the header and footer area on the wordpress than the html version, how can I get those as well? referring to the social images and also the advertisements in the footer as well.

Hello. Great theme. I want to have the music player play my mp3s directly from my mp3 folder… with the song titles showing in the list. The documentation and the jplayer website have not been very helpful in this regard. Can you explain in detail the process to make this happen? Thanks.

hey there,
Pls post in the support forum:

Hi this christopher the music player plays in internet explorer but not play in firefox bro is there any patches for JS

Firebox needs an ogg file for each song to work.
Pls refer to the index.html file and the documentation. Cheers

hello, just purchased the template and I’m having some trouble uploading to replace my current blogger layout. do i just upload the XML file?


Sorry, this is not a blogger template, but a HTML template…

Hi I baught your theme some weeks ago. It works fine for the musician and his “FAN´S”. No I want to start a new project with a Band. A boygroup with four members. I have to do all the internetwork for them even to buy another license. Is that ok for you or do they, the band, have to buy it? And I have a litle problem to localize it. I get errormessages when I start the recomended plugin for lokalization.

http://create.rauputz.com/wp-content/themes/music/scripts/ajaxupload.js http://create.rauputz.com/wp-content/themes/music/scripts/admin-ajax.js

Both of the above scripts are marked as dangerous and that wordpress have to protec itself.

I am lookin forward to your answer.


Those files are not included in my theme, and the theme’s name is musicpro, not music…
Maybe you mixed up with another theme

@BrutalDesign, what is the difference between the Oriented HTML Template, and the Wordpress template? If I purchase this template I’ll be editing the HTML either way. But I’m using Wordpress so wasn’t sure what kind of problems I’ll run into if I only purchase the Oriented HTML template. Thanks!

Hi, If you are using wordpress, I suggest you to purchase the wordpress version. The HTML version is only the design and CSS of the theme and is usefull if you want to use it in another context than wordpress. Greetings

Hey, i want ur template, but i will use it mostly as a blog, and my client need to upload and edit everything without any use of code, can this template do that using wordpress?

Its there a way to have a video gallery? just like you have it now with picture gallery the pop up window..but play a video.

Also can I have the mp3 player autoplay? for some pages…but not all….I want to turn it on and off for each page.

Hi, I’ve added the tag cloud widget but all the tags are the same size and appear as squares. You can see this at http://www.khamsina.com/?page_id=7

Could you let me know what I’m doing wrong ?



You’re doing nothing wrong. It is a style included in the theme.

If you want to display the tags as usual, remove or comment the row 521 to 530 in css/theme.css file.

I hope it will help ;)

Hi, could you let me know if it is possible to edit how the thumbnails appear in the gallery, especially for portrait oriented photos ?



Unfortunately you can’t do this through the admin panel. The thumbnails are cropped automatically. But you can do it manually by creating the thumbnails yourself to the right dimension (460px X 276px) and replace the thumbnails (keeping the same file name) in wp-content/uploads/wp-BD-galleries/thumbs

hope it will help

I purchased the Music Pro Template for HTML a few months back and I have to say that I was suprised at how well the documentation was. Very simple to tweak the css files, the typography page was excellent, and the grid system allows you to modify the layout.

Pretty heavy on the javascript, which really taxes the server, slowing things down some, but after playing with everything and breaking it a few times on my development server, I was able to strip out the items I did not need and it serves up everything pretty fast now!

If you are not familiar or are a novice with the HTML5 jquery jplayer, this package will surely help get you up to speed. It was money well spent!

You can take a look at some of what I’ve accomplished by starting out with the Music Pro HTML Template at http://sixbeatsmusic.com

Thanks for the feedback :)

Is there a way to open a you tube video from the gallery, using fancy box.

Thanks in advance.

It require some customization. You can check the fancybox documentation: See the exemple with medias: http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/#examples

I hope it will help

Is there any way you can do a light version. I love this template, but I would love a white or light version. I would even purchase it again.


The light version is already included in the theme ;)

Check the doc for more infos.


Hello, I am French and I do not speak good English so I use an online translator, I bought “Pro-Music-premium-html-template” and I just want the music starts alone when you arrive on site, thank you


Moi aussi je suis Français ;)

Dans le code javascript du player (index.html ligne 122) il faut ajouter l’argument suivant:
playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true },

En esperant que ça aide

Bon Week end

eh.. Did someone just flagged my reply ? _

The solution was there…

Anyway, in index.html at row 122 (in the player javascript code), add the following line:
playlistOptions: { autoPlay : true },